Can Cats Eat Turnip Greens? (No and 4 Reasons)

Almost every cat owner wants to see his cat healthy and fit. You can make your cat healthy by giving her a healthy diet.

Cats are carnivores. We all know that cats can eat meat safely, and meat is a good diet for cats even cars can eat shrimp shells and heads. But we don’t know whether she can eat turnip greens or not?

Read the following article, if you also want to know that can cats eat turnip greens?

No, a cat cannot eat turnip greens because turnip greens contain oxalic acid, which can lead your cat to gastrointestinal upset. So it’s better not to add turnip greens to your cat’s diet.

I hope now you know that can cats eat turnip greens?

Moreover, read the following article and in the following it’s explained very well why turnip greens are not good for cats, what are their risks for cats, and what other greens are good and healthy for cats.


can cats eat turnip greens

Turnip greens are actually leaves of the turnip plant. They are mostly used in soups and stews, and they are commonly used in salads.

However, most of the salads contain turnip greens.

Turnip greens are a good source of vitamins A and vitamin C, fiber, and some other minerals.


There are some vegetables that a cat can enjoy and she can eat safely. Cats can eat carrots, potatoes, peas, and frozen corn, broccoli florets, green beans, zucchini, lettuce. All these vegetables are good for the cat’s health.


Cats can eat a variety of vegetables, but some vegetables are bad for cats. Vegetables such as onions, garlic, leeks, shallots, scallions, and chives are highly poisonous to cats. If the cat eats these vegetables, she can have gastrointestinal problems and other problems also.

What Happened If Cat Eat Turnip Greens?

cat tired

However, if your cat eats turnip greens, you will notice that your cat is having difficulty with digestion and she is not feeling well.

Your cat can start vomiting after eating turnip greens. If you notice your cat vomits after eating turnip greens, you should immediately talk to your veterinarian.

If your cat has liver disease or diabetes, and she eat turnip greens, she is at high risk, it can lead her to serious health condition.

Immediately talk to your vet in this situation.


Can Cats Eat Horseradish?

If your cat eat Turnip leaves, it can cause problems for your cat. There are some reasons that why cat shouldn’t eat turnip greens, And some of those reasons are mentioned below.

  1. Goitrogens:

Turnip greens have goitrogens. Actually, goitrogens are substances that can interfere with the thyroid gland. So, it means it intereferes with functioning of thyroid glands which means it can cause a big problem for cat because they can lead cat to thyroid problems.

  1. High in Vitamin A:

Turnip greens are high in vitamin A. While vitamin A is an neccessory nutrient for humans, but it can be harmful to cats because cats dont have proper ability to properly digest vitamin A.

Vitamin A toxicity can cause your cat alot of health issues. It can causw liver diseases, and bone deformities etc.

  1. High in Oxalates:

Turnip greens are high in Oxalates. They are compounds that can bind with calcium and other minerals to form insoluble salts. The problem is these salts causing stones or crystals to form.

Moreover, oxalates can also cause gastrointestinal upset in cats.

No doubt, turnip greens are healthy for humans, but cats shouldn’t eat turnip greens.

  1. High in Fiber:

Turnip greens are high in fiber. Fiber is good and necessary for humans, but the problem is, it can be harmful to cats.

Do Cats Need Vegetables?

can cats eat turnip greens

No, cats don’t need vegetables because cats are carnivores, they need meat to survive, they also need the protein present in the meat.

No doubt a cat needs nutrition in her diet. She needs a nutritional diet, but fruits and vegetables she don’t require.

Are Turnip Greens OK For Cats?

No, turnip greens aren’t OK for cats because they can cause gastrointestinal upset in cats.
And it has some vitamins in it, which are in high amounts. These vitamins are good for cats but in high amounts. It’s dangerous for cats.

What Vegetables Should Cats Avoid?

can cats eat turnip greens

Cats should avoid onions, garlic, shalots, and scallions, because these vegetables can cause damage to your cat’s red blood cells and it can lead your cat to anemia. If a cat consumes these foods in large amounts, they can be poisonous to the cat when eaten in large quantities.
However, not only these vegetables the cat should avoid, there are some other vegetables also which the cat should avoid.

Can Cats Eat Cooked Turnip?

Turnip can cause trouble in your cat’s digestive system. So it’s not recommended to give your cag cooked turnip or raw turnip. Turnip can also cause diarrhea in cats.

Do Indoor Cats Need Greens?

can cats eat Liverwurst

Actually, greens are not a part of the cat’s diet. Some greens are good for cats. It’s not necessary, or a cat or indoor cat doesn’t require green to eat. If you want, you can serve your cat greens that are good for the cat.


After reading this informative article, I hope you enjoyed it and I hope now you know that can cats eat turnip greens?

Turnip greens are not good for cats to eat, it can lead cats to health issues. If your cat ingested turnip greens, it’s important to consult with your veterinary immediately.

Moreover, if your cat has eaten the turnip greens, monitor your cat for signs of any illness or other issues. And give your cat plenty of water.