Do Cats Get Lonely Without Another Cat?

There’s a misconception, that cats get lonely if they don’t have any cat friends in the house.

So, do cats get lonely without another cat? Or does the cat need the company of another cat in the house?

Actually, it depends upon different factors, such as the personality of the cat, or age of the cat etc.

So, if you also think about your cat’s loneliness or, to know, Do Cats Get Lonely Without Another Cat? Read the following article.

Do Cats Get Lonely Without Another Cat?

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No, cats can live easily without another cat partner. They don’t feel lonely without another cat. Because, from the beginning, they had a habit of being alone.


There are some cats which like to live with cats. Mostly, cats don’t like another cat partner in their house.

Are Cats okay without another Cat?

Yes, cats are okay without other cats. They are naturally solitary animals and they can live happily without any other cats. Cats hate other cats or anyone interrupting their lives.

Do Cats Like To Share Their Things With Another Cats?

No, cats hate to share their things with another cat or anyone. They don’t like it if another cat uses her things, such as toys, food or water bowl, litter box, or cat tree etc.

Even a cat hates it if another cat is playing or enjoying with her owner.

Is A Cat Like That Her Neighborhood Cat Coming To Her House?

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Most cats don’t like other cats coming into their house or other cats coming into their space.

Cats become aggressive when this situation happens. However, your cat likes or hates that her neighborhood cat comes into her house. It depends upon the cat’s personality. Such as

If your neighborhood cat comes to your cat, if your cat plays with her, it means both cats like each other. But if your cat becomes aggressive, it means your cat hates another cat coming into her space. That meant she didn’t accept another cat in her house, and they didn’t like to share her things with her.

Which Cat likes to accept another cat as a new member of her household?

It depends upon the cat’s personality. However, most younger cats like to accept new cats in their houses. Older cats mostly hate it.

How much space do two cats need in a house?

One cat needs 18 square feet of space for living.

So, two cats need 36 feet of space for living.


How Do You Know If Your Both Cats Like Each other?

how do cats talk too eachother

There are some signs of noticing them, you can know that both your cats like each other.

Such as,

  1. Both cats will groom each other.
  2. They will rub their bodies with each other.
  3. They will sleep together.
  4. They will touch their noses with each other.
  5. When they are moving, they will meow slow and politely to each other.
  6. They will rub their heads together.


If you have two or more cats, the main thing you have to do is provide cats with their own, different resources.

Cats don’t like sharing their resources with each other.

The good news is, small chances make big differences, and if you follow these tips, both your cats will enjoy their lives.

7 Ways to Make Your Cats Happy:

  1. Food:

The main reason that most of the cats fight with each other is due to food. Not only cats, dogs also fight with each other for food.

So, feed your cats separately in different food bowls, and in different spots. Just giving both of them. Separate bowls are not the solution, feed both cats on different areas.

Cats hate to share their food with other cats or anyone else. Even two best friends cats hate to share their meal with eachother.

Sometimes, a cat is big in size or more energetic than cats.

So, if you feed both cats in one food bowl, or you give them separate food bowls but you place both food bowls in the same area, then it’s possible that the more energetic and big-in-size cat, scared the the small cat, and the small cat stops eating, so, the bigger cat take advantage of this moment and she eats both foods and then as a result, after some time one cat becomes healthy, and other cat loses her weight.

  1. Water:

Place several water bowls around the house for both cats, because one water bowl is not enough for both cats.

Moreover, cats prefer wide and shallow water bowls, so they can drink water from them easily. Provide them with fresh water.

  1. Litter Trays:

Provide both your cats with different litter trays, because it’s stressful for cats to share their litter boxes.

It’s better to provide a variety of litter trays to your cats. Place a litter box where cats can easily access.

Make sure, if you have only one, two, or more cats, place their letter in a quiet place, where no-one can see them.

  1. Toys:

Give a variety of toys to your cats, so they don’t feel bored or they don’t fight with each other for toys.

Make sure that cats don’t have one cat tree. If you have two cats, provide two or more cat trees for your cat.

Moreover, after a couple of days or weeks, you should bring new toys for them. Toys are important for cats, toys make cats busy, happy, and she can’t get bored.

  1. Owner Attention:

Whether you have one, two, or more cats, your attention towards them is very important.

Giving time to your cats, playing with them, and doing different activities with them are very important for them.

But while giving attention to your cat, make sure to give attention to both cats equally, because if you give more attention to one and less attention to another, then less attention. The cat will hate this, and she will be stressed and start hating other cats.

So give your attention and importance to both cats equally. Cats notice this, and if you give less importance to one cat, it will have a bad impact on her.

Moreover, that’s also a reason the two cats hate each other, because both cats don’t want their owner to give attention to the other cat.

  1. Living Space Of Cat:

Cats fight with each other if one cat enters the other cat’s living space. So, make sure to provide both cats with different living spaces.

Cats spend a lot of time sleeping. Provide both cats with a different resting and sleeping area. If you are providing a bed or blanket for them, make sure both cats have different beds and blankets.

Moreover, make hiding spots for your cats because they love to hide.

  1. Scratching Posts:
Do Cats Get Lonely Without Another Cat?

Cats have natural hunting instincts. Cats need to do scratching somewhere, and provide both cats with different scratching posts. Otherwise, if they have only one scratching post, the cat can start scratching on your furniture.


When you bring new cat in house, your old cat will take some time to adjust with her. If they fight, stop them from fighting and keep an eye on both of them.

Most of the cat owners, started ignoring their old cat, or stop taking proper care of them, when they bring new cat in the house, this have a bad impact on old cat. Givie equal attention to both.