Why Won’t My Cat Sit On My Lap Anymore? 5 Reasons

All cat owners like and enjoy it when their cat sits on their lap. When a cat sits on yours, the relationship between the cat and you gets stronger.

But if the cat stops sitting on your lap, then its strange for us. If you notice any change in your cat’s behaviour or she is acting differently and not sitting on your lap anymore.

Then you should know the reason behind this and how to tell your cat to sit in your lap again? To learn all about it read the following.

If you want to know Why Won’t My Cat Sit On My Lap Anymore? Or what to do that cat starts sitting again on your lap?

Then read the following.

Why Won’t My Cat Sit On My Lap Anymore?

If your cat doesn’t sit on your lap anymore, maybe she is having stress. There are many other possible reasons, such as, the cat has grown up, she is scared of a new family member, that means when the cat sits on anyone’s lap that person scared her, or now she doesn’t like to sit on lap.

Why Won’t My Cat Sit On My Lap Anymore? 5 REASONS

Why Won't My Cat Sit On My Lap Anymore?

There are a lot of other reasons also why Won’t Cat Sit On My Lap Anymore? But the main reason is, now she has changed her mind and she don’t want to sit on the lap anymore.

  1. Cat Is Sick:

If a cat is sick, having pain, injured, or has any other medical condition, then her behavior is changed.

This change in behavior also includes not sitting on your lap. If your cat is sick, immediately take your cat to your vet.

  1. Older Cat:

When a cat gets older, a lot of habits change. Maybe now she don’t like it or now doesn’t enjoy to sit on your lap or she don’t want to interact with you. As the cat gets older she becomes dull and her energy gets lower. She leaves participating in activities. Maybe that’s why she stops sitting on your lap.

  1. Warm Weather:

The cat gets warm by sitting on your lap. However,Cat sits on our lap to be warm.

But when the weather is hot, the cat don’t prefer to sit on lap. But don’t worry if this is the reason she is not sitting on your lap, because as the weather becomes changes she will again start sitting on your lap.

  1. Threaten:

Sometimes the cat has a threat or she is scared, so he didn’t sit on our lap.

This threat is caused by any family member of a cat.

For example: If a cat sits on anyone’s lap, that person shouts, hits, or scares the cat, the cat takes it seriously and considers it as a threat, so next time she remembers this behavior and she doesn’t sit on anyone’s lap.

  1. Change in Environment:
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A little bit of the change in the environment cats take it seriously. If you change your house environment, changes her litter box, or change your cat’s bed etc. Cat doesn’t like this and she becomes stressful and that’s why she stops sitting on your lap.

Why My Cat Suddenly Started Sitting On My Lap?

If your cat suddenly starts sitting on your lap, maybe she is scared, feeling cold, ill, or needs your attention.

Why Won’t My Cat Lay On Me?

If your environment is stressful on her, she will not lay on you.


How to sit your cat on your lap again?

There are some ways of following them. Your cat will start sitting on your lap again.

  • Make it Rewardful:

If the cat notices that she is sitting on your lap and you give her a reward, next time she will again come to sit on your lap. So, make it rewardful for your cat.

It may take just a little bit of bribery to bring your cat close to your lap.

Making it rewardful for your cat doesn’t only mean giving food to her, it means doing anything that your cat takes interest in sitting on your lap.

You should make her feel that you are giving attention to her.

  • Make her feel comfortable.

Take a teat ( piece of food) in your hand. If she comes and sits on your lap, give them the treat. If she doesn’t come, try to call her.

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  • Safe And Secure Environment :

When a cat comes in, make her feel relaxed, comfortable, safe, and secure.

Cat always gives first priority to her safety. If she has a threat from you, (means you hit or shout at her), then she will not come close to you and she will never sit on your lap, but if she feel safe and secure with you, she will come close to you and she will sit on your lap also.

Mostly, when cats don’t feel safe, she becomes stressed, and she hides or she sits in a tall area where she feels secure.

  • Don’t Cheat Your Cat:

As we have cheaters, cats also hate cheaters.

If you are thinking about how we can cheat cats, then I will tell you how we cheat on cats.

If you’re trying to teach your cat that your lap is safe, secure and comfortable for her and to come close and sit on your lap, if she gives a good response and if she comes close to you and sits on your lap but you cheat on her and you trim her nails or you give any medication to her, This is called cheating with cat.

If you do this one time, next time your cat will not come close to you and she will never sit on your lap.

Moreover, if you cheat her, maybe she has started hating you or she considers you as a threat.

  • Don’t Force the Cat:

Forcing a cat for anything is not good. A cat can have stress if you force her. Not only is forcing the cat to sit on your lap is stressful, forcing the cat for anything, any work, eating, playing, jumping, climbing, sleeping, running, or drinking etc is stressful for the cat.

When you force your cat, maybe your cat starts hating you. The cat is an independent pet, if you force her or enter her personal space, she may hate this behavior.

  • Always give your cat freedom:
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Moreover, if you hold and force the cat to sit on your lap, next time she will not sit on your lap, but if she knows she has freedom to sit on your lap, she will come close and sit on your lap.

Why Does the Cat Sit On My Lap?

There are many reasons why the cat sit on your lap.
5 Reasons Cats Sit On Your Lap:

1. Cat Becomes Warmth
2. Feels Safe Comfortable
3. Cats enjoy and love to sit on lap.They need your attention.


Why Won’t My Cat Sit On My Lap Anymore? Actually, it depends upon the cat’s nature, whether she likes to sit on your lap or not.

Another reason is maybe she is having a problem, or she is having a problem with why she didn’t sit on your lap.

If she doesn’t sit on your lap, don’t force her, try to teach her slowly, slowly or show her that sitting on your lap is rewardful for her.