How To Create A Safe Room For Your Cat? – 7 Easy Steps

When we bring a cat into our house, or if you already have a cat, the one of the most important tissue is how to create a safe room for your cat? To provide a safe and secure place to our cat. 

Cats need their own personal space. It’s better to ready a SAFE CAT ROOM before bringing the cat into the house. 

Cat Safe room should have all The necessities which a cat needs.

If you have a separate room for your cat, that’s good, but if you don’t have a separate room for cats, then you can make a cat room inside a room. Just select an area for a safe room in the large room.  

Moreover, it’s not a difficult task to make safe room for a cat.

In this article I will tell you, How To Create A Safe Room For Your Cat?

Safe room is the best choice for a new kitten, cat or for a old cat. It helps new cats to be settled very easily in a new home.

3 Thing to Keep in Mind Before Creating Safe Room For a Cat

There are three basic things which we should keep in mind before creating a safe room for cats. 


By following these steps you can create a perfect safe room for your cat in an easy and proper way.

How To Create A Safe Room For Your Cat? 7 Steps:

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1. Select Best Room For Safe Cat Room

First select a separate room for your cat, or if you can’t provide a room, provide an area inside the room. 

While selecting a room for cats, keep it in your mind that the floor of the room should be easy to clean. It’s not necessary, but it’s better if the room you select for the cat has a window, so your cat can see the outside view and weather.

The room should be comfortable for a cat where she can easily sleep for 16 hours and can spend her whole day. 

After selecting the room for the cat, now it’s time to set up the room. 

2. Food and Water

Place the food and water bowl away from the litter box and the cat sleeps.

It’s better to place a food and water bowl made of stainless steel or ceramic. 

Avoid using plastic food and water bowls because it’s not good for cats, it irritates and causes rash to cats.

Moreover, you can also provide her with an automatic feeder.

If you are not home all day, or you work the whole day, then an automatic feeder iis necessary for your cat. 

Provide fresh water for our cat. If the water is a little bit cold it’s good. Cats consider cold water as fresh water. 

3. Place Litter Box

Place a little box away from the food and water bowl. The size of the litter box should be correct for your cat. It’s your choice whether you place a litter box fancy or not fancy. 

The most important thing is to frequently clean the litter box, to prevent it from bacteria and developing a bad smell. 

Moreover, cats hate dirty litter boxes. 

4. Sleeping Area

Do Cats Need A Blanket At Night?

Provide a bed and blanket for your cat to sleep. 

It’s better if the sleeping area is in a corner. The sleeping area should be away from the food/water bowl and litter box. 

The sleeping area should be comfortable, and the environment should be silent, because a normal cat sleeps for 16 hours a day. 

So it’s necessary to take care of her sleep. Don’t disturb her if she is sleeping.

Also, provide a soft blanket for the cat. It depends upon the cat whether she likes to wear a blanket or not. 

 Cats like to sleep in tall areas, because in taller spots they feel safe and secure. 

Provide a taller area for her, like a window shelf etc, so if she want she can sleep in a taller area. 

5. Toys

Place a variety of toys in a safe room. Because a toy is the thing, playing with it doesn’t feel boring. Otherwise, if there is no toy in a safe room, the cat will become bored. 

A safe room for cats is boring without toys.

Cats love to play with toys. Toys make her happy and mentally relaxed. It makes cats active. Cats need a lot of entertainment. 

Toys are important for cats. 

Get some toys which you and your cat can both play with together and get some toys which the cat can play with alone also, when you are not available.

Moreover, after 1 or 2 weeks, provide some new toys for her. 

Toys should be interactive for cats. 

6. Scratching Posts

Place scratching posts in the safe room for cats. Most cats like scratching posts covered with carpet. Place a tall scratching post. 

 7. Cat tree

how do cats climb down tress

 Cats love to climb. So place a climbing tree in a safe room for the cat. When she wants to climb she can climb on a cat tree. However, cats like to sit on taller areas, so she can also sit on cat tree. It’s also a thing which can entertain your cat. 

You can also place it near a window, so your cat can enjoy the outside view. 

If you have an adult cat and you are bringing a new kitten, prevent your cat from entering your kitten’s room. Adult cats can fight and injure the kitten.  

Is Keeping a Cat Indoors Cruel?

It’s not cruel to keep a cat indoors who lives inside from the start, but if a cat lives outdoors or lives indoors and both outdoors, it’s cruel to keep her just indoors.
Try to keep your cat indoors. The outdoor environment is not safe for the cat. Moreover, indoor cats live longer than outdoor cats.

Is it OK to keep a cat in one room at night?

Keeping a cat just for a few hours or for a night is OK. You can keep her in one room for the night with a clean litter box, food, water and some toys. But keeping a cat in one room for 24 hours or more than that is not good.

Do Cats Need A Safe Room?

Yes, cats need a safe room. Cats are endangered by predators, so it’s important to provide her with a safe room. A room where she is safe, secure, comfortable, and entertained is necessary for a cat

Is It OK To Confine A Cat To One Room?

You can confine your cat in one room but not for a long period of time. Vets recommend if you leave your cat in one room for a single day it’s ok and maximum for two days but leaving your cat in one room for more then two days it’s never been recommended. And if you leave your cat in in one room for a day you should place fresh water, enough food and clean litter box for the cat so that she csn survive easily.

How Much Space Is Recommended For A Cat?

It depends upon cat size, weight, health, age and breed, but normally a cat needs 18 square feet of space for living. 


Actually, cats need a separate and specific area in the house. Only a food / water bowl and litter box are not enough for a cat. 

You should provide her with a particular area, where you should provide her with a bed, blanket, food bowl, water bowl, litter box, cat tree, a variety of toys, scratch posts, and cat furniture

In the end we hope now you are well aware of How To Create A Safe Room For Your Cat? and after following the above mentioned 7 steps you can easily create a safe room for your cat.