Can Cats Eat Mochi?

Cats always demand treats. The cat owner knows when her cat is demanding a treat. Cats not only demand a treat, whenever we are cooking in the kitchen or we are sitting, enjoying and eating food, our cat comes near us and demands food.

Some foods are good for cats and some foods are harmful to cats.

If your cat asks you for mochi or if your are eating mochi and your feline sitting with you and you want to know that, can cats eat mochi?

Yes, cats can eat mochi, but in moderation. Many cats enjoy eating mochi. Mochi isn’t a necessary part of the cat’s diet and you shouldn’t add mochi to your cat’s regular diet.

However, you can feed mochi to your cat as a treat because if the cat consumes too much mochi, it can cause gastrointestinal upset in the cat.

I hope now you know that can cats eat mochi? Read the following article to find out more information about mochi and cats.

Do Cats Like Mochi?

Delicious Mochi

Most cats like mochi. Cats can’t taste it because it’s sweet, but cats like such things as candy or cake etc. Mochi is soft and chewy. Actually, cats like the soft and chewy texture of mochi. However, cats also like mochi because its texture is a little bit similar to their favorite prey, such as birds or mice.

Moreover, cats also like to eat fish and fish is the best and healthy treat for cat. Fish is also a good source of protein, vitamins, and minerals.

Fish, meat, and shrimps are best for cats, but sometimes cats don’t show their interest in fish treats. So, you can try giving mochi to her because most of the cats like to eat mochi.


Mochi is actually made of rice and seaweed. It contains a small amount of fat and cholesterol. Mochi also contains some vitamins, such as vitamin A, vitamin C, and it also contains Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, and Phosphorus. They make it good for the health of cats.

Read the following to find out,

How We Can Feed Mochi To Our Cat:

can cats eat mochi

First, give a small amount of mochi to your cat. And when you first feed her mochi, observe her. When she is eating mochi, if she has any allergic reaction, stop feeding her and immediately take her to a vet.

Don’t feed your cat mochi regularly, serve her mochi as a treat. If you feed mochi to your cat, don’t add mochi to the cat’s regular diet, because if she eats mochi daily, it could lead the cat to nutritional deficiencies or maybe she may have gastric upset from too much mochi.

Second, after giving mochi to your cat, she will demand more, but don’t give her more. Hide the mochi from your cat.

Don’t overfeed your cat, because overfeeding snacks, just like saltine crackers can lead your cat to health problems.

However, eating too much sugar isn’t good for cats. Moreover, the good thing is that you feed two treats together as a combo snack.

Reasons Why To Feed Mochi To Your Cat As A Treat Only:

can cats eat mochi

As you know, feeding anything too much isn’t good for a cat’s health. Overfeeding can have a bad impact on your cat’s health.

There are some things which we can only feed to our cat as a treat. We can’t add it to the cat’s regular diet.

While a little mochi is good for your cat. The following are some reasons why feeding mochi to cats as a treat only.

High In Carbohydrates And Calories:

Mochi is made up of carbohydrates. While a small piece of mochi won’t hurt your cat, too much of it can cause problems for your cat. Mochi is hard for cats to digest.

High-Calorie Food:

Just a single piece of mochi can contain more than 100 calories. So if the cat eats too much mochi, she can gain weight.

Mochi can cause gastrointestinal upset:

If the cat eats too much mochi, she can have gastrointestinal upset.

It can also upset your cat’s stomach. The cat can have vomiting, diarrhea, and loss of appetite. If your cat has any of these symptoms, it’s best to consult with your veterinarian immediately.

Choking Hazard:

Another reason to feed your cat, mochi as a treat, it could be a choking hazard. Give your cat only a small piece of mochi.

How Much Mochi Can I Feed To My Cat:

can cats eat mochi

The answer to this question depends on few factors, such as it includes your cat age, health, and, weight .

So, I am going to give you a general idea of how much mochi you can feed your cat or how much mochi is safe for your cat.

For kittens:

You can feed mochi to your kittens up to 1 tablespoon per day.

For Adult Cats:

can cats eat shrimp shells

You can feed mochi to your cat upto 2 tablespoons per day.

Moreover, keep in mind if your cat has diabetes, don’t give her mochi, discuss about it with your vet.

However, it is a general idea, you can also discuss with your vet how much mochi is safe for your cat to eat.

What Is Mochi Made Of?

Mochi is actually a cake. It’s a Japanese rice cake. Mochi cute round buns. Mochi is made from chewy rice and sugar etc. The main ingredients are mochi is rice and sugar. The rice is first steamed and then it’s pounded and mashed.

Is It Okay For Cats To Eat Sweets?

Sugar is used to make sweets and sugar isn’t toxic to cats. But there are some ingredients used in sweets that can be toxic to cats. Sweets and candy aren’t good for cats to consume.
Sweets and candy include some ingredients which are extremely toxic to cats, such as Xylitol and other artificial sweeteners.
However, Xylitol is mostly used in sugar-free gums. Moreover, it’s also present in other sweets.

Can Cats Eat Rice Cakes?

can cats eat mochi

Cats can eat rice cakes but as a treat, in smaller amounts, and occasionally. Most cats like to eat rice cakes. Another favorite food item for many pets are rice, and pasta. A bit of a rice cake or some air popped popcorn is a great substitute for a high fat treat.
Moreover, cooked rice is better than raw. Don’t feed your cat raw rice.

Why Does My Cat Love Sweets?

Cats can taste just a few things and, unfortunately, cats are not able to taste sugar. Many people say that cats like sweets, but the truth is that cats like sweets because of their texture. However, keep in mind that most sweets aren’t good for cats.

Do Cats Know Sweet Taste?

two cute kittens

No, cats cannot taste sugar. Cats need meat in their diet. Sweets aren’t good for cats. Moreover, there are very few things which a cat can taste. The cat smells food.


So, I tried my best to give an answer to your question that can cats eat mochi?

I hope now you get your answer.

Yes, cats can eat mochi, but only in moderation. Over feeding or adding mochi to your cat’s regular diet, can lead her to health issues.

I hope now you know that sweets aren’t good for cats. All about cat and mochi is briefly explained in this article.