Cat owners have a lot of questions in their minds related to feeding human food to their cats. In my opinion, it’s better to feed your cat food that is made for cats or the food which is recommended by the vet. This will keep your cat safe and healthy.

Most cat owners wonder if can cats drink Yakult or not. Actually, Yakult is a probiotic drink used by humans, but do you know whether it can be consumed by cats also or not?

In this article, we will give you the answer to Can Cats Drink Yakult?

Cats can drink probiotic drinks, such as lactobacillus and bifidobacterium. And Yakult is also a probiotic drink. So the answer is, Yes, cats can drink yakult. It’s better to consult with your vet before giving yakult to your cat.

Let’s check out further benefits of yakult.



There are some benefits of yakult for cats.

  1. Yakult is good for a cat’s digestive health, as it helps cats to improve their digestive health.
  2. Yakult also helps cats to prevent gastrointestinal problems.
  3. Yakult is a probiotic and other probiotic, such as lactobacillus, help cats to prevent diarrhea.

How much yakult probiotic is safe for cats?

Here we have answers to all your questions. To get the answers to your questions, make sure to read the article till the end.

Let’s get started:

How Much Yakult Can I Give My Cat?

You can give a small amount of yakult to your cat.

1ml to 2ml is enough for a cat. However, you can consult with your vet and he would recommend how much yakult you can give to your cat.

It’s better to discuss it with your vet because the vet will recommend you, according to the size, age, and health of your cat.


cat drinking milk

The following are some side effects of yakult for cats.

  1. Cats can start vomiting.
  2. Cats can also have constipation.

If your cat is allergic to yakult or you notice any reaction after giving yakult to your feline, immediately take her to the vet.

Is Yakult Safe For Kittens?

Yes, yakult is safe for kittens and cats both. Your vet will recommend how much yakult you can give to your kitten. It’s better not to give yakult to your kitten or first discuss it with your vet.

Can My Cat Be Allergic To Probiotics?

Generally, cats are not allergic to probiotics. When you give the first yakult to your cat or if you give any new product to your cat, she can have vomiting or diarrhea.

Notice the reaction of your cat after giving a yakult to her.

If she has any reaction after drinking yakult, consult with your vet.

Vets Recommend Probiotics For Cats


Yes, vets recommend probiotics for cats. As they are beneficial for cats.

Milk and Other Dairy Products

Sometimes cats are lactose-intolerant. Their digestive system isn’t good for digesting dairy products. At this time, dairy products, including milk, can lead your cat to digestion problems just as digestive upset or diarrhea, etc.

Can and Do Cats Drink Yakult?

Yes, cats need probiotics and Yakult is also a probiotic, so cats can drink Yakult because it boosts their immune system and saves cats from various health issues.

You won’t believe me, but the food you are giving your cat doesn’t have the required probiotics that a cat needs, so first of all, rather have a conversation with your vet than feed your cat the required probiotics.

Can I Give My Cat Probiotics?

Yes, you can give probiotics to your cat. It’s completely safe for cats. In fact, you can give probiotics to your cat daily but in small amounts. Regular use of probiotics is beneficial for cats.
Moreover, keep in mind if you give your cat a well-balanced diet and your cat is healthy and fit, then your cat doesn’t need probiotics daily.

Is Yakult Good For Cat Diarrhea?

cats drinking milk

Yes, yakult and some other probiotics help cats with diarrhea. The good thing about yakult and some other probiotics is they solve some stomach problems also.

Are Probiotics Toxic To Cats?

Probiotics that are for cats aren’t toxic to cats. They are safe for cats but probiotics that are for humans aren’t safe for cats. Don’t give any food to your cat that is made for humans, because it can be harmful to cats.

Can I give my cat probiotic yogurt?

Yes, you can give your cat no-fat plain yogurt. It’s usually safe for cats and dogs also. As a precaution, you should check the label to make sure none of the xylitol or any other dangerous ingredient is added to the yogurt.

Do probiotics help cat diarrhea?

Yes, probiotics always help your cat with diarrhea. Maybe you won’t believe it, but nowadays probiotics are used as a treatment for acute diarrhea in dogs and cats. But always contact your vet before giving probiotics to your cat or dog, because we can’t know what the actual disease is.


Yakult is a probiotic drink and it’s safe for cats to drink. It’s safe for cats as well as it has some benefits for cats also.

However, before giving yakult or any other probiotic drink to your cat, it’s important to discuss it with your vet. Your vet will also recommend how much yakult your cat can consume.

I hope after reading this article, now you know that Can Cat Drink Yakult? And all your confusions and questions are clear, hence if you have any further queries contact your vet because he can guide you the best.