Can Cats Drink Pool Water?

Water is the basic need of all of us. We can’t survive without drinking water. We all know cats drink water but today we will discuss pool water for cats.

I will start with our today’s topic, can cats drink pool water?

 The answer is both Yes and No. Yes, cats can drink pool water. But in some conditions it can be harmful to cats. It’s not good for cats because if the chlorine level of water is high, and the cat drinks it, it can be extremely harmful for her health.

I wouldn’t recommend you to allow your cat to drink pool water because pool water can be harmful to cats. 

This article will be beneficial for you because in this article I will tell you all about cats and pool water. 

As you know that pool water isn’t good for cats, now read the following to learn more about it. 

Cats Become Sick After Drinking Pool water?

can cats drink pool water

This depends on how much the cat drinks the water and how the pool water is maintained. If your cat consumed small amounts of pool water and correctly maintained pool water then there is no worry, your cat wouldn’t become sick. 

 If the chlorine level of water is high, and the cat consumes it in high amounts then your cat will become sick. 

5 Ways To Stop Your Cat From Drinking Pool Water:

There are a lot of ways by following them you can easily stop your cat from drinking pool water. 

  1. Keep Your Cat Indoor:

The best way to stop your cat from drinking pool water is to keep her indoors. Don’t allow her to go outdoors and stop her access to the pool.

  1. Provide Fresh Water:

Cat needs fresh water, so provide her with fresh drinking water. Maybe your cat is drinking pool water because the water in her water bowl isn’t fresh.However, cats think cold water is fresh water. 

  1. Lean Water Bowl:

Make sure your cat water bowl is clean. Sometimes cats don’t drink water from their water bowl because the water bowl is dirty.

  1. Water Bowl:

Sometimes cats prefer to drink water from the pool because she doesn’t feel comfortable while drinking water from the pool because there are some water bowls from them. Cats find it difficult to drink, get a water bowl so that your cat can easily drink water. And keep her water bowl in a shaded area. 

  1. Cover The Pool:

Another best way is to cover the pool when you’re not using the pool. This will prevent your cat from drinking water from it. 

Can Cats Swim In Chlorinated Water For Long Time?

why do cats hate water

No, cats can’t swim. In chlorinated water for a long time, if she swims in it for a long time, it can cause irritation in her skin and eye. 

However, cats can swim in chlorinated water for a short amount of time. 

Is Pool Water Bad For Pets?

Yes, pool water is bad for cat pets. The chlorine level in the pool is too high. This is bad for cats if consumed. Actually in the untreated water, algae and other microorganisms can be found that are harmful to cats.  

Why Cats Drink pool Water?

Cats like to explore new areas and new things. They drink pool water. There are a lot of possible reasons behind it, maybe she is drinking water from the pool just for fun or maybe she is feeling thirsty. There’s is jo fix reason behind this. 

However, cats have a strong sense of smell, maybe she drinks water from the pool because she likes its smell. 

How Pool Water Affect Cat:

The problem for cats in pool water is the chlorine and other chemicals that are added in mostly pools.

And another problem in pool water for cats is the high amount of sodium.  High amounts of chlorine and sodium, both are bad for cats’ health.

Can Cats Drink Salty Pool Water?

Is Brita Filtered Water Safe for Cats?

Cats shouldn’t drink salt pool water because if a cat consumes high amounts of sodium, it could lead the cat to dehydration and she will need veterinary help.

Not only water, but also cats shouldn’t eat food which is high in salt. 

Related Questions:

Can Animals Drink Pool Water?

Actually pool water isn’t safe for animals because if animals drink pool water and if the sodium level of water is high, it can be extremely dangerous for your cat or dog.
However, the pool level of chlorine can be high, if a dog or cat drinks it in high amounts, it could lead your animal to serious health conditions.You shouldn’t allow your animals to drink pool water.

Why Does My Cat Drink From The Pool?

There is no fixed reason why cats drink from a pool but usually cats drink from it because when they’re thirsty, they drink water near them, maybe they are facing difficulty while drinking from their water bowl or it depends upon the cat’s personal choice.

Can Cats Go In Chlorine Pools?

can cats drink pool water

Yes, cats can go in a chlorine pool but just for a short dip. A short dip in it will not harm your cat but if she swims for a long time then it can be dangerous for your cat’s skin and body.
It’s better to keep your cat away from the pool water and provide her fresh and clean water for drinking, swimming and bathing.


Cats can drink pool water but they will feel slight discomfort. If a cat drinks a little bit of pool water then it won’t harm your cat but if she drinks too much then it will be harmful.

Both, the high level of sodium in water or the high level of chlorine in water is dangerous for cats and it could even lead to death if consumed in large quantities. 

If your cat is drinking water from the pool then stop her and train her to drink water from her water bowl to provide fresh and clean drinking water. 

 If your cat drinks chlorine pool water or salty pool water in large quantities, discuss it with your vet.