Do Cats Eat Pigeons?

Cats have natural hunting instincts, and they love hunting. I hope you also watched your cat while hunting any birds or insects. 

If we talk about cats hunting and eating pigeons, do cats eat pigeons? 

The answer is both Yes and No. When cats are well fed, Normally cats don’t eat pigeons but it’s seen that hungry cats attack pigeons. However, pigeons are also meat eaters and they are harmless to cats. Maybe if cats eat them, it could lead them to mild gastrointestinal issues. 

Can Cats Kill Pigeons?


Yes, cats can kill pigeons, cats are excellent hunters, and they can easily kill a lot of prey. While hunting the pigeon, she catches the pigeon and kills it easily.

It’s not difficult for cats to kill small animals, like birds. 

Do Cats Eat Pigeons? (Dead Pigeons)

Usually, cats don’t eat dead pigeons or animals. They can’t digest dead animals that have been dead for a long time. If a cat eats any animal that has been dead for a long time, she will become ill after eating it.

However, eating dead animals can be poisonous to cats and it’s extremely harmful to them. 

Additionally, killing and eating animals isn’t difficult to work for cats, so they shouldn’t eat already dead animals.

2 Best Ways to stop Cats from killing Pigeons:

do cats eat pigeons

Cats can easily kill pigeons. If your cat also kills pigeons which is not a good thing and you want to stop your cat from this act, there are some ways by following them you can stop her.

  1. Providing Healthy Diet To Cat:

Cats need a good amount of food and they need a healthy and nutritious diet. You should keep your cat well-fed because normally it’s seen that a hungry cat attacks pigeons. By keeping your cat well-fed you can easily prevent her from killing pigeons. Make sure to provide a nutritious diet to your felines and feed them the food that is enough for them.

  1. Keep Cat Indoor:

Cats can kill pigeons outdoors, if you don’t allow your cat to go outdoors, you can stop her from killing pigeons. However, provide facilities to your cat indoors so that she can’t get bored, give her a lot of toys, get a cat tree and play with your cat. If your cat is an outdoor cat, then it’s difficult to keep her indoors. 

What Happens If A Cat Eats A Pigeon?

When a cat eaats pigeon, she may have gastrointestinal discomfort. Eating pigeons generally doesn’t cause any harm to cats. 

However, cats can eat most of the birds safely without getting sick.  If you see signs of illness in your cat after eating pigeons, take her to the vet.


do cats eat pigeons

Cats are good at hunting. When they hunt birds, we can see how much energy a cat has. 

Cats Keep Hunting Birds: (Why?)

You should know that cats have natural hunting instincts. Some outdoor cats survive by hunting animals. 

Cats have a lot of energy, they have to use that energy anywhere. Cats love to hunt, when they see their prey(birds or other small animals) because of their natural hunting instincts they kill it, they hunt birds just for enjoyment, and they kill birds for meat. 

These are the reasons why cats keep hunting birds.

Should I Allow My Cat To Hunt Birds?

Don’t allow your cat to hunt birds. Hunting birds will not cause any harm to your cat but hunting birds isn’t good for our nature. 

However, there are chances that if a cat eats a bird, she may have gastric upset. 

Well fed your cat and keep her indoors so she can’t hunt the birds.

Cats Eat The Birds That They Kill: (Yes or No)

cat eating

Yes, cats eat the birds that they have killed. They are obligate carnivores. Cats hunt birds for meat. Mostly cats survive by hunting small animals like birds etc. And eating their meat

However, many cats hunt birds but they don’t eat them. Because cats enjoy hunting, even sometimes they don’t need a meal.

If A Cat Catches A Bird: (What To Do?)

If you have seen that your cat catches a bird and luckily the bird is alive, then you should try that your cat drops the bird, you can try by offering any treat to your cat or giving her her favorite thing. 

Do not try to pull the bird from your cat, otherwise, she can run away from you. Seduce her to drop the bird.

Cats Are Happy When Hunting: (Yes or No?)

kitten eating food

Cats are happy when hunting and they love to hunt. Whether it’s an indoor cat or an outdoor cat, all cats love to hunt and they know how to hunt. Hunting is a natural behavior in cats. However, cats have natural hunting instincts. 

Related Questions:

 Is It OK For My Cat To Eat A Bird?

It’s safe for cats to eat a bird. Healthy and disease-free birds are completely safe for cats to eat. Cats eat birds for the meat and meat is beneficial for cats. Cats eat both meat and bones of the birds, which is beneficial for cats.

What Happens If My Cat Eats A Pigeon?

do cats eat pigeons

If a cat eats a pigeon, she can have a mild gastric upset. Cats eat birds so don’t worry, eating birds isn’t harmful to cats. Birds aren’t an ideal food for cats but it’s safe for cats. However, outdoor cats survive by hunting.


Cats can eat pigeons. If she eats pigeons, she can get gastric upset. Usually, nothing happens when a cat hunts a bird. 

Cats hunt pigeons when they are hungry, well-fed cats usually don’t hunt pigeons. It’s good to keep your cat well-fed and keep her indoors so she can’t hunt birds. Cats hunting birds isn’t good for nature.

However, cats hunt birds because of enjoyment, and their natural hunting instincts, for meat, they love to hunt and they want to use their energy. 

I hope you love and enjoy this interesting topic.