Is Chamomile Safe for Cats?

Today I will tell you about chamomile for cats. All pet owners should know what is safe and what’s not safe for their pets. 

I will start with a question, the question is our topic also, Is chamomile safe for cats?

No, chamomile is not safe for cats. If you use oil around your cat, if she ingests it, it could lead her to serious health conditions. 

However, if this oil is used around them, it could make them sick. 

Most of us know what chamomile is but some of us don’t know about chamomile, so I am going to highlight it. 

What Is Chamomile?

chamomile flowers

Actually, Chamomile is an herb. This herb comes from the daisy-like flowers, it belongs to the Asteraceae plant family. It’s been used for uncountable years. Both Chamomile oil and chamomile tea are famous around the world. To make chamomile tea, dry the flowers and infuse them into the hot water.

I hope now you know what chamomile is. 

If you don’t know about anything safe for your pet or not safe, and you’re giving it to your pet, then you’re putting your pet’s life in danger. Read more to learn more. 

What Is Chamomile Essential Oil And Why Is It Used?

Chamomile essential oil is made from the chamomile plant, it is made from the flowers of the chamomile plant. Chamomile relates to daisies. Chamomile oil is used for a lot of reasons, mostly it’s used for digestive issues and also used for some skin issues.  

Is Chamomile Essential Oil Toxic To Cats?

can cats drink sunflower oil

Yes, chamomile essential oil is toxic to cats because cats are not able to handle or digest this oil, so if a cat ingests it, it could lead to various health problems. 

Is It Safe To Use Chamomile Essential Oil On Cats?

No, it’s not safe to use chamomile essential oil on cats. If you use it on your cat’s skin and if she licks the oil, it can put her life in danger. 

Do Cats Like The Smell Of Chamomile Essential Oil?

Nobody can tell this because all cats’ choices aren’t the same. Whether cats like or hate the smell of this smell, completely depends upon each cat.

However, there are some smells that all cats hate, like the smell of vinegar. 


Is chamomile safe for cats

Chamomile essential oil shouldn’t be used around cats, or it shouldn’t be applied on any part of a cat’s body undiluted because as you know, cats have a habit of licking themselves. If you apply the oil to the cat’s body and if the cat ingests it, it could be dangerous for your cat. That’s why don’t apply this oil directly to your cat’s skin.  

However, don’t apply this oil to your cat’s sensitive body parts, like the nose, ear, eyes, and mouth.  

If you want to apply the oil to your cat’s skin, my advice is to discuss it with your veterinarian. Moreover, if you apply this oil to your body, or if you apply any other oil or lotion on your body, don’t allow your cat to lick your body because cats have a habit of licking their owners.  

I hope now you know all about chamomile essential oil for cats, read the following to know some more things related to chamomile and cats.  

What Are Chamomile Oil Good For?

If we talk about the benefits of chamomile oil, the following are its benefits:

Digestive Upset, Protes Sleep, Indigestion, Nausea, Gas, Wound Healing, Anxiety Relief, and gives relief from some types of pain such as back pain.

Can Cats Eat Chamomile Plants?

Is chamomile safe for cats

No, cats shouldn’t eat chamomile plants. It’s not safe for cats. No doubt that the chamomile plant is beneficial but the oil in it can be dangerous for cats and we also don’t know how much the cat consumes it. 

However, if a cat eats the chamomile plant, it could lead her to vomit, have diarrhea, and have a lack of appetite.

Moreover, it may also Irritate the mouth of the cat. 

It’s best to keep your cat away from chamomile plants. 

Is Chamomile Tea Safe for cats?

If we talk about chamomile tea, chamomile tea means dried chamomile. And dried chamomile is safe for cats in small amounts. Chamomile tea is beneficial for humans as well as for some pets also. Chamomile tea is best for the cat who has an upset stomach and it’s also helpful for the cat if she has irritating skin. 

If you have an adult and avg sized cat, give her 1/2 tablespoon of chamomile tea or as recommended by your veterinarian.

Related Questions:

What Oils Are Poisonous To Cats?

can cats eat daisies

There are a lot of oils that are poisonous to cats.
This includes:

1. Citrus oil
2. Tea tree oil
3. Clove oil
4. Eucalyptus oil
5. Oil of wintergreen
6. Oil of Sweet Birch
7. Chamomile oil
8. Pine oils
9. Eucalyptus oil
10. Peppermint Oil

Is Chamomile Toxic To Pets?

No doubt that chamomile is an herb and it’s used in medicine and it’s famous because of its relaxant properties, it’s used in a lot of things but chamomile can cause toxicity in your cat, if she ingests it. So it’s better to keep it away from the cat.

Why Does My Cat Like Chamomile?

can cats eat daisies

If your cat likes chamomile, there can be a lot of reasons behind it. Maybe your cat likes chamomile because of its stress relief benefits or there can be a lot of other reasons, actually, all cats have their personal choices. Some cats like chamomile and maybe some cats hate it.


Chamomile oil isn’t safe for cats. If you use this oil around your cat, it could make them sick, and if she ingests the oil, it could lead the cat to serious health conditions or even death. 

Keep this away from your cat’s reach. Before giving any new product to your cat, do some research or discuss with your vet whether the product is safe for cats or not. 

I hope this article is helpful for you and now you know that, Is chamomile safe for cats.