How To Get Cat To Like Your New Kitten? -(6 Tips)

It’s a difficult task to get your cat to like your new kitten, because most cats don’t like other cats in their house. To avoid fighting between both cat and new kitten, and to find out How To Get Cat To Like Your New Kitten? Read the following article:

How To Get Cat To Like Your New Kitten?

6 Tips To Get Cat To Like Your New Kitten

How To Get Cat To Like Your New Kitten?

The following are some tips. By following these tips, you can get cat to like your new kitten.

  1. Create separate space for new kitten

When you get a new kitten to your house, first provide your kitten a safe place. A place where she can sit, rest, eat, sleep, play, climb, and jump etc.

Moreover, provide your cat hiding spots also, because cats need a hiding spot to hide. Cats are endangered by predators. Mostly, when the cat has any threat, or the cat is afraid, she prefers to sit in a hiding spot, where no-one can see her.

If you already have a cat and you get a new kitten also, provide both cats in a separate place.

If you don’t provide a separate place, your cat will fight with your new kitten. Cats don’t like someone entering their personal space.

  1. Slowly introduce new kitten and with patience

It’s difficult for your cat to accept a new kitten.

So it’s important to slowly introduce a new kitten slowly and with patience. Keep your new kitten separate from your cat for a few days.

It’s better that, after 3 or 4 days, give your cat, anything such as a toy, or a banket etc which has your kitten’s scent.

And give your kitten anything which has your cat’s scent. Do this for one week. Once your cats are used to each other’s scents, then allow them to interact with each other.

If you suddenly introduce your new kitten to your cat, maybe they will fight with each other.

  1. Warning Signs:

Teach your cat that fighting with a new kitten or bad behavior with a new kitten is not acceptable.

Your cat should know how to behave with a new kitten. And she should know what not to do with the new kitten.

Change is upsetting for cats. Your cat can feel that your new kitten is taking her place or position. You have to tell your cat that the new kitten is her friend and she is not taking her place.

If your cat becomes aggressive because of a new kitten, teach her don’t be aggressive.

  1. Understand How To Control Aggression:

You should understand that aggression can occur in cat or new kitten both. It’s important to understand how to control aggression.

When two cats start living with each other, they play with each other as well as fight with each other.

Pay attention to both cat behaviors. If they begin to fight or compete for toys, immediately stop them. You should not allow your cats to hiss at each other.

If one or both cats show aggression, you should stop them with a loud and firm noise. A fight between cats could injure your cats.

Make a good environment so both cats become friends, comfortable, safe and secure.

  1. It Takes Time:

It’s not possible or it happens in very few cases that cat and new kitten become friends on the first day.

It takes time, a few weeks or Sometimes it takes a few months.

Actually, it depends upon your cat’s behavior and how she behaves with a new kitten. If her behavior is good with a new kitten, then they both will be friends in a few days, but if her behavior is bad with a new kitten, then, it takes weeks or months to be friends.

Give time to cats to be friends. Don’t put pressure on your cat to be friends.

  1. How Did You Keep Your Cat:

How did you keep your cat, whether she lives happy or angry? If she lives happily, then there is a chance that she will accept the new kitten fast, but if she lives angry, then its difficult for her to accept new kitten, you should keep your cat happy

How long does it take a cat to get used to a new kitten?

How To Get Cat To Like Your New Kitten?

Sometimes it takes a few weeks and sometimes it takes a few months for a cat to be used to each other and be friends.

The minimum cat takes 2 or 3 weeks and maximum it takes 6 months to be used to with eachother.

However, it totally depends upon your cat’s behavior.

There are some cats who like to live with each other and some cats who simply do not want to live with any other cat, they want to live alone

Should I Let My Cat Hiss At The New Kitten?

No, you shouldn’t allow your cat to hiss at the new kitten.

If an old or new cat shows aggressive or fearful behavior, don’t force them to interact with each other.

Forcing a cat can cause stress on the cat. Make sure both cats have some separate space als

Will my cat accept a new kitten?

It takes some time, but cats accept kittens. Suddenly, the cat doesn’t accept the new kitten, but as time passes, both cats become friends.

How Do I get My Older Cat To Stop Hissing At My kitten?

Some cats hiss at new kittens. So you need to stop your cat from hissing at the new kitten. To stop cat from hissing, you should give extra attention to both cats.

If your cat is frequently hissing at your new kitten, give a brief or teach her not to hiss, give some space to the cat, calm down and relax her.

Will My Cat Get Jealous From A New Kitten?

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Yes, mostly cats get jealous about a new kitten. When cats get jeolus, she can hiss, growl, scratch, bite, and fight. Cat jealous because she thinks that the new kitten is taking her position or her owner is giving more importance to the new kitten.

How Should You Stop Cat And Kitten From Rough Play Or Fight?

You can stop cats and kitten from rough play or fighting by clapping and by shouting.

By Clapping:

When you clap your hands together to make a loud noise, your both cats will stop everything and then their attention will be towards you.

Whistle / Shout:

You can make loud sounds or whistle to get their attention towards you.

This trick works because it will shock both of them and give you time to take your kitten out of danger.

Will My Big Cat Hurt My Kitten?

Yes, she could hurt your kitten. You should pay attention to your cat so that she can’t hurt the new kitten. If your cat hurts your new kitten, teach her not to hurt the new kitten.

How Do I Know If My Cat Is Playing Or Fighting With A Kitten?

To know, wheather your cat is fighting or playing with new kittem, You should need to learn and understand your big cat’s body language.

Why Might Your Cat Not Like The New Kitten?

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It can be a great jealousy, as cats are moody with sensative emotions. Or your cat won’t share her house with any other cat.


So many times, its noticed that cat have depression after seeing a new cat in ber house. Some cats feel like mew kitten is threat for them.

Reason for Cats Depression:

Your Cat gets a lot of love and attention from you, but she notices that after entry of new kitten, your love and attention towards her ended and that love and attention now you are giving to new kitten, Cats Can’t tolerate this.

And thats the reason your cat have depression after entry of a new kitten in the house.

Moreover, give both cats equal love and attention.