How To Keep Your Cat Off The Kitchen Counter? – (8 Easy Solutions)

A cat who jumps on the kitchen counter causes a lot of problems and hazards. 

Some people don’t stop their cat from jumping on the kitchen counter, but they should stop her. Don’t allow your cat to jump on the kitchen counter. It’s a bad habit. It can generate problems for you and your cat both. 

To know How To Keep Your Cat Off The Kitchen Counter? And to know why the cat jumps on the kitchen counter.

So many cat owners wonder how to keep their cats off the kitchen counter.

The best solution to keep your cat off the kitchen counter is to close the door of the kitchen, but if you can’t close it, there are some solutions and by following them you can Keep Your Cat Off The Kitchen Counters.

How To Keep Your Cat Off The Kitchen Counter? – (8 Easy Solutions)

How To Keep Your Cat Off The Kitchen Counter?

Solution 01: Apply Sticky Tape

Apply sticky tape to the edges of your kitchen counter. It just helps you at the edges of your counter. When your cat feels the tape on the edge of the kitchen counter, she will stop because cats hate the feeling of sticky tape. 

Solution 02: Tape Aluminium Foil

Tape aluminum foil along the counter. This is the best solution to keep your cat off the kitchen counter. 

Aluminum foil will make a noise. This noise will be disturbing for your cat and your cat will also feel aluminum foil. Its sound will force your cat to stop jumping on the counter.

Moreover, cats have a better sense of listening than us.

Solution 03: Never Punish the Cat

Cats never stop or learn by getting punished. Use clicker training. Cats give good responses in clicker training. When you see your cat on the kitchen counter,  start offering her something such as food, toys, etc. 

Once your cat jumps off from the counter, offer a treat or other reward, such as throwing a toy on the floor near the counter, to entice them off. Once they jump off, pair the clicker with a reward.

Solution 04: Remove Supports

If your cat is jumping on the kitchen counter with the help of any things like chairs etc. Remove the support of the cat(remove the chair). When you remove the thing/support, your cat can’t jump on the kitchen counter. 

Solution 05: Provide Climbing Toys

how do cats climb down tress

Most of the time, Cat climbs the kitchen counter for food or to do climbing. As cats have hunting instincts naturally.

Provide things, and toys to your cat on which she can climb. Such as getting a climbing tree or a cat tower for your cat to climb. Your cat’s interest should be in climbing on the cat’s tree, not on the kitchen counter.

Solution 06: Remove Extra Things from the Counter

If your cat jumps on the kitchen counter for food, remove that food from the counter, and keep your counter clean. Don’t feed your cat at the kitchen counter.

Don’t leave food on the kitchen counter that may attract your cat. 

Solution 07: Don’t Allow your Cat to Drink Water in the Kitchen 

Check out why your cat is going into the kitchen. Maybe she is going to drink fresh water from the tap. Don’t allow your cat to drink water from the kitchen put cold and fresh water in her water bowl, and replace it 2 to 3 times a day. 

However, cats think cold water is freshwater.

Solution 08: Put Something on the Counter that Cats Hate

Put anything on the kitchen counter which smells cats hate, such as lemon, orange, rosemary, vinegar, mustard, etc. Cats hate the smell of these things. When cats smell anything on the counter which cats hate, the cat will leave your counter.



1. Never punish your cat

A cat doesn’t learn anything by punishment. Therefore, if you punish your cat, it has a bad impact on her. Maybe your cat started hating you, or maybe next time she will avoid you and doesn’t come near to you.

2. Don’t yell or don’t hit your cat

If you yell or hit her for coming onto the counter, she will become scared of you, not from the counter.

3. Don’t Push The Cat

However, if she comes to the counter, don’t push her off of the counter. If you push her, maybe it will hurt her, or she will get injured.

4. Never Hurt Your Cat

Avoid all those things which can hurt your cat or will make her sad.


cat on chair

Why Do Cats Jump on the Kitchen Counter?

There are a lot of reasons why cats jump on the kitchen counter. Several things are on the counter which attracts cats. 

Some reasons are as follows.

1. Heights

The kitchen counter is a good taller area for your cat. Cats love to sit on heights, cats feel safe and secure, and relax in high areas and cats enjoy areas on the taller area.

2. Climbing Institutes

Cats love climbing. Cats have natural climbing instincts. Cats climb to hunt birds, also to keep themselves safe from predators, and get food. 

3. Kitchen counters have a food smell.

Cats have a good sense of smell. If there is any food on the counter, that food smell attracts your cat, and to eat food, she jumps on the kitchen counter.

4. Kitchen Water

Cats love fresh water. She goes to the kitchen counter to drink that fresh water. 

Golden Tip:


provide alternative of kitchen counter

Search for the reasons why your cat jumps on the kitchen counter and provide alternatives for her. 

  • Cat Trees
  • Cat Condos
  • Window Shelves 
  • Climbing areas

Why should cats not be on kitchen counters?

No doubt cats are clean pets. They groom and clean themselves, but cats shouldn’t be on the kitchen counter because the cat uses her paws in the litter box it raises germs and bacteria on the kitchen counter.

Should cats walk on kitchen counters?

No, cats should not walk on the kitchen counter because cats are natural hunters. They hunt so many things, such as birds, insects, etc. So it could have bacteria between her claws.
Moreover, never allow your cat anywhere that food is prepared or where food is stored.

Why is my cat suddenly getting on counters?

Maybe now she knows that there is food on the kitchen counter or maybe now she knows her food is prepared in the kitchen. Most of the time, cats come to the counter for food.
Or maybe she is searching for a higher place to sit, and she found your kitchen counter.

Why does aluminum foil keep cats off counters?

Cats hate aluminum foil. However, aluminum foil emits high-pitched noise, which cats hate. That noise doesn’t irritate us, but it irritates the cat a lot. Moreover, cats also hate to feel the aluminum foil noise as it’s disturbing and annoying for cats.

What Smell Do Cats Hate?

Therefore, cats hate the smell of mustard orange, grapes, rosemary, citrus, etc. For all food items that contain citruses, such as lemon, vinegar, etc, cats hate them.


In Summary, we hope you know how to keep your cat off the kitchen counter. Cats jump on kitchen counters in search of food, or for jumping and climbing.

Cat doesn’t know that jumping on the kitchen counter isn’t good, you can stop her by giving some training and by using some alternatives. 

The best solution to Keep Your Cat Off The Kitchen Counters, close the kitchen door or train her to stop this behavior.