Do Cats Eat Caterpillars?

Cats are meat eaters. They eat a lot of different types of meats, like chicken, beef, and fish, and in insects, they enjoy eating mice, moths, and other insects. 

So if we talk about an insect, most of us don’t know the answer to this question, do cats eat caterpillars?

The answer is, It’s seen that cats eat caterpillars and other insects also but cats shouldn’t eat caterpillars because there are some caterpillars that contain some toxin that can be harmful for cats. 

Cats can eat some types of caterpillars but It’s better to keep your cat away from caterpillars. 

Are Caterpillars Safe For Cats To Eat?

do cats eat caterpillars

There are some caterpillars safe for cats to eat and there are some caterpillars that aren’t safe for cats to eat because some caterpillars contain some toxins, and cats digestive system isn’t able to process that toxin, and it could lead her to serious health problems. 

Do Cats Like To Eat Caterpillars?

Yes, cats like to eat caterpillars and they enjoy eating it. Cats like to eat caterpillars because caterpillars are soft and cats can eat them easily, in fact cats eat them without chewing them. 

It’s a delicious treat for cats but don’t allow your cat to eat them. 

If your cat likes anything, it doesn’t mean to allow her to eat any poisonous thing. 

Read more to know, Are Caterpillars Poisonous to Cats?


do cats eat caterpillars

In some cases caterpillars can be poisonous to cats. Caterpillars contain toxins and cats can’t digest those toxins, which could make them ill.  Caterpillars can be toxic to cats because they also contain some substances that poisonous plants contain. 

However, caterpillars eat leaves of the plants, that means they have contact with all the parts of plants And some plants also contain chemicals. 

I hope now you know how caterpillars are poisonous to cats. Read more to know more. 

Can Cats Get Sick From Eating Caterpillars?

Yes, cats get sick from eating caterpillars. If your cat becomes sick after eating caterpillars, take her to the veterinarian for proper checkup and further treatment. 

However, if your cat gets sick from eating them, stop feeding her caterpillars. 

Almost everyone knows about caterpillars but I think I should tell you about caterpillars because some of us don’t know,

What Are Caterpillars?

do cats eat caterpillars

Caterpillars are plant eaters. They eat plants. You can easily find them on almost any plant. In fact you can found them on the plants that are known as toxic plants. There are a lot of different species of caterpillars and there are some caterpillars that are toxic to humans and cats. 

If you have a cat in your house, keep an eye on her thwg she can’t eat toxic insects and try to keep her indoors.

Caterpillars are low in fat and high in protein that’s the reason it attracts cats. 

Caterpillars contain a lot of nutrients that are necessary for cats’ health, such as copper, zinc, iron, magnesium, potassium, manganese, vitamin B, and vitamin K. However, Caterpillars are also a good source of fiber, and fiber is good for cats’ digestive health.

Additionally, it contains some toxic chemicals, and that’s why it’s toxic to cats.

If a cat eats them too much, it could lead her to vomiting, diarrhea, tremors, and even to serious health problems.


cat tired

There are a lot of types of caterpillars, and some of them are harmful to cats. If you own a cat, then you should know which caterpillars are harmful to cats. 

Some of them are as follow:

Asp Caterpillar, Buck Moth Caterpillar, Io Moth Caterpillar, and the Saddleback Caterpillar.

These all caterpillars are harmful to cats. 

What To Do If My Cat Is Stung By a Caterpillar?

If your cat has been stung by a caterpillar, take her to the veterinarian for proper checkup and for further treatment. 

Take her to the vet immediately otherwise the longer that poison stays in your cat’s body, it will do more damage and the situation will become more serious. 

How To Keep Cats Away From The Caterpillars?

Can cats eat algae wafers

Caterpillars are found in plants. If you want to keep your cat away from the caterpillars, don’t allow her to go near the plants. If you have a garden, keep your cat indoor. 

If you allow your cat to go in the garden then it’s very hard to stop her from eating caterpillars. 

Keep your cat indoors and provide her toys or something else so she can’t get bored, and give her more attention and time. 

Related Questions

Is It OK For Cats To Eat Insects?

Is It Safe For Cats To Eat Insects?

If cats eat non-toxic insects then it’s safe for cats to eat insects. Eating insects is a natural habit of cats.
However, it’s usually safe for cats to eat insects. They can safely eat ants, moths, flies, and a lot of other insects. Their digestive systems are designed to easily digest insects.

Is It Normal For Your Cat To Eat A Moth?

Yes, it’s normal for a cat to eat a moth, but it should be eaten in moderation. Moths are generally safe for cats to eat but there are some moths that can cause allergic reactions to cats.

What Insects Do Cats Eat?

cat eating from ground

Cats almost eat every type of insect but mostly they like to eat cockroaches, beetles, crickets, and grasshoppers. They prefer to eat hard-body insects.
However, mostly insects are safe for cats to eat but some of them are harmful.


Cats can eat caterpillars but cats shouldn’t eat them because some caterpillars contain toxins, and a cat’s digestive system can’t digest it properly, it could lead her to serious health conditions and it can be life threatening. 

If your cat becomes ill after eating any insect, take her to the vet immediately.

However, if your cat goes outdoors, then it’s impossible to stop her from eating poisonous caterpillars. 

Always keep an eye on your cat and give her proper attention and time.