Does Arguing Affect My Cat?

If you want to know or understand “Does Arguing Affect My Cat?” First you have to know that, What Does Arguing Means? Arguing means two people shouting or debating with each other, When any person or cat owner shouts at each other, it means they are arguing with each other.

I hope, now, you know what arguing means. So read the article to find out, “Does Arguing Affect My Cat?”

Does Arguing Affect My Cat?

Why Does My Cat Only Cuddle At Night?

When we buy a cat, we take care of her and it stays with us. After a time, she adjusts and is attached to you and is like a family member.

So, just like family members disturbed by arguments, cats also disturb when their family members argue with each other.

Actually, cats hate loud noises, and when we argue with each other, we shout, and cats hate our this behavior.

Arguing can make your cat stressful and depressed.

When a cat’s owner, father or son, siblings, or husband’s wife or any family member of a cat where she lives, is arguing, shouting, or fighting with each other, the cat takes this thing seriously and this has a bad impact on the cat and the cat hates this, she becomes stressful, having anxiety,bshe runaway and hides, or she becomes afrraid.


Does Arguing Affect My Cat?

What’s The reaction Of Cats, When Humans are Arguing With Each other?

When a cat owner, cat family member or any person argues in front of a cat as a result, cats become stressful.

When humans argue with each other, and they have a cat, as a result of humans arguing, the following can be the reaction of the cat.

  1. Distributive Behavior:

Cats love, and enjoy a silent and loveable environment.

Cat hates arguing and loud noises, When humans argue with each other, they become loud. The cat wants to stop you from arguing, then she starts destroying something, such as throwing glass from tables, scratching at furniture, or destroying other valuable items.

This is also called destructive behavior, mostly when we don’t give attention to our cats, they adopt destructive behaviour and start destroying everything.

When we are arguing, cats want to stop us or want our attention. That’s why she started destroying things to gain our attention.

  1. Cat Hides:

Cats always have a place to hide in their house to feel safe, secure and to enjoy themselves. Hiding can not be used in a room; under the bed, behind the sofa, inside a washing machine, bathroom, top of the closet, in a cardboard box, behind door, or behind the plants.

Cat will remain in hiding between the argument, and likely for some time after our argument finishes.

Don’t force your cat to come out from her hiding spot, and also don’t disturb her whenever she hides. If you disturb them when they hide, maybe she becomes aggressive.

Allow her to hide when you are arguing or allow them whenever she wants to hide, she can hide.

Not only in this situation, cats can hide. Cats hide in a lot of situations, mostly cats hide when the cat has any threat or when she is scared.

  1. Go away from the house:
Does Arguing Affect My Cat?

If your cat can’t find any spot in her house to hide, or any spot where your loud noises can’t disturb her and where she feels safe, then the cat will go away from the house and she will find a spot to relax and where she can feel safe.

However, if your cat is an outdoor cat, she will know where to drink, eat and where she is safe. But unfortunately, because indoor cats don’t go outside, they don’t know any outdoor spot to relax.

  1. Vocalizations:

You may have noticed that your cat meows when you are arguing or shouting. This is because the cat wants to stop you from shouting or arguing or maybe she wants to say something to you.

So, listen to the cat’s noise which she is making to stop your noise.

Her meow can be a soft meow, like she is afraid or a big and loud meow and angry at you because you are shouting.

As a result, she meows to gain your attention and to distract you from arguing.


Is Yelling Stressful For Cats?

Does Arguing Affect My Cat?

Yes, Yelling stress cat. A cat owner or any family member of a cat who is angry, arguing, or shouting is directly causing stress to his cat and which is the worst thing for cats.

Signs When Cats Are In Stress:

The following are some signs that a cat has stress:

  1. Destroying everything
  2. Scratching furniture
  3. Eat less or eat a lot than normal
  4. Aggressive behavior
  5. More vocalizations
  6. Hissing
  7. Stop using her litter box, because of forgetting where it is.
  8. Becomes more sensitive.
  9. Vomiting
  10. Over grooming
  11. Licking its body

Calming Cat Stress:

The following are some tips from which you can calm your cat from stress.

  1. Give attention to her.
  2. Never argue with each other in front of a cat.
  3. Give a peaceful environment to cats.
  4. Never shout at a cat.
  5. Never hit a cat.
  6. Give proper attention to the cat on a regular basis and don’t ignore her.
  7. Don’t leave her alone for a long time.
  8. Take her to your vet.
  9. Play with her.
  10. Don’t ignore her.

If you notice that your cat is under stress, take your cat to a vet for proper check-up and treatment.

Why Cats Meow When We Are Arguing?

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When we shout, our cat gets disturbed. And they want to stop us from shouting, and they want to get our attention towards them. That’s why the cat meows when we argue. Cats, like most animals, will do many other things, including more meowing, to stop us from arguing,

Meowing is a way for a cat to communicate with us, but unfortunately, we can’t understand what the cat is saying when she meows.

But from cat behavior, we can guess what the cat wants to say.