Can Cats Drink Carbonated Water? (Harmful Ingredients)

Many cat owners share their food and drinks with their cats because they love their cats. If you know that the food or drink you’re sharing with them is safe for them to consume, then there’s no problem.

Today I will share an interesting topic with you, so I will start with, can cats drink carbonated water?

The answer is Yes, cats can drink carbonated water. Carbonated water will be beneficial for cats because it will fulfill the water requirements of your cat but it shouldn’t contain any artificial tastes or flavors or any other additional substances.

Additionally, serve it to your cat in a limited amount (tiny amount) because it might induce bloating.

I hope now you know that, can cats drink carbonated water. Read the next to learn more about it.

Is Carbonated Water Safe For Cats?

carbonated water

Carbonated water is completely safe for cats to drink. Keep in mind that simply carbonated water is safe for cats, the carbonated water that contains flavors, additional tastes, or other substances isn’t safe for cats. 

Moreover, a small amount of carbonated water is safe for cats. 


Whether you have seen it or not that most cats enjoy drinking carbonated water, this is because the bubbles of carbonated water attract cats’ attention. Cats enjoy seeing these bubbles.


Is Brita Filtered Water Safe for Cats?

Cats like to drink fresh water and they consider cold water as fresh water. Cats need to drink a fair amount of water everyday. It’s possible that maybe your cat meets their daily requirements of water through the food that they eat.

If your cat is not drinking water, provide them with fresh water or a little bit of cold water. My advice is to discuss this with your veterinarian


As you know, cats become dehydrated because they don’t drink enough water.

Carbonated water in limited amounts is good for cats. It’s good for cats because it keeps your cats hydrated all the time. It’s popular because it prevents dehydration.

Cats like to drink running water or cold water, that’s also a reason that cats drink water from the tap. The bubbles of carbonated water attract cats, it encourages them and they drink it. 

Carbonated water is good and safe for cats, If carbonated water doesn’t contain any substance that’s harmful to cats.  

Before giving this water to your felines, it’s best to take advice from your veterinarian also. 

If you observe any bad reaction to this water in your cat, stop giving her this and consult with your vet. 

Can Cats Drink Sparkling Water?

can cats drink carbonated water

Yes, cats can drink sparkling water that contains carbon dioxide. They can drink this only in moderation. 

Cats Should Drink Sparkling Water In Moderation: (Why)

Cats should drink sparkling water in moderation because some cats have sensitive stomachs and their stomachs can have irritations by carbonation.

That’s why they should drink it in moderation. However, this water is safe for cats. 


Before giving this water to your cats first make sure it doesn’t contain any extra ingredients

Make sure it doesn’t contain extra sodium, a high amount of sodium is also harmful to cats. Never feed your cat any food or drink that contains high amounts of sodium in it.  

Give this water to your cat in a limit because if the cat drinks too much-carbonated water, maybe it could lead the cat to bloat. 

I hope your cat will enjoy this water. Moreover, if you’re giving this water first time to your feline, then discuss it with your vet also.

Always give your cat fresh water, keep her water bowl clean and make sure she is always hydrated. 

Ingredients Carbonated Water Contains Harmful To Cats:

can cats drink carbonated water

Not all but there is some carbonated water that contains some extra ingredients harmful to cats, this includes: 

Artificial sweeteners, Flavors, Xylitol, and extra substances. 

These all are harmful to cats. You should avoid giving your cats carbonated drinks that contain these ingredients. 

Even if it contains any natural things, such as fruits, this can also be harmful to cats. That’s why a simple carbonated drink is suggested for cats.

Both simple water and carbonated water are safe for cats. Fresh water is recommended for cats and cats also prefer fresh water. However, most cats hate warm water. Moreover, too much cold water is also bad for cats but normal cold water is good for cats, and cats enjoy it. 

Related Questions:

Why Do Cats Not Like Sparkling Water?

can cats drink carbonated water

Some cats like sparkling water and some cats hate it. The cats hate this water because sparkling water is a carbonated drink, and it can cause bloating effects on cats.
If a cat drinks too much sparkling water, it may cause bloating in your cat’s stomach. This will make them uncomfortable.

Are Carbonated Drinks Bad For Cats?

can cats drink kombucha

Carbonated drinks aren’t bad for cats. Soda is harmful to cats. There are some types of carbonated drinks bad for cats that contain ingredients bad for cats, like Caffeine, Sugars, Artificial sweeteners, Artificial flavors, and Extra salt.

Can You Give Cats Tuna Juice?

can cats drink rice milk

Yes, you can give tuna juice to your cags. Cats can drink tuna water but in moderation only. Don’t give it to your cat regularly because of concerns around mercury, give this juice or water to your cat as a treat and occasionally only.
However, it will also encourage your cat to drink more water.


Cats can drink carbonated water. It’s good and completely safe for cats. Give this water to your cat in a limit.

Make sure you choose the right carbonated water for your cat, don’t choose the carbonated water that contains extra substances, like artificial flavors, etc. 

Cats also enjoy this water because of its bubbles. However, cats like to drink fresh, cold, and running water. 

I hope after reading this amazing article now you know, can cats drink carbonated water.