Do Indoor Cats Need A Lot Of Space?


When we think about buying a cat, the first question in our minds is how much space the cat needs and then the second one is do Indoor cats ned a lot of space? If we have a big house, then not worry about it, but if we have a small house, then you should know this.

Cat space doesn’t only mean cat sitting space. Cat space means cat personal space, where a cat can sit, play, scratch, sleep, groom themselves, hide, or eat etc.

Cats don’t stay with us all day, they need some personal space also. Generally, cats sleep about 15 to 18 hours, so cats need space for sleeping and all other activities.

Read this article to find out about cat space or to know if cats need a lot of space or not?

Do Indoor Cats Need A Lot Of Space?

Why Does My Cat Only Cuddle At Night?

Normally, indoor cats need 18 square feet of space for living. Whether you have a big or a small house, this space is a must for one cat.

Moreover, this space is for 1 cat. If you have 2 cats, then your cats need twice the space of this. Actually, how much space is required for a cat depends on cat’s size, breed, weight, health, and age.

Moreover, cats have a lot of energy, but there are some cats who have extra energy and they are more playful and active than other cats. Some felines will be more energetic and playful than others, so these types of cats need some extra space for jumping, climbing, running, and playing.


Do Cats Need Spare Rooms?

Cats don’t need a spare room and it’s not necessary to provide a spare spare room for your cat, but if you can provide a spare room for your cat, then it will have a lot of benefits for your cat and for you also.

Benefits Of Spare Room For Cat:

  1. Your cat will be satisfied that she has a personal space. This will help manage its space instincts.
  2. You can keep her litter box in her room.
  3. Cat will feel secure.
  4. She will have a permanent spot to sleep.
  5. You can feed her in her room. You can keep her food bowl and water bowl in her room.
  6. You can keep your cat toys in her room, but you can also put her cat tree in her room.


Why Does My Cat Only Cuddle At Night?

If your cat lives inside from the start, or if she is used to living indoors, then she can live inside easily, she doesn’t need an outside space. All cats should be indoor cats, but outdoor walking is good for cats.

If your cat is used to living outdoors, or you adopt a cat who lives outdoors from the start, then she needs an outside space.

However, if you have a yard in your house, the yard may be a good space for your cat.

Benefits Of Outside Space For Cat:

  1. Outside space is good for cats’ physical and mental health.
  2. A cat can do a lot of activities outside, such as walking, running, playing, and climbing etc.
  3. She can get sunshine outside.
  4. The outside environment will make your cat more active and fresh.
  5. If you have more than one cat or a lot of cats and you don’t have much space for them indoors, a lot of cats living inside and having less space can adopt stress, Outisde space will make them stress free, fresh, and more independent.

How To Know If A Cat Needs More Space?

why does my cat destroy everything

We can’t understand cat meowing language, and cats can’t express their problems or emotions with their faces.

If you want to know whether your cat needs more space or not, you can know this by noticing changes in her behavior.

Such as

  1. Started urinating outside her litter box.
  2. Aggressive behavior
  3. Over grooming
  4. Excessive scratching
  5. Destroying Everything or Destructive behavior
  6. Demanding to go outside.

Note: These signs in your cat are not only when she needs extra space, you can also notice these changes in her when the cat may have any other problems,

However, these changes in cats show that they are suffering from any problem. It’s better to talk to your vet.

Do Cats Need A Bed To Sleep?

Cats don’t demand a bed for sleeping. Cats can sleep on hard surfaces. It’s not compulsory to provide a bed for your cat, but its good to provide her with a bed. She will feel comfortable by sleeping in bed.


Do Indoor Cats Need A Lot Of Space?

A hiding space is necessary for cats.

All cats, whether they are small or big, need a private space in the house where she can hide easily and no-one can see her.

Sometimes, a cat is afraid of strangers in the house and she wants to hide somewhere. If she has a hiding spot, she can hide easily. When she becomes normal she comes outside.

Cats are endangered by predators. Cat’s first concern is her safety. The cat needs a safe spot where she feels secure and she can easily sit, sleep or hide there.

Usually, cats find their hiding spot on their own.

The most popular hiding spot which almost every cat chooses is under a bed, corner of a shelf, behind a sofa, inside a blanket, and under stairs etc.

Cats like hiding spaces that are high or hiding spots that are small in size and enclosed.

It’s also called the personal space of a cat. A Cat hates it if you enter her hiding space.

Which Type Of Spaces Cats Like?

Cats like those types of spaces where they feel safe,

Where no-one can approach her, where they feel safe from predators, and where they keep an eye on their surroundings so they can feel secure.

Should I Provide A Window To My Cat To Watch the Outside View?

Yes, you should provide a window for your cat from where she can look outside. The window is not compulsory, but it’s good for cats.

Cats see birds from windows, they see the outside weather, the environment, they can know what’s happening outside, they watch their prey(birds) from the window, and by watching the prey, she makes a chirping sound.


Why Do My Cat Keep Attacking me?

If you think about designing a cat’s room, then decor it, provide all the basic things needed in her room, and decor it like she can’t feel bored in her room,

The following are some tips if you are designing a cat room.

  1. Make the room stylish
  2. Try to select a room for a cat where there is a window in the room, so the cat views the outside environment from the window.
  3. Provide a lot of toys
  4. Place different things. So a cat can play with it and she can’t get bored. Get puzzle toys also.
  5. Place her food and water bowl, its better to put a automatic bowl for her.
  6. Get a cat tree. Design her room like where she can climb and jump. Because cats loves to climbing and jumping.
  7. Its better to put a bed in her room with a blanket, so your cat will feel comfortable.
  8. Place cat furniture for her room
  9. Make some hiding spots in her room, cat like hiding spots.
  10. Cats like to scratch, Place alot of cat scratchers in the room.
  11. Place alot of creative things.
  12. Make your cat room, where she cam comfortably live and enjoy her day.
  13. Make a room like this, where are some tall spots, cats like to sit on tall spots.