Can Cats Eat Jicama?

If you’re going to cook jicama and you’re thinking about your cat, you are in the right place because in this article I will share all the information related to jicama for cats?

Read the following to find out, can cats eat jicama?

Yes, Cats Can Eat Jicama. They can easily eat and digest jicama without having any problems. However, the seeds and stems of jicama should be avoided because they have rotenone in them. It’s a natural insecticide.

The answer to your question, can cats eat jicama, is defined above. Now I will move to the next. Read the following to find out more about jicama for cats.

Can Cats Eat Jicama Everyday?

can cats eat jicama

No, cats shouldn’t eat jicama every day, because jicama will not provide your cat with all the nutrients which she needs in her diet.

So, vegetables or root veggies should never be given to cats as a main meal because they need meat in their meal. Animal protein is necessary for cat’s health. However, occasionally you can feed her jicama. It is also beneficial for cats.


Jicama provides a variety of health benefits for cats.

  1. Jicama Is Full Of Antioxidants:

Jicama is full of antioxidants and the fact is, cats need antioxidants to fight off the development of cell damage and health problems, such as Heart Disease, Diabetes, and Cancer also.

  1. Low In Sugar And Calories:

High amounts of sugar are extremely dangerous for cats and the good things about jicama is, Jicama is low in both sugar and calories.

  1. High Amount Of Water:

Just like humans, cats need to be hydrated and jicamas have a high amount of water in them, which keeps your cat hydrated without any problems.

Moreover, dehydration is extremely bad for cats. Always keep your cat hydrated by providing her with free access to fresh water. I hope now you know how jicama is beneficial for cats. Read the following to find out more interesting things about jicama and cats.

Jicama Toxic To Cats:

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Does Jicama Have Any Toxic Effects On Cats?

Jicama doesn’t have any toxic effects on cats and it’s not toxic to cats, but the Stems and Seeds of jicama are toxic to cats. While feeding jicama to your cat, make sure don’t feed it’s stem or seeds.

Its seeds and stems produce natural insecticides. Thesetwo oartsof jicama can lead cats to serious health problems. However, only jicama is safe for cats. (without stem and seeds)

Alternatives To Jicama:

No doubt jicama is good for cats, but there are better food alternatives than Jicama for cats, such as quality cat wet food, or cat dry food.

From cat food, she can get all the nutrients which she needs to survive, or to be healthy and fit. Moreover, meat is best for cats, and meat is a basic need of every cat and dog.

What is Jicama?

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Jicama is a round shaped root vegetable with golden brown skin, it has a crunchy white interior, and it has a mild taste. It tastes like pear or water chestnut originating from Mexico.

Jicama is also known as Mexican Yam, Mexican Turnip, or Mexican water chestnut. Jicama is popular because it is high in Vitamins, Fiber, and Antioxidants.

Humans, cats, and dogs can safely consume it.

Is Jicama Good For Cats?

If you feed fresh and cooked jicama to your cat, then it’s good for cats. However, they can also eat raw jicama, but I don’t recommend it. Jicama is good for cats if eaten in small quantities, and occasionally.

Jicama is good for cats’ overall health. It helps cats to boost their immune systems and it keeps cats safe from some diseases.

The water in Jicama keeps cats hydrated.

Moreover, the stems and seeds of jicama are not good for cats. And it’s better to remove the skin of jicama before feeding it to your cat.

Can Cats Eat Jicama? (Cooked Jicama)

can cats eat jicama

Yes, cats can eat cooked jicama. But make it simple and plain for your cat. Don’t add any ingredients to it that could harm your cat, such as salt, spices, and seasonings etc.

Moreover, it’s better to feed the cat cooked jicama because it’s easy for the cat to eat. Jicama is a good treat for cats. Feed her jicama occasionally only.

Can Cats Eat Jicama? (Raw Jicama)

Cats can eat raw jicama, but don’t give her raw jicama because it’s difficult for cats to chew raw jicama. It’s better to rove the skin of jicama, cut it into small pieces and then boil it, so it will become soft and it will become easy for cats to chew it. Cooked jicama is better for cats than raw jicama.

Can Cats Have Cucumbers?

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Yes, cats can eat cucumbers, but only in moderation. If you want to give cucumbers to your cat, cut them into small pieces. Try to feed fresh cucumber to your cat. It’s better to wash and peel the cucumber before feeding it to your cat because it makes it more safe for cats to eat.

What Veggies Are Toxic To Cats?

There are some vegetables that are toxic to cats. These include Onions, Garlic, Shallots, and Scallions. These vegetables can cause damage to red blood cells of cats, and it can lead cats to anemia. Don’t add these vegetables to your cat’s diet. Even small amounts of these vegetables are not safe for cats.

Can Dogs Eat Jicama?

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Yes, dogs can eat jicama. Jicama is beneficial for dogs. It’s low in calories and it’s rich in nutrients. This makes it good for dogs. It will keep your dog’s digestive system good. Moreover, it’s good for dogs’ overall health.


After reading this article, I hope you get it. Can cats eat jicama?

Cats can eat jicama and it’s beneficial for cats. It’s low in calories and sugar, full of antioxidants, and it also keeps cats hydrated.

However, jicama is not toxic to cats but its stem and seeds are toxic to cats.

It’s better to feed your cat cooked jicama. Feed your cat jicama occasionally, because if you feed it every day, your cat could have nutritional deficiencies. Feed her meat and other cat food to make her healthy and fit.

I hope you enjoyed it.