Can Cats Eat Horseradish? Health Risks

Before giving any food to your cat for the first time, it’s necessary to do some research about it. So, that you can know whether the food is good or not a good cat just like that today we will discuss abaout can cats eat horseradish? or not the answer will be quite interesting.

Horseradish is strong and spicy. When someone tastes horseradish for the first time, on the first bite he will feel a strong spicy smell, his throat will feel like it is on fire and it will bring tears to his eyes. Now I hope you know how we feel when we eat horseradish and how a cat would feel when she eats horseradish.

Read the article to find out the answer to this question, Can Cats Eat Horseradish?

No, cats cannot eat horseradish. It’s not toxic to cats but it’s not good for cat to eat. It can lead cat to vomiting and gastrointestinal upset.


Can Cats Eat Horseradish?

If you have ever tasted horseradish, you know how spicy it is. It’s spicy due to a compound which is called ally isothiocyanate. It’s also found in mustard.

The bad thing about this compound is, when it comes near the human nose, unfortunately, it creates a sensation of heat.

This same happens with cats also and this compound causes irritation to the cat’s nose and throat and it leads the cat to discomfort and sometimes vomiting also.

No doubt it’s safe for us, but it’s not safe for cats. Don’t feed horseradish to your cat.

However, cats can’t eat spicy foods.

Can Cats Eat Horseradish? No and Reasons

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I don’t like to eat extra spicy foods. I avoid extra spicy food, and cats also hate spicy foods. However, the following are some reasons that cats shouldn’t eat horseradish.

Horseradish Can Cause Gastrointestinal Upset:

Horseradish flavours can cause a lot of health issues for cats, it can also cause gastrointestinal upset in cats and it can lead cats to vomiting and diarrhea.

Horseradish Irritates The Nose And Throat:

The compounds in horseradish can irritate the human nose and throat as well as also irritate a cat’s nose and throat.
Cats have a high sense of smelling and horseradish can cause discomfort to the cat and make it difficult for your cat to breathe.

Horseradish Can Cause Allergic Reaction:

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Actually, some cats are allergic to horseradish. And if the cat is allergic to horseradish, then it can lead her to coughing, wheezing, and difficulty breathing.

Horseradish Is Not a Cat’s Natural Diet

If you add horseradish to your cat’s diet, you do the wrong thing. Horseradish is not a part of a natural cat’s diet. The cat’s natural diet is meat. Cats consume vegetables or fruits rarely. Cats are basically carnivores. If you make changes in your cat’s diet, it’s important to discuss it with your vet first.

Horseradish Can Cause Stomach Upset And Vomiting

When a cat eats any spicy food, it can cause vomiting due to stomach upset problem.
Horseradish is also a spicy food and it also upsets a cat’s stomach and the cat vomits. Moreover, a cat’s natural diet is meat and she needs meat to survive and she gets nutrition from meat which she needs.
You should discuss with your veterinarian and make a proper diet plan for it, so your feline will be healthy and fit.

What Should You Do if Your Cat Eats Horseradish?

Can Cats Eat Horseradish?

If the cat eats horseradish, observe her and if you notice any signs of illness, breathing difficulties or any other health issues, take her immediately to a vet for proper check-up and further treatment.

Can Cats Taste Horseradish?

No, cats can’t eat horseradish. A cat can just taste a few things, horseradish is a spice and cats can’t taste spice.

However, a cat can smell spices and if the cat chews them, she can have irritation. When a cat chews it, the cat will definitely hate it.

Moreover, your cat trusts you. Don’t give her horseradish or other spicy food because they irritate the cat.

Are Horseradish Leaves Poisonous?

Eating horseradish leaves in small amounts is safe but eating it in large amounts can lead you to stomach irritation and disorientation.

However, don’t eat it in large amounts.

Can Animals Eat Horseradish?

No, animals shouldn’t eat horseradish. For most animals, horseradish is toxic, such as it’s toxic to horses, cows, goats and sheep etc. Eating horseradish leaves can cause a lot of problems for animals, such as severe stomach inflammation and can be fatal.

Does Horseradish Have Any Health Benefits?

Can Cats Eat Horseradish?

Yes, horseradish has health benefits. The root of horseradish is naturally rich in antioxidants, it helps to protect your body from cellular damage by attaching themselves to the free radicals.
However, according to early studies on horseradish, it also says that horseradish may also prevent growth of lung, lung, and stomach cancer cells.

Is It OK For Cats To Eat Onions?

No, cats shouldn’t eat onions. Actually, onions contain compounds in them which are called disulfides and thiosulphates. If ingested, these are both toxic to cats and dogs.
If the cat ingests onion it can cause conditions which are called hemolytic anemia, Heinz body anemia, and methemoglobinemia.

Are Spices Safe For Cats?

No, spices are not safe for cats. However, most. The spices are toxic to cats. Spices can lead to cats a lot of health issues.
Make sure to keep all spices away from your cat’s reach.


No, cats can’t eat horseradish. It’s not a healthy food for cats to eat. However, it’s not toxic to cats but it can lead cats to health issues such as gastrointestinal upset and sometimes vomiting.

If your cat has already eaten horseradish, give her water to drink, give her a bland diet and you should consult with your veterinarian also.

Moreover, prevent your cat from eating horseradish. I hope now you are well aware of can cats eat horseradish.