Can Cats Drink Rice Milk?

In my previous articles, I have discussed cow milk, goat milk, or simple milk for cats. So I decided I will talk about plant-based milk for cats. 

So first I will talk about, can cats drink rice milk?

Cats should not drink rice milk. It’s not toxic to cats but it’s not good for cats because of ingredients, like sugar, and artificial flavors.

Does rice milk contain lactose?

can cats drink rice milk

No, Rice milk doesn’t contain lactose. It doesn’t contain lactose because it’s plant-based milk.  

Rice milk contains a lot of sugar, which is bad for cats.

  1. Rice Milk: 

Rice milk is plant milk. It’s made from rice. Rice milk contains sugar, and brown rice syrup, and it’s flavored with some other ingredients, like vanilla. It’s a delicious treat for humans.


Rice milk is bad for cats because it’s high in sugar, and this is harmful to cats. Cats can’t eat or drink food that contains high amounts of sugar because it could lead to a lot of health problems such as high sugar levels, weight gain, diabetes, and other health problems. in cats to rise.High-sugar foods or drinks can also lead to diarrhea.

What Happens If Cat Drinks Rice Milk?

can cats drink rice milk

If a cat drinks rice milk in small amounts, it won’t hurt the cat but if she drinks rice milk in large quantities, then it could lead to diarrhea or stomach issues, diabetes, and other health issues.

If a cat drinks rice milk in moderation, she will not have all these issues. However, it’s best to take advice from your vet about giving rice milk to your feline.

Moreover, if your cat is facing any health issues after drinking rice milk, immediately take her to the vet. 

Can Cats Drink Oat Milk?

Actually, cats can drink simple, plain oat milk but some types of oat milk contain artificial ingredients that aren’t good for cats, this type of oat milk is harmful to cats. 

However, whether cats can drink oat milk or not, depends upon the ingredients of oat milk.

What about humans?

Oat milk is beneficial for humans, it’s made from oats, oats soaked in water and then they’re blended. It’s rich in nutrients that are beneficial for humans and it’s also rich in fiber. 

Can Cats Drink Coconut Milk?

cat drinking milk

Coconut milk is lactose-free so cats can drink it but in small amounts, it wouldn’t hurt your cat. The problem is coconut milk is hard for cats to digest and it’s also high in potassium, too much potassium isn’t good for cats.

My advice is to avoid feeding rice milk to cats. Or you can also consult with your veterinarian.

Is Milk Bad For Cats?

Milk isn’t good for cats. Some types of milk are a little bit safe for cats to drink in small amounts but the reality is milk is bad for cats and milk Isn’t recommended for cats.

Milk isn’t necessary for cats, meat is necessary for a healthy cat.

Is It Okay If I Give Rice Milk To My Cat?

cats drinking milk

Yes, it’s okay to give rice milk to your cat occasionally in tiny amounts. However, the vet doesn’t recommend giving rice milk to cats.

Moreover, rice milk is not good for cats. 

Why Rice Milk Bad For Cats:

There are a lot of reasons that rice milk is bad for cats. It’s bad for cats because of its ingredients.

Rice milk is high in sugar and it can high your cats’ sugar levels. It can also lead to weight gain, and diabetes. Sugary foods aren’t good for cats. It contains some artificial flavors that are also bad for cats. Additionally, high-sugar foods or drinks can also lead cats to diarrhea.

Finally, rice milk isn’t recommended for cats. It’s harmful and it could lead to health issues.

Another problem is, Rice milk doesn’t have any nutritional value for your cats. So this means it’s also not nutritionally beneficial for cats, so there is no good reason to give this to your felines.

Related Questions:

What Kind Of Milk Can Cats Drink?


If we compare animal-based milk and plant-based milk, then plant-based milk is a little bit safe for cats to drink. It’s safe for cats because it doesn’t contain lactose, cats can drink lactose-free milk.
However, if you want to give milk to your cat, give lactose-free milk to her but in small amounts. However, you can also discuss this with your vet before giving milk to your felines.

Can Kittens Eat Rice And Milk?

Actually, cats’ bodies aren’t designed to eat grains regularly. However, kittens can eat rice but in small amounts and occasionally only. As rice isn’t toxic to cats. Rice doesn’t provide the nutrients that are necessary for cats’ health.Milk contains lactose, that’s not good for kittens. If you want to give milk to your kitten, it’s best to consult with your veterinarian.

Can Kittens Drink Rice Water?

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If your kitten is very hungry, then you can give her rice water. You can give her rice water just one time. However, it’s best to search for any other alternative instead of rice water.

Should I Give My Cat Milk Or Water?

Is Brita Filtered Water Safe for Cats?

Cats should drink water. Water is good for cats and milk is bad for cats. Milk and other dairy products are harmful to cats. Water is best for cats.


Cats shouldn’t drink rice milk. No doubt, rice milk is lactose-free but still, it’s harmful to cats because Rice milk contains sugar and artificial flavors that aren’t good for cats‘ health.

However, in small amounts, it wouldn’t hurt your cat. Moreover, Cats are meat eaters and plant-based food or plant-based milk isn’t part of their natural diet. 

I hope now you understand that, can cats drink rice milk.