Can 6 Week Old Kittens Eat Tuna?

Kittens have to grow faster so they have some special needs. When kitten is 6 to 8 weeks old, kitten start eating food and they decreases the amount of milk, which she drink from her mother. We have to take care of kittens like babies. They need our extra attention and care. Kittens are a lot like babies. We ahould know that can 6 week old kittens eat tuna or not.

Actually, kittens need nutrients in their diet to grow properly and fast. But do you know what they should need in their diet?

There are some kittens’ foods that have tuna in them, so do you know that Can 6 Week Old Kittens Eat Tuna? The answer to this question is

Yes, 6-week old kittens can eat tuna. But make sure that you give your kitten low-mercury tuna and only give her in small amounts. For your kitten’s health and safety, it’s better to consult with your veterinarian also.

Moreover, Mercury is toxic to cats and kittens both and it can be harmful. So, it’s important to avoid those tuna which have high levels of mercury. Don’t give this tuna to your kitten.

Don’t give canned tuna to your cat, which has salt or any other ingredients which are toxic to kittens. Make sure the ingredients used in canned tuna are not toxic to your kitten.

At What Age I can Give My Kitten Tuna?

Can 6 Week Old Kittens Eat Tuna?

When your kitten is 6 weeks older or above, you can serve her tuna. If your cat’s age is less then 6 weeks, then don’t try to feed her tuna. It can be dangerous for her.

How Much Tuna Can I Give To My Kitten ?

You can give tuna to your kitten in a small amount. Actually, it depends on the size of your kitten, but you can give tuna to your kitten between 1/4 and 1/2 cup per day. It’s enough for your kitten. After some time, you can slowly increase the amount of tuna.

Cats have good digestive systems, but kittens have a delicate digestive system. If you give too much tuna to your kitten, your kitten’s stomach can be upset or she can also have diarrhea.

If your kitten has any reaction after eating tuna, immediately take her to your veterinarian.

What Kind Of Tuna Should I Give My 6 Week Old Kitten?

Usually, canned tuna is considered best for kittens because canned tuna is low in mercury.

There is another good thing about canned tuna is that canned tuna is already cooked and it’s easy to eat. You can also discuss with your vet which tuna is better for your kitten.

Can 6 Week Old Kittens Eat Tuna? The BENEFITS

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The following are some benefits of feeding tuna to a 6 week old kitten.

  1. Kittens need protein in their diet. So tuna has good protein in it. However, tuna is a good source of protein for a kitten.
  2. Tuna also contains omega-3 fatty acids in it, which means it is also beneficial for the skin and coat of kittens.
  3. • Tuna also contains taurine in it, which is an amino acid and it’s important for the heart health of kittens.


No doubt there are a lot of benefits of tuna for kittens, but it also has some risks for kittens.

It’s important to know these risks before feeding tuna to your kitten.

The following are some risks of tuna to kittens.

  1. Mercury is harmful to cats and kittens both. So, tuna also contains mercury, which can be harmful to kittens.
  2. Tuna also contains sodium in it. Which is also harmful to kittens.
  3. Some canned tuna have ingredients in it which is toxic to kittens, such as onion powder.

So, it’s safe to read the ingredients of canned tuna first, then feed it to your kitten.

Can Cats Eat Canned Tuna?

Yes, cats can eat canned tuna, but make sure that canned tuna shouldn’t have salt, oil or onion powder in it.

Can 4 Week-Old Kittens Eat Tuna?

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Canned tuna has mercury in it, which is toxic to kittens. A 6 week old kitten can eat tuna but a 4 weeks old kitten can’t eat tuna.

If you give your 4-week-old kitten tuna, it can be toxic to her and it can lead her to stomach problems also.

Can a 5 week old kitten eat tuna?

No, you shouldn’t give tuna to your 5 weeks old kitten. You can give tuna to your kitten if she is 6 weeks old.

Is Canned Tuna Good For Kittens?

Canned tuna which has low-mercury, doesn’t have salt, and doesn’t have ingredients which are harmful to kittens, such as onion powder etc, This type of canned tuna is good for kittens and cats both.

1.2. How Often Should A 6 Week Old Kitten Eat?

Kittens need to eat more times in a day than a cat. A kitten which is 6 weeks old, should eat 4 times a day.

How Much Canned Tuna Can A Kitten Have?

You can give tuna to your kitten as a treat. You can mix canned tuna with your kitten’s regular food, but keep in mind give your kitten tuna in small amounts. Don’t feed your kitten a full can of tuna, because it’s too much for a kitten.


A six-week-old kitten can eat tuna. A kitten less then 6 weeks old can’t eat tuna. Give your kitten in small amounts and give her a tuna which has low-mercury.

However, there are a lot of benefits to feeding tuna to your cat and there are some risks also.

Before you make any changes to your kitten diet, It’s better to consult with your veterinarian.

You can also discuss with your vet that which tuna you can feed to your kitten and how much you can feed her.

I hope after reading this article now you know that Can 6 Week Old Kittens Eat Tuna?