Can Cats Eat Fig Newtons?

Nowadays, Fig Newton cookies are becoming more popular as they are soft and delicious. People are eating these cookies and some people also feed these cookies to their cats as well.

But as a sincere cat owner, you should know well about which food is good for your cat and which food is toxic to your cat.

So there is a question in cat owner’s mind that can cats eat fig newtons?

On the one hand, fig newton cookies are not toxic to cats, but on the other hand, these cookies aren’t healthy for cats. We recommend you to not let your cat eat fig newtons.

Do Cats Like Fig Newtons?

Can Cats Eat Fig Newtons?

When you are eating fig newtons and cat see’s you eating she will be curious to eat and to know what you are eating.

Cats can’t taste cookies like human beings. These soft and attracting coolies will attract the cat to eat them. So that’s why some cats like fig newtons.

Can Cats Eat Fig Newtons? Health Issues

Fig newtons can act as a toxic to your cat because it’s not relevant diet food for your cat.

Consumption of these cookies can cause the following health problems:

  1. Irritates cause skin issues and sores
  2. Causes Diarrhea in cats
  3. Create problems like head shaking
  4. Starts vomiting
  5. Drooling problems

What Happens If Your Cat Eat Too Many Fig Newtons?

Consumption of too many fig newtons will cause digestion problems and diarrhea in cats.

They aren’t easy to digest for cats, so eating these cookies can cause a lot of health issues in your cat’s body.

Which Fruits Are Toxic To Cats?

cute cat

Always keep your cats away from grapes, raisins, cherries, and oranges.

Citrus fruits are bad for your cat’s health, including lemon, orange, plura vertis, and all other citrus fruits.

Fig Newton Ingredients

Fig Newtons are made of delicious fruit paste, sugar, and starch etc. These cookies were first launched in the United Kingdom (UK).

When A Cat Eats Fig Newtons:

As fig newtons have high quantities of starch and sugar, if a cat eats these cookies in large quantities, then fig newtons can lead your cat to serious health problems, especially diabetes.

Are Fig Fruit Toxic To Cats?

No, fig fruit is non-toxic to cats, so don’t worry about them, but always keep your cats away from the leaves of fig newtons because they are many times toxic to cats and also other animals.

If your cat has eaten leaves of a fig tree, then immediately contact your vet.

Are fig newtons healthy?

Can Cats Eat Fig Newtons?

No fig newtons are not healthy for cats because a lot of sugar is added to them and also other flavorings are added to them which can never be grateful or healthy for cats.

In addition, you can feed these cookies to your cat but with very limited quantity of one or two biscuits at a time.

Can cats eat dates?

Yes, cats can eat dates, but vets don’t recommend feeding dates to cats because, first of all, cats can’t taste the sweet taste of dates and secondly, high consumption of dates can cause vomiting, diarrhea, or dental problems in cats. So it’s better to avoid giving dates to your cat.

My cat ate a Fig newton:

Like other trees, fig plants are completely safe for humans, but on the other hand, it’s not the same for cats, because fig plant leaves are toxic to cats, which can lead your cat to serious health problems. So, if you suspect that your cat has ingested fig plant leaves, then immediately contact your vet.

How Many Fig Newtons Can My Cat Eat?

Can Cats Eat Tilapia?

These cookies are not safe for cats if you include them in your cat’s daily diet. You can give them to your cat occasionally as a treat.

Fig newtons aren’t toxic to cats, but when cats eat them they convert into a sticky paste which can cause health issues for your cat, including swallowing.

It’s not recommended to give these cookies to your cats, but if you are willing to, then, as a safety precaution, cut them into small pieces and serve them to your cat.

Serving Fig Newtons to Your Cat:

Fig Newtons aren’t toxic to cats, but they also aren’t really something cats should eat in high quantities either (and most cats probably wouldn’t bother gorging on them).

Serving Fig Newtons for First Time to Your Cats:

Can Cats Eat Fig Newtons?

If it’s the first time your feline friend is going to eat fig newtons, then before giving these cookies to your cat you should know that these cookies can cause vomiting, diarrhea, swelling, and itching etc to our cat.

So, once your cat has eaten these cookies, you should keep an eye on your cat’s next two or three days routine to ensure that she is safe from any side effects of fig newtons or not.

If you find your cat ill after eating fig newtons, immediately contact your vet.

Fig Newton Make your Cat ill:

If fig newtons make your cat ill, so be careful and keep the rest of fig newtons cookies out of your cat’s and kittens reach.

Secondly, never induce vomiting in your cat because it can make the situation worse. Just get veterinary help as soon as possible.

Is Fig Tree toxic to cats?

No, fig newton cookies aren’t toxic to cats, but trees and leaves of fig newtons can be toxic to your cat. As it can cause vomiting, irritation, and drooling etc.

Is Ficus fig toxic to cats?

Can Cats Eat Horseradish?

Normally, ficus fig plants aren’t toxic to cats but it irritates them so much, so its better to keep this plant out of your home. There are a lot of beautiful plants which you can have instead of ficus fig plants.

Is mint toxic to cats?

Yes, mint is extremely toxic to cats, including its stems, leaves, and flowers. Not only cats are affected by mint plants, even other oets are also affected toxically by mint plants. So if you have any, keep mint plants away from your house.


In the end, we are sure now you are well aware of can cats eat fig newtons? And the answer is yes, but it’s never recommended because it’s not toxic but can cause health issues in cats. So its best to keep your feline friend away from fig newtons.

It can cause digestion problems, diabetes, vomiting, diarrhea, and obesity etc.