Why Do Cats Bite When Being Petted? – (5 Main Reasons)

Cats are loveable pets, then why do they bite us? Why Do Cats Bite When Being Petted?

Does your cat know that biting you is not acceptable?

Or have you trained your cat not to bite you?

While playing or not playing, we should teach our cats that biting us is not a good act. It’s possible to teach your cat to play with you without biting you.

And don’t worry if you don’t know how to train a cat to stop biting you, I will tell you how to train your cat to stop biting you.

Read the following to know why do cats bite when being petted and to know the best way to stop your cat from biting you.

Why Do Cats Bite When Being Petted?

The main reason why a cat bites when being petted is, actually cats love to bite, but sometimes the cat is afraid, her mood is not good, or has any medical issue. That’s why she bites when being petted.


There are many reasons that cats bite when being petted,

The following are some reasons:

Why Do Cats Bite When Being Petted?
  1. Cat Is Afraid:

When a cat is fearful, she becomes angry and she just bites if you pet her while she is afraid.

She can be afraid of any stranger, loud noises, dog noises coming towards her, predators or fireworks etc.

When a cat is afraid, it’s better to give her some space, give her a separate area or make a hiding spot for her, leave her alone, so when she is afraid, she can easily hide, give her some time to become normal, and don’t pet her at that time.

  1. Cat Is Angry:

Most of the time, the cat bites you when she is angry.

If the cat’s prey runs away from her, having any fear, you are not giving attention to her, having any medical disease, when you change her environment, or if you change anything of her, she becomes afraid.

  1. Cat Having Any Medical Issue:

If the cat has any medical issue, she can bite if you pet her. Mostly, older cats have medical issues. When older cats are sick, if you pet her, there is a chance she may bite you.

These are some medical conditions in which a cat can bite you, such as, a cat injured, having pain, having any medical issue such as toxoplasmosis, hyperthyroidism, rabies, epilepsy, arthritis, dental disease, trauma, or abscesses etc.

  1. Some Cats Love To Bite:
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Cats are natural hunters and she loves to bite.

Cats love their owner, and biting is also a part of love for her. If you are petting her or playing with her, she can bite you at that time, because she doesn’t know whether biting is good or bad behavior. It’s a part of the play for her. That’s why she bites you.

  1. The Cat Bites To Stop You From Petting Her.

Sometimes the cat’s mood is not good, or they do not enjoy being petted.

Cats can’t communicate with us through their voice or facial expressions. Because we can’t understand cat voice language and cats don’t have any facial expressions.

When she wants to talk or communicate with us, she do it by her behavior and actions.

Because after spending a lot of time with our cat, we can understand some action.

So when she is not enjoying whike being petting, she just bites us, she bites us to communicate with us and to tell us to stop petting her.

When she doesn’t want being pet, she can do two things, whether she will run/hide from you or she will bite you.

We can say it is cat action or behavior. By running or biting us, in both behaviors she wants to say, STOP.

Why does the Cat Bite Me While Playing?

Why Do Cats Bite When Being Petted?

Cats bite you while playing because they are showing their natural hunting instincts.

However, cats are natural hunters.

Biting while playing is a normal playing behavior of cats. But it’s not good, you have to stop them and teach them that biting you is not acceptable.

Moreover, if your cat plays with you and doesn’t bite you, then give her a reward.

Is A Cat Bite Harmful To Us?

Yes, a cat’s bite is harmful to us. Cat bite can cause infection which is painful and harmful to us.

Actually, in a cat’s mouth, there are large numbers of bacteria also. It’s necessary to visit the doctor if a cat bites you.

Is Biting Normal For Kitten?

Yes, biting is completely normal for kittens. Mostly, a kitten bites while playing. The kitten bites us because biting is a playing behavior for kittens and she loves to bite.

What To Do If A Cat Bites You?

It’s important for us to know what to do if a cat bites us.

If a cat bites you, you should.

Wash the infected area, slowly, slowly. Wash it with water and soap.

If little bit bleeding, then with a clean towel, apply pressure on the injured area to stop the bleeding.

(If extra bleeding, immediately visit your doctor.)

On the injured area, apply a sterile bandage on it.

Keep the wound up above from your heart.

If you have any disease, such as diabetes or cancer etc. Immediately visit your doctor.

If there is a major injury, visit the doctor.

Note: cats’ mouths have bacteria, so if the cat bites you, it’s better and safe to visit the doctor.

Should I Punish My Cat, If She Bites Me?

No, you shouldn’t punish her if she bites you, even if she is biting or not, or doing any other act. Giving punishment to her is bad for her.

Moreover, if you punish her, she will hate you and she will become more aggressive.


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By using the following techniques, you can easily train/teach your cat to stop biting us.

Never punish her if she bites you. Don’t use your hands or feet to fight with her. If you fight with her, she will become more aggressive and can bite you. If you are playing with her, don’t play fighting games.

If you are petting your cat or playing with her and if she tries to bite you, say NO with a loud and firm sound.

And then again play with her. If she again tries to touch her teeth with you, stop playing or petting her and repeat this process.

Never throw or never hit your cat if she is biting, just try to save your body from her teeth and stop her.


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Following are some tips. By following them, you can easily train your cat.

  1. It’s easy to train cats.

If you train her, she will remember what to teach her.

  1. Always be patience and don’t force her to teach anything.

If you force her, she will be stressed and becomes aggressive.

  1. After training her, give her a reward.

After every training lesson, give her reward.

  1. If you are stopping her from any act, stop her with a loud and firm voice.