Can Cats Drink Gatorade? (4 Best ways to prevent dehydration)

Water is necessary for both humans and animals. Without water, we can’t survive. We drink water to be hydrated, and there are some other drinks available in the market that keeps our body hydrated. 

Today we will discuss Gatorade for cats, can cats drink Gatorade?

The answer is both Yes and No. Cats can drink one or two sips of Gatorade but It’s better to avoid giving Gatorade to cats because its ingredients are bad for cats’ health.  

Why is Gatorade bad for cats? 

can cats drink gatorade

Gatorade is bad for cats because of its ingredients. The salt and sodium in them are very bad for cats.

No doubt, the electrolytes would help with dehydration but this is not safe for cats. There are many other better and safer ways to help a dehydrated cat. I will discuss all of them in this article. 

If your cat is dehydrated and you are wondering what to do, just read the following to know what you should do if your cat becomes dehydrated.


You should know that Dehydration in cats is a very serious matter and it should be solved as quickly as possible.

First, you should know why your cat is dehydrated. Suspect for the reason they are dehydrated. Keep in mind if a cat stays dehydrated for many days, it could lead to death.

Dehydration is a big health issue. Take it seriously. To solve this issue the best solution is to take advice from your vet, vet is always the correct option. The vet will give fluids subcutaneously, this is the fastest, safe, and best way to rehydrate her.

The vet will also find out the reason why she is becoming dehydrated. Cat becomes dehydrated when she is not drinking enough water.

4 Best Ways To Prevent Your Cat From Dehydration:

dehydrated cat

Following are some best ways, by following them you can prevent your cat from dehydration.

  1. Place more water bowls for your cat around the house.
  1. Cats prefer to drink running water, Provide fountains.
  1. Put cool and fresh water in their water bowl because cats let cool water as fresh water.
  1. Place the water bowl in different sizes, maybe she is facing difficulty drinking from the water bowl. 


Gatorade tastes similar to Kool-Aid and it’s a sweet drink. This drink is commonly used to improve athletic performance.

The bad thing about Gatorade is, it’s high in both sugar and salt. It also contains artificial flavors and colors. It’s also available sugar-free but contains artificial flavors. 

In small amounts, you can give it to your cat but it’s not recommended for cats.  

While Too much salt can lead your cat to salt poisoning. And a lot of sugar is also harmful to cats. 

While a few sips of Gatorade will not cause any health problems. Some cat owners give it regularly to their cats, which is bad. It’s good for cats to keep them away from Gatorade.

Can We Give Gatorade To Cats In Dehydration?

Gatorade drink for cat

If your cat is dehydrated, you can give her Gatorade to encourage fluid consumption but in tiny amounts and not regularly

Keep in mind dehydration, Gatorade isn’t the best option. There are much safer options for cats instead of Gatorade.

Will Gatorade Harm My Cat or not?

It can be harmful to cats because it contains high amounts of sugar, which is harmful to cats. 

The sodium in it is also harmful to cats. 

Can I Give My Cat Gatorade In a Small Amount?

In small amounts, Gatorade might be safe for cats. One or two sips of Gatorade will not affect your cat. 

However, the high amount of Gatorade can lead to health issues.

Can Gatorade be Replaced By Gatorade For Cats?

cat water needs

No, Gatorade can’t be a replacement for water for cats but Gatorade is used to restore dehydrated cats. There are different types of Gatorade available in the market, you can discuss with your vet what Gatorade is safe for your cat to drink in small amounts. 

Nothing can replace water. 

Can My Cat Drink Blue Gatorade?

No, cats should not drink blue Gatorade because it’s harmful to cats, it contains artificial sweeteners and flavors that are extremely harmful to cats.

Can My Cat Drink Gatorade Zero?

Yes, cats can drink Gatorade zero in small amounts. It’s safe for cats because it’s zero in sugar. 

My Cat Doesn’t Drink Enough Water

If a cat doesn’t drink enough water, she can become dehydrated.

Dehydration occurs when the body fluids, (including water and electrolytes) fall below the required needs. When a cat becomes dehydrated, it could lead to skin problems, and low energy, and it causes issues in organ function.

Related Questions:

Can I Give Gatorade To A Sick Cat?

can cats drink gatorade

No, you shouldn’t give Gatorade to your sick cat, even you shouldn’t give Gatorade to a normal cat. While a small amount may not harm them, salt, sugar, artificial flavors, and colors are harmful to cats.

Can Animals Drink Gatorade?

Some animals can drink Gatorade and some may not. It’s better to not give it to your pet. Its ingredients are harmful to many animals. If your pet drinks Gatorade and other similar electrolyte drinks in smaller amounts and occasionally, then it will not cause any harm.
However, Gatorade is harmful to both dogs and cats.

Can I Give My Cat Water With Electrolytes?

can cats drink gatorade

Clean out and provide fresh water in water bowls every day. Provide multiple clean water sources around your house for the cat to drink from. Try giving your cat an electrolyte supplement or meat-flavored water from a trusted pet food store.
Use a cat water fountain with fresh water to encourage them to drink.


One or two sips of Gatorade will not harm your cat but it’s better to avoid giving Gatorade to your cat because its ingredient (salt and sugar) is harmful to cats. 

Find out the reason why your cat is not drinking enough water and solve that issue. If your cat is dehydrated, take this seriously and take advice from your vet. This is the best quick solution to rehydrate your cat.

If a cat is dehydrated for many days, it could even lead to even death. Make sure your cat is drinking enough water

Make sure your cat is having easy access to the water and provide her with fresh water or cold water.