Can Cats Eat Tortilla Chips

A few days ago, in front of me there was a packet of tortilla chips on the table, and my cat was sitting on my lap. A question came to my mind and I did some research on it. So in this article I will share my question, and a well researched answer.

Read the following article to know can cats eat tortilla chips?

Yes, cats can eat tortilla chips and they enjoy eating them. But you should not feed it regularly. As a treat, you can feed her tortilla chips. While they’re not harmful and they are not a nutritious food for cats.

I hope now you get the answer to this question. Can cats eat tortilla chips?

So, in this article we will discuss more about tortilla chips for cats. Read the article to know whether it’s safe for cats or not.

Are Tortilla Chips Safe for Cats?

can cats eat tortilla chips

If your cat eat it as a treat, and occasionally, then it’s safe for her. Otherwise, tortilla chips are not a nutritious food for cats and most of the tortilla chips are high in both fat and calories, and they are very low in protein or fiber.

If you want to feed toritilla chips to your cat safely, then you should choose the toritilla whose ingredients are safe for cats.

However, there are some types of tortilla chips which contain some ingredients which are harmful to cats. When feeding toritilla chips to your feline, make sure she doesn’t eat too much.


Tortilla chips are snacks and they are made from corn tortillas. They are famous for their triangle-shaped, They are crunchy and delicious snacks.

They are available in different flavors. Tortilla chips contain seasonings and they are salty, so it’s better to avoid feeding them to your cat.

Toritilla chips are better than other chips available in the market because they don’t have artificial colors or flavours, while other commercially available chips contain all these. You can also feed to your cat flour tortillas.

Can Cats Eat Toritilla Chips? (with guacamole)

can cats eat tortilla chips

No, cats can’t eat tortilla chips with guacamole, while plain tortilla chips are safe for cats to eat. The ingredients used in guacamole tortilla chips are harmful to cats.

The seasonings of guacamole are onion and garlic and both of them are toxic to cats.

If your feline eats guacamole in large quantities, she could have food poisoning. She could also have coughing, diarrhea and vomiting, as well as difficulty in breathing.

If you notice any of these symptoms in your cat, take her to the vet immediately.


If a cat eats too many tortilla chips, then she is at high risk. She can have a lot of health problems.

  1. Tortilla Chips Are Unhealthy:

Tortilla chips are unhealthy for cats and humans both because they’re high in fats, sodium, and calories.

  1. Health Problems:

If a cat eats too many tortilla chips, it could lead to her health problems, such as heart disease, hyperlipidemia, liver disease, pancreatitis, and cat diabetes. If you’re looking for a tasty treat for your cat, then cooked chicken is a better option instead of chips. Chicken is healthier for cats.


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Before feeding tortilla chips to your cat, it’s very important to know what ingredients tortilla chips contain.

There are some tortilla chips, whose ingredients are harmful to cats.

Usually, tortilla chips contain the following ingredients. After reading this, you can know what you are actually feeding to your cat.

  1. Vegetable Oils:

Tortillas are fried in vegetable oil, which is unhealthy for cats. It can cause digestive problems for cats.

  1. Flavors:

Most of the tortilla chips are flavored with cheese, salt or with some other seasonings. These flavors are harmful to cats. However, salt is extremely harmful to cats.

  1. Cornmeal:

Cats are allergic to corn and it leads cats to digestive issues. Not all tortilla chips contain this.

  1. Wheat Flour:

Most of the tortilla chips are made from wheat flour. It’s also allergic to cats. Wheat can also cause digestive problems for some cats.

Can Cats Eat Unsalted Tortilla Chips?

can cats eat tortilla chips

If the ingredients of tortilla chips aren’t harmful to the cat and if they’re unsalted, the cat can eat them in small amounts, as a treat, and occasionally.

However, cats shouldn’t eat salty chips. Salty chips are extremely harmful to cats.

Can Cats Eat Potato or Tortilla Chips?

Actually, both tortilla chips and potato chips aren’t healthy for cats. Cats can eat some types of tortilla and potato chips, whose ingredients are safe for cats. Before feeding any chips to your cat, first make sure its ingredients are safe for cats.

If your cat ever eats too many tortilla chips, take her to the vet. If she eats it in small amounts, then there is nothing to worry about.

What Chips Can Cats Eat?

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Cats can eat potato chips that don’t contain extra salt, seasonings, and spices. Homemade, baked and simple potato chips are safer for cats. Baked chips are safer for cats than chips fried in oil.

Can Cats Have Salt?

No, cats cannot have salt, because salt is generally unhealthy for cats, even in small amounts. Salt can make your cat dehydrated.
However, if cats eat salt in large amounts, it can be toxic.

Why do cats love Cheetos?


Actually, some cats like cheetos and some don’t like them. It depends upon personal preference. Just like humans, cats have their own personal choices. Maybe she likes the texture of cheetos, but we are not sure about that.


Cats can eat tortilla chips but in moderation. The tortilla chips that are salty are harmful to cats. If you want to feed your cat tortilla chips safely, before feeding her these chips first of all read the ingredients, whether the ingredients are safe for your cat or not.

Moreover, I don’t recommend feeding tortilla chips to cats. If you want to serve chips to your cat, homemade, baked, unsalted, and simple potato chips without any seasonings are safe for cats

I hope you enjoyed it. Now you know that, can cats eat tortilla chips?