How To Keep Your Cat From Going Upstairs? -( 5 Different Ways)

Cats love to climb onto high spots but there are some high places where they shouldn’t go. Such as stairs and kitchen counter etc. 

Cats are lovable pets and we all love them, but this doesn’t mean that they are allowed to do anything or walk anywhere. There is some work that we don’t allow our cats to do, and there are some restricted areas in our house for cats. 

If you want to keep your cat from going upstairs and you don’t know How To Keep Your Cat From Going Upstairs?  Read the following article.

You can stop your cat from going upstairs by using aluminum foil, a scent that the cat hates, vinegar, deterrent spray, or by blocking stairs for her. 


How To Keep Your Cat From Going Upstairs?

There are some possible ways to stop cats from going upstairs.

The following are some of the most effective ways. By following them you can stop your cat from going upstairs.

1. Baby Gates: 

A baby gate is the most effective way to stop your cat from going up. The baby gate is a gate that we use to stop babies from going upstairs. You can use this for your cat also.  

Place it at the top of the stairs. Moreover, the baby gate’s height is not very high, some cats may be able to jump over these gates, so bring the gate from which your cat can’t jump.

2. Put The Double-sided Tape On The Stairs 

Cathate the feel of sticky pate on her paws. So put double-sided tape on the stairs, so it will irritate your cat when she wants to go upstairs.  

3. Use Vinegar:

Put vinegar in a bottle, near your stairs. Cats hate the smell of vinegar because it contains citric acid. However, cats hate all things that have citric acid, such as lemon, orange, vinegar, etc. 

When your feline smells vinegar on the stairs, she will stop there. 

4. Using A Cat Repellent Spray

This is the best solution to stop the cat from going upstairs. 

Use a cat-repellent spray on the staircase. Spray it on the staircase. It’s a non-toxic way to stop cats from going upstairs. The smell of cat repellent spray is unpleasant for your cat, so your cat will not go upstairs. 

5. Put Aluminum Foil On The Stairs

Use aluminum foil on the stairs. Cats hate the stuff and noise of aluminum foil. This is also an effective way to stop your cat from going upstairs.


Why Does My Cat Wait For Me Outside The Bathroom?

Cat likes to go upstairs for the following reasons. 

  • Cats love to explore every area in the house. They go upstairs to see what’s upstairs or what’s happening upstairs. They also enjoy moving to different areas. However, they don’t want to miss any area in the house.
  • Cats love higher places. Because higher areas give them the advantage of being safe from predators. Stairs are also a greater area for cats.
  • When cats see any stranger in the house or listen to loud noises, they are stressed, and they find a place to hide, maybe upstairs there is the place for cats to hide and to get relief from stress.
  • From upstairs, cats have a better view of their surroundings.
  • Cats are active and have a lot of energy. Going upstairs is a way for your cat to utilize her energy. Moreover, most cats go upstairs to simply explore the house.

Is Vinegar A Cat Repellent?

Yes, vinegar is a cat repellent. However, the smell of vinegar keeps the cat away. If you place vinegar in any area, the smell of vinegar will be unpleasant for the cat, and the cat will not enter that area. 

Moreover, Vinegar is the most effective cat repellent. If you want to prevent cats from your favorite thing or furniture, Vinegar is the best solution for you. 

How To Keep Your Cat From Going Upstairs? 4 Golden Tips

The following are the golden tips for you for keeping your cat downstairs.

1. Be patient

It takes some time for the cat to get used to staying downstairs, so be patient.

2. Do Not Punish Her:

Never punish your cat if she is not sitting downstairs. Cats don’t know what is good and what’s not.

Additionally, train your cat to stay downstairs, but don’t punish her. From punishment, a cat doesn’t learn anything. It takes some time for the cat to get used to staying downstairs, so be patient.

3. Give Reward:

If your cat was going upstairs and now she is not going, give her a reward for doing a good job. After training her, when you give a reward to your cat, it motivates your cat.

How To Keep Your Cat From Going Upstairs?

4. Get Help From An Animal Behaviorist:

However, if you’re trying to keep your cat downstairs, but you fail and she is still going upstairs. Then it’s better to take help from a professional animal behaviorist. They will help you to solve the problem and he has a plan for you, from which you can keep your cat downstairs.

Moreover, keeping your cat from going upstairs is a big challenge for you. But it’s possible. By using some effective ways and the tips mentioned above, you can easily keep your cat from going upstairs.

How do I keep my cat off my high places?

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To keep your cat off of high places, give her some other jumping activities to do, such as a cat tree or window shelves.

Do cats like going upstairs?

Yes, cats love going upstairs.
Cats like going upstairs, because from upstairs they can have a good view of their surroundings, and going upstairs is good exercise.

How do I get my cat to come downstairs?

By giving her treats, you can easily get your cat to come downstairs. First, feed her a treat at the top of the stairs, and then move one step lower. Finally, it will help you to get your cat downstairs.

Why does my cat follow me up the stairs?

You love your cat, take care of your cat, feed her, all her good bond with her, and take care of all her needs.
So, it makes sense that because you provide everything for your cat and have a special bond with her, that’s why she follows you upstairs.

Why Do Cats Go Crazy On Stairs?

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The most common reason is that cats have a lot of energy. Cats sleep a lot, so they have some extra energy that she has to use anywhere. Your cat will find different ways and activities to use the extra energy anywhere.


When you think about stopping your cat from going upstairs, try to make it impossible for your cat. If you block her way off the stairs or make it a bad experience for her, next time she will not go upstairs.

In summary, There are a lot of ways to keep your cat from going upstairs. You can block her way to the stairs with a baby gate, you can train your cat, or provide alternatives for your cat on the stairs. 

Moreover, try to make your home a happy place for you, your cat, and for everyone. I hope this article will be helpful for you and you and you understand How To Keep Your Cat From Going Upstairs? by reading the upper article.