Can Cats Eat Saltine Crackers?

Sometimes we offer our cat a treat that is harmful to her and we don’t know about it. There are a lot of treats that you can give to your feline that are safe for her to eat.

We can’t feed our cats, what we eat there is a difference between human food and cat food. Some human food is harmful to cats.

If you want to give Saltine Crackers to your cat as a treat first you should know whether it’s safe for her to eat or not.
Read this article if you want to know Can Cats Eat Saltine Crackers?

No, cats can’t eat saltine crackers because they’re salty and have fat, it can cause dehydration and obesity in cats.


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Saltine Crackers have no nutritional benefits for cats. Cat needs a diet that has enough nutrients. However, a lot of salt is added to saltine crackers and the cat doesn’t need a lot of salt in her diet.
Already some salt is added to her normal diet. So, the cat doesn’t need saltine crackers because it doesn’t add any nutritional benefits to her diet.


No doubt, saltine may be safe for humans but it’s not safe for cats to eat. Following are some reasons why saltine crackers aren’t a good choice for cats.

  1. High In Sodium:
    Saltine crackers are high in soddium. Just one saltine cracker has round about 37 mg of sodium in it. This amount of sodium is not safe for cats to eat.
  2. High In Fat:
    Saltine crackers are high in fat also. one saltine cracker has around about 1.5 g of fat in it. It’s not a big amount of fat for humans but it’s a big amount of fat for cats.
    Cat doesn’t have the ability to digest extra plant-based fats.
  3. High In Carbohydrates:
    Saltine crackers are also high in carbohydrates. It has about 7 g of carbohydrates in just one cracker. It’s not a big quantity for humans, but it’s a big amount for cats. Cat can’t digest it properly.
  4. Choking Hazard:
    Saltine crackers are sometimes a choking hazard for cats. Cat’s mouths are small and have small throats. So, cats can choke easily. Crackers can also choke cats.

We all love to feed our cats a tasty treat and cats also love to eat that treat. But before giving her any treat, make sure the treat is good for her to eat.

if cats eat saltine crackers if may have some poisoning symptoms. Those symptoms are mentioned in the following and these will help you if your cat eats saltine crackers.

  1. Vomiting:
    The cat may vomit after eating saltine. Vomiting is the most common symptom of saltine cracker poisoning in cats.
  2. Diarrhea:
    Diarrhea is also a common symptom of saltine cracker poisoning in cats. It can occur fastly after eating saltine.
  3. Lethargy:
    When cats eat Lethargy is another common symptom of saltine cracker poisoning. The cat looks a little bit tired after eating saltine. She sleeps more than usual.
  4. Loss Of Appetite:
    Saltine crackers can lead cats to loss of appetite. Cats who eat saltine may lose their interest in eating food because they get poisoned by saltine crackers.
  5. Dehydration:
    The main thing which mostly happens if cats eat saltine crackers is Dehydration.
    It’s a common symptom you can observe in your cat if she eats saltine.
    Give your cat fresh water if she ever eats saltine.


can cats eat saltine crackers

Saltine ingredients can tell us, whether saltine crackers are good or bad for cats. So, here we will discuss the ingredients used to make saltine crackers.

These ingredients will also tell you, what exactly you are feeding to the cat and how much you can feed it to your feline.

Following are some Saltines ingredients:

  1. Wheat Flour
  2. Barley Flour
  3. Sea Salt
  4. Baking Soda
  5. Palm Oil
  6. Reduced Iron
  7. Niacin
  8. Yeast

Can Cats Eat Cheese Crackers?

Actually Crackers have a lot of salt in them. Cheese crackers are non-toxic and non-poisonous to cats but the cheese in cheese crackers can upset your cat stomach.
So, it’s good to not feed your cat cheese crackers.

Can Cats Have Potatoes?

Yes, cats can eat potatoes but not regularly.
You can feed her potatoes occasionally, but the cat can eat simple, plain, cooked, roasted, or boil potatoes.
However, feed her cooked peeled potatoes without any fats, spices, or salt.

Are Potatoes Toxic To Cats?

No, potatoes aren’t toxic to cats. But if the cat ingested raw potatoes then immediately discuss it with your vet.
Because raw potatoes aren’t good for cats.

Why Does My Cat Likes To Eat Saltine Crackers?

Actually, cats like to eat saltine crackers because of the taste of salt in them. And salt used in it make saltine cracker bad for her. Because little bit salt is OK for cats but a lot of salt is not good for cat to consume.

Are Saltines OK For Cats?

Can Cats Eat Ferret Food

No, saltines aren’t OK for cats because they have a lot of salt in them. And salt is not good for cat to consume in large quantities.The carbohydrates, salt, and preservatives make saltines unhealthy food for cats.

What Happens If A Cat Eats Crackers?

The crackers are mostly carbohydrates, and cats are basically carnivores, cats need meat in their diet and food which is high in protein. A cat eats crackers regularly or if the cat consumes crackers in large quantities, then it can lead her to medical conditions.

Why Do Cats Love saltines?

Cats love saltine because of its taste. The taste of salt and fat are the two ingredients which taste cats love and these two ingredients make it bad for cats to eat.


I hope now you know that cats can’t have saltine crackers because of a lot of salt and fat used in it.
Saltine crackers can lead cats to dehydration.

If it makes your cat ill, immediately take her to the vet. However, saltine crackers aren’t a good treat for cats

I hope after reading this amazing and informative article, now you know that Can Cats Eat Saltine Crackers?

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