Can Cats Eat Spam? | 5 Reasons

Humans eat spam but what about cats? Do some research before giving any human food to your felines.

Today I will tell you about spam for cats. Read the article if you want to know, can cats eat spam?

Spam isn’t toxic to cats but cats shouldn’t eat spam. You can feed spam to them in small amounts and occasionally only. It’s not a good idea to feed spam regularly.

Spam is high in sodium and contains preservatives that are harmful to cats. If you’re wondering why spam isn’t good for cats, read the next to know.


can cats eat spam

I wouldn’t recommend you to feed spam to your cats even not as a treat. 

There are many reasons why spam is bad for cats. Some of them are mentioned below. 

  1. High In Sodium
  2. Obesity
  3. Onion and garlic poisoning
  4. High in Fat
  5. Contain Preservatives 

What Happens If My Cat Eats Spam?

If you are eating spam and your cat also started eating with you, or if your cat eats spam accidentally, then you should know some things. 

If your cat eats one or two bites of it then don’t worry nothing will happen but the problem is if she eats it in large amounts then it can lead her to some health problems. But don’t panic, since spam isn’t toxic to cats. 

If a cat over-eats it, the high amount of salt, fat, and preservatives can make your cat sick. Observe her if she is not feeling well, and take her to the vet, immediately. 

Is Spam Healthy Food?

However, spam isn’t a healthy food for cats as well as it’s not the healthy food for humans. It’s high in fat and it can lead to weight gain


can cats eat spam

While feeding spam to your cat you have to keep in mind the amount of sodium and fat in it, you should not feed it to your cat as a main meal. 

I can’t tell you the exact amount you can feed to your felines but give it to them as you are giving any treat in tiny amounts, one or two bites is enough

Keep in mind it’s not a completely nutritious diet for cats so it’s better to avoid it. 

Related Questions:

Can Cats Eat Canned Meat?

can cats eat slim jims

Cats can eat canned meat but not all types of canned meat because there are a lot of types of canned meat. The good thing is that canned chicken is okay for cats.
Don’t give canned chicken to your cat every day. My advice is before giving any canned meat to your cat, take suggestions from your vet also.

Why Does My Cat Like Spam?

foods your cat should not eat

Because of the salty flavor of spam, many cats like spam. Spam isn’t toxic to cats, but it’s harmful to cats if they eat it in large amounts every day. If your cat likes spam, give them in small amounts, and occasionally don’t give them some as a main meal.

Can Animals Eat Spam?

dog and ice cream

Spam isn’t toxic to most animals because it’s made from pork. One or two bites will not harm your cat but feeding spam to them regularly isn’t a good idea. Even as a treat you can’t feed your animal every day.


Spam isn’t toxic to cats but it’s also not healthy for them to eat it. Spam contains high amounts of fat and sodium, which can lead your cat to health problems like obesity, dehydration, diabetes, hypertension, etc.

Occasionally one or two bites of it will not make your cat sick but overfeeding or regularly feeding can make your cat sick. 

It’s better to avoid feeding spam to your felines, there are a lot of other meats you can feed them that are safe and healthy for them, such as simple and plain cooked beef, chicken, turkey, etc.

Furthermore, Cook meat for your cat that is low in sodium, and that should not contain any ingredients that are harmful to them, such as onion, garlic, spices, etc. 

Always try to keep your pet healthy and safe.