Does Cats Have Good Memory?

Humans have a good memory but Do Cats have Good Memeory? We think about our cats. When we go outdoors from home, we remember our cat and miss her. We always remember our cats, even if they left us forever.

But do you think, when we are gone for a day, week, month, year, or years, do cats also miss?

Or when we come back, do they remember us? Today we will discuss all these questions and we will talk about cat memory.

Does Cats Have Good Memory?

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Yes, cats have excellent memory. They have a long memory. So that they can easily remember things. Even If you leave your cat for years, when you come back to her, she will remember you.


Cats are very smart. No one can tell exactly how long a cat can remember things. How long a cat remembers things depends upon the cat’s brain. But according to researchers, there is a time figure that how long cat remember a thing.

The good thing is that, usually cats have a good memory. Just like humans, cats have two types of memories.

  1. Short-term memory
  2. Long-term memory

Some things are stored in q cat’s short term memory and some things are in long term memory.

To understand what the short term is and the long memory of a cat and what difference between these two memories, read the following.

Cat Short- Term Memory:

Cat Short-term memory is also known as working memory,

This memory is a type of memory that allows cats to remember anything for a few hours.

This memory can’t store things for a long time. This memory helps cats to solve their problems.

What does a Cat store in her short-term memory?

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There are some examples of what cats store in their short-term memory. This will also explain the cat’s short-term memory.

Such as,

Cats are natural hunters. When anywhere cats hunt their prey, to hunt prey for nextime, cat have to remember the spot where cat hunt her prey.

Cats remember these types of things in short-term memory.


If you put food for your cat(anywhere in the house) to eat. If the cat sees that food, she walks and when she comes again, she will remember where you put food for her.

Cat Long-Term Memory:

Cats have a long-term memory, where they store things for a long time.

The long-term memory span of a cat varies in the cat’s mind. Every cat has a different long-term memory span.

Long-term memory is a memory where cats store things which they remember for many years.

This memory is a memory where the cat has memories of her childhood also. Not all, but they remember a few things when they were kittens.

These memories are stored in a cat’s mind. They can remember them whenever they need.

For example, a cat knows where her litter box is, she knows where her food or water bowl is placed, she remembers her owner, family member, or favorite person or she remembers her house address.

These types of things which cats have to remember for a long time, are stored in their long- term memory. When a cat loves or hates a person or a thing, the cat stores it in long-term memory for a long time.

A cat remembers its owner for a long time. This also stores in cat long-term memory.

What Is The Memory Span Of a Cat?

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According to research,

Cats have short-term memory of 16 hours and they have long-term memory of 10 years or more.

How Long Can a Cat Remember?

If a cat sees anything for the first time, she stores it in short-term memory and she can normally remember it for 16 hours.

If they saw anything for the first time such as if she saw anything, an unknown or strange person for the first time, she would remember it for 16 hours.

But a person who stays with a cat or cat’s family can remember its owner, family, friends and other things for more than 10 years.

How Long Does A Cat Remember A Person?

Research says Cat can remember a person who is attached to her for more than 10 years.

Does A Cat Miss Her Owner?

Yes, cats miss their owners. Cats are attached to their owner. Whenever a cat can’t see her owner for a few hours, she will miss her owner.

Sometimes we leave our cat in the house for a few hours, at that time, the cat remembered us and miss her owner a lot. She thinks that her owner will leave her alone for forever.

However, whenever we leave our cat for a long time, she will miss us.

Cats are not able to show their emotions and they can’t show that they miss you, However, dogs can show that they miss you with their behavior.

Do Cats Remember And Miss Their Previous Owner?

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Yes, cats remember and miss their previous owner. Cats have long-term memories.

If you buy a cat, your call will remember and miss her previous owner and she will try to go back to her previous owner, so keep your eye on your new cat for 3 to 4 weeks.

After a time, when you give her time and love, she will be attached to you, but she will still remember her previous owner. As time passes, she will stop missing her previous owner.

Do Cats Have A Favorite Person? Who Is Cat’s Favourite Person?

Yes, cats have a favorite person. A person who just feeds cats is not her favorite person.

A person who spends a lot of time with a cat, plays with her, feeds her, takes care of her, sleeps with her, and who loves cats, is the cat’s favorite person of cat.

Do Cats Remember When They Were Kittens?

Most of the kittens remember things from when they were kittens. Even if their age is more than 10 years, they remember their few childhood memories.

Do Cats Know Their Names?

Yes, cats know their names. When we select their name, we train them to learn their when, and when she learns her name, she will always remember her name.

Do Cats Remember That Thing From Which You Stopped Them?

Yes, cats remember that thing which you stopped them.

When you stop your cat from anything, when she goes again, she will remember you behavior(that you stopped her from this).

Do Cats Remember Abuse?

Yes, cats remember who abuses them. If you or your cat’s previous owner hit your cat, she will remember this for many years.

Will My Cat Remember Me After 1 Year?

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Yes, your cat will remember you for more than 1 year.

It depends upon the cat, but in most cases, the cat remembers its owner for more than 10 years.

Do Cats Know Who Feeds Them?

Yes, cats know who feeds them. Even if the cat is hungry, she will go to her food bowl or she will go to the person who feeds her.


When cats are aged, they start forgetting things. Older/ aged cats have memory issues.

Such as they might forget to use their litter box. This problem is common with aged cats. If your cat starts forgetting things, take your cat to your veterinarian.

What If a Cat has a Memory Issue?

Does Cats Have Good Memory?

If you notice that something is wrong and your cat is not remembering you or other things, or has any memory issue, the best solution is to take your cat to your veterinarian for proper checkup and further treatment.

How do cats remember us?

Cats can’t recognize us with our face or body. Cats actually recognize and remember us from our sounds and smells.

Cats recognize things and remember things from their smell. You may also notice that when a cat sees anything for the first time, she first smells that thing. Cats have an amazing sense of smell.