To know, What Is The Combined Weight Of All Kittens?


Kitten weight is an important factor which you should keep in your mind if you have a kitten and here will discuss in detail about What Is The Combined Weight Of All Kittens? 

Caring for kittens is a big responsibility, but it’s also one of the most enjoyable experiences. You will have fun with the kitten. Just like human babies, kittens grow fast during their first 12 weeks of life. 

Combining the weight of kittens is an interesting topic to discuss. This article will give you a lot of important information about combining the weight of kittens, which you should know if you own a kitten, or if you are thinking about owning a kitten.

To know, What Is The Combined Weight Of All The Kittens? Read the Following.

What Is The Combined Weight Of All The Kittens? 

what is the combined weight of all the kittens?

If you are thinking about the combined weight of all your kittens, actually it depends upon how many kittens you have. Around 3 pounds is the average weight of a kitten.

If you have 2 kittens of 3-pounds, then the combined weight of your kittens would be 6 pounds.

Moreover, if you have 4 kittens of 5-pounds, then the combined weight of your kittens would be 20 pounds. However, if you increase kittens, their individual and combined weight will change.


If your kitten’s mother is nursing her, then don’t worry because she has set her own feeding schedule for her kitten

But if you’re taking care of your kitten without the kitten’s mother, then you should maintain a strict feeding schedule for the young kitten. Because a kitten’s weight is gained faster in the first few weeks. As days pass, her energy becomes higher and higher. 

In a single meal, it’s not possible for a kitten to take enough calories which she needs. 

So feed her throughout the day in smaller amounts.

According to experts, it’s recommended to feed 6 small meals during the day to give your kitten the proper caloric which she needs. 

Moreover, according to some veterinarians, they recommend free-feeding, which means leaving food in your kitten’s food bowl for the whole day. 


Low Weight Kitten:

The low, or under weight of kitten is dangerous for her health and life. If your kitten’s weight is too low or your kitten is not gaining the proper weight or gaining weight slower than usual, then you should talk to your vet. Your vet will do proper check-up and treatment of her.

What Are The Causes Of Weight Deficiency In Kittens?

cute kittens

There are a lot of causes of weight deficiency in kittens.

The main cause of weight deficiency in kittens is, it may be that the kitten’s mother is producing too little milk or the milk she is producing may not contain enough nutrients, which are necessary for kittens to grow.

How Much Do Kittens Weigh?

Usually, a normal kitten will weigh from 113g – 170g. Most of the kittens, when they are 2 or 3 weeks old, weigh from 170g – 225g.

What Is A Healthy Kitten’s Weight?

The newborn kittens weight should be around 2% to 3% of the mother’s weight. For example, if a kitten’s mother weighs 4kg, the kitten’s weight should be around 80g to 120g.

Do Cats Like Going Upstairs?

Yes, kittens like to go upstairs. But it depends upon the kitten’s weight and age. They love to see from the top of the stairs to their surroundings. Moreover, stairs are good exercise for kittens and cats both.

How Old is A kitten That Weighs 1 Lb?

It depends upon the age and weight and growing speed of the kitten. Usually, if a kitten is 4 weeks old, her weight will be 1-pound. Moreover, in 6 months, the kitten’s weight will be 6 pounds.

1.5. What should a 3-month-old kitten weigh?

Generally, if a kitten is 1 month old, then her weight should be 1 pound, so, if a kitten is 2 months old her weight will 2 pound And 3 month old kitten’s weight will be 3 pounds.


kitten eating food

Don’t underestimate your kitty. The following are some facts about kittens weight. 

1. During the first month of kitten’s life, her brain becomes double in size. 

2. At the age of 6 months, kittens usually start to learn hunting, they started knowing how to hunt their prey. 

3. When the kitten is 2 weeks old, she can purr. 

4. Generally, cats live about 20 years, very rare, and the maximum cat age is 30 years.

5. When a kitten starts growing, she needs your love, care, attention. 


If you want to estimate the accurate weight of your kitten, simply weight her.

If you have more than one kitten, then weight them separately, then add all weights, and you will get the combined weight of your kittens. 

Moreover, if you are feeling lazy, just pick all your kittens in your hand and you will get a good idea of how much your kittens’ weight is. 


Caring for a kitten is an enjoyable and joyful experience, but it’s a big responsibility. 

You should take care of her diet. Make sure to track her weight. You should know whether your kitten is gaining weight, losing weight or what her perfect weight should be.

Discuss with your vet about your kitten’s diet and diet plan, and feed her according to your vet. If your kitten is having weight problems or any other problem, discuss it with your vet.

At the end we hope now your are well aware of What Is The Combined Weight Of All The Kittens? and if you have any queries you can comment below.