How Do Cats Apologize When They did Something Wrong?

Our cats make too many mistakes, and they do a lot of work which is not good, and for that they should apologize to us. Mostly, people have a question in their minds. Do Cats Apologize? If yes, then, “How Do Cats Apologize When They did Something Wrong?” The answer is very simple just read the article.

Do Cats Apologize When They did Something Wrong?

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No, cats don’t apologize because cats can’t feel guilt. They are unable to apologize.

Why Can’t Cats Feel Guilt?

Actually, cats have a lot of senses, but when it comes to feelings, cats can feel just a few limited feelings, such as

Being hungry, smelling, being tired, playful, fear and aggression.

But unfortunately, cats don’t have a feeling of guilt, so, when there is no feeling of guilt in her, that’s why she doesn’t feel guilty.

Is It Necessary To Feel Guilty For Apologizing?

No, for apologizing, it’s not necessary to feel guilty, but for apologizing, it’s necessary to have a feeling of guilt. If we have a feeling of guilt, which means we feel that we did something wrong, then we are able to apologize.

Do you know what actually guilt is?

Guilt: when we do something wrong, sometimes we feel shame on it, that we did wrong. This feeling is called guilt.

However, just think? If we don’t think that we did something wrong or bad, how can we apologize? So it’s necessary to have a feeling of guilt.

Do Cats Know When They Do Something Wrong? Or Does The Cat Know What’s Good And What’s Wrong?

Why Does My Cat Only Cuddle At Night?

Cats don’t know when they have done something wrong because it’s not a wrong thing in their mind.

However, they don’t know what’s right and what’s wrong.

Sometimes, if the cat does anything wrong and we stop her, shout at her, or are angry with her, the cat remembers this behavior and next time when the cat does that work again, she remembers that you are stopping her or angry with her for doing this work. So most of the time, cats don’t do that work again.

Moreover, cats don’t have a sense of what’s right and what’s wrong, so you should stop them when they do anything wrong,

While next time, if she thinks about doing that work, she will remember that you stopped her from that.

Example: Cats don’t know scratching on furniture is bad, but when we stop them from scratching on furniture, next time she thinks of scratching on furniture, she will remember that you stop her from this. Cats have long-term memory.

Do Cats Know When We Are Upset From Them?

Yes, your cat will know when you are upset. When we are upset, our behavior, actions, and voice change, so they sense change in our behavior and know that we are upset.

By seeing our faces, the cat doesn’t know or the cat can’t sense that we are upset, sad, or happy. They know this by our behavior.

However, if a cat is sad, or happy, we don’t know whether she is happy or sad, we know she is happy or sad, through her behavior or change in behavior.

Because cats don’t have any facial expressions.

What Cats Do When We Are Sad or Upset From Them?

How Do Cats Apologize When They did Something Wrong?

First, cats sense the change in our behavior and they know that we are upset with them.

Sometimes cats try to comfort us when we are upset, such as if she sits on your lap, she will lick you, she will rub her face with your body, or she will vocalize to make us feel good.

Cats want to make us feel good and play, talk or spend time with them. When we are upset, we don’t talk, play or don’t spend time with her.

So, cats hate. This change in our behavior.

Do Cats Say Sorry When They Did Something Wrong?

No, cats don’t say sorry when they do something wrong. The reason behind this is, cats don’t have a sense that they did anything wrong,

They also don’t know about bad behavior and apologizing, and sorry means apologizing.

Do Cats Know When They Did Something Wrong?

Many times cats didn’t understand that what they did was wrong or right but when they notice your behavior then they realize that they did something wrong and after that cats start trying ro make you happy So, they do various things to improve our mood.

Do Cats Remember What Things Upset Us?

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Yes, cats remember what things upset us. They have long-term memory.

If you train your cat to do certain things are wrong, or you will be upset if she does these certain things, so they store this memory in their memory.

How Do Cats Know We’re Upset because of them?

From our voice and behavior, cats know that we’re upset with them.


From our voice, cats know that we are angry, upset, or happy.

When we are upset, our voice changes from usual.

When we are sad or depressed, our range of pitch and voice volume become low. We speak softer and lower.

This voice you use to play with your cat, talk with her, or the voice you use at feeding time, is associated with good things for your cat.

But when our voice I change its lower, drop or softer, the cat will understand that something is wrong.


When we are upset, our behavior changes. From changes in our behavior, cats know that we are sad.

When we are upset, we cry, the social distances, not giving attention to the cat, not playing with her, not replying to the cat, and bad mood. So, due to changes in our behavior, cats sense we are upset.

How Cat Make Us Happy When We Are upset?

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With the following ways, cats try to make us happy.

  1. Licking us:

Your cat will lick you to create a good bond between you and your cat. Maybe she notices you are upset, and to feel comfort to you or to make you happy, she will lick you. By licking you, she is showing affection.

But if your cat licks you, it’s not a good thing, because cats have bacteria in their mouths.

Acquiring a disease from cats to humans is very rare but to be safe, don’t allow your cat to lick you.

  1. Bunting:

Your cat loves you, you may notice your car sometimes bunt you, mostly cats, bunt our hand to share their scent with you, and mark you as friend or family of your cat. When we don’t respond to the cat, or we are upset, she also bunts at that time.

  1. Rubbing:

Almost every cat loves to rub her head or body with her owner’s body. Mostly, cats rub their heads with their owner.

There are a lot of reasons why a cat rubs her face with you. You may also notice your cat sometimes starts rubbing her head/face with you.

It’s a sign that a cat is happy, and she is showing love to you.

When we ignore our cat, or

The cat wants our attention. She starts rubbing her head with you.

It’s also a way for cats to share their scent with you.

This habit transfers from mother cat to kitten. If the mother cat rubs her face with you, her kitten will also adopt this behavior and she will also rub her face with you.

  1. Cuddling:
why does my cat jump on my back?

To make us happy and to show some love, and to feel secure and happy, cuddling is the most common way in cats,

Cats mostly cuddle with us when we are sleeping.


Cats live with humans for many years and they are around humans for many years, so cats know what to do to make us happy, or what to do to gain our attention, time and love.

Cats are attached to humans. Cats live with humans just like family members.

If you start ignoring her, she will know there is some change in your behavior or something is wrong.

She will do different things to make you happy.

It’s a bad idea to hope that the cat will apologize to you. If she does something wrong, the cat will try to make you happy if you are angry with her, but she can’t apologize.

Apologizing is not in a cat’s behavior or nature.