Why My Cat Get Scared So Easily?

Have you noticed that your cat gets scared so easily or is she hiding itself more? Do you think that your cat is timid? Or you are thinking, Why My Cat Get Scared So Easily?

If you have these questions in your mind, then read the article to know the answers.

Why My Cat Get Scared So Easily?

Why my cat get scared so easily?

Cats are small in size, they get scared so easily in order to protect themselves. They are always worried about their safety and security. Cats have to be protective and cautious to survive in this world because there are a lot of animals that prey on cats. They are extremely curious and protective and this helps them to be aware of all dangers.


Mostly, cats get scared when they see a stranger in their house. When they see a stranger, they become afraid and they hide. This behavior is normal in most cats and don’t worry about it.

However, if she is hiding from strangers, don’t force her to greet the stranger person. Forcing the cat for anything is not a good idea. If you force her to greet strangers, then you are just increasing her stress level.

Sometimes, cats get scared of their owner, because we suddenly come in front of our cat. When we suddenly come in front of our cat they becomes panic and they get scared from us but that is just for a while they didn’t scared from its owner all the time.

Cats are much smaller in size than us, and we do a lot of work and a number of activities on a daily basis, such as, running, walking, playing, and cleaning etc.

Cats are scared of us because of our size and they don’t know what we will do next. That’s why they become scared of our sudden movement.


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Why are cats scared or afraid of everything?

There are several reasons and things that scared cats. Actually, cats love routine, structure, consistency, and permanent things. They hate it even if there is the smallest change in their environment.

And when they see any changes in their environment, they can undergo stress. And normally, that stress makes them scared. If their stress doesn’t end, they start being scared of everything.

As I told you, change in their environment causes them stress, and change of environment means strangers coming to your house, loud noises, for example: car hornes, or loud noises of construction work nearby. In fact, cats are also scared when they see a new pet in their house.

When cats get started, being scared of everything, then it means everything in their environment is triggering their feelings of fear.

Even sometimes, there is nothing to be scared of, but they get scared because they don’t know what is coming around them and they are fearful.


why my cat get scared so easily?

The following are some reasons That, why cats get scared of everything.

  1. Separation Anxiety:

If your car suddenly becomes scared of everything, maybe they have separation anxiety.

Mostly, people think cats are independent and they leave their cat for a long period of time, but they don’t know that, just like humans, cats also have separation anxiety.

We think cats don’t need companionship, but the fact is, cats actually need companionship.

When a cat is left alone in the house for a long time of the day, they can have separation anxiety. When they live alone for a long time, they become scared and fearful that you leave them in the house and you will never come back.

Being left alone for hours in the house is not only the reason for separation anxiety, there are some more reasons for separation anxiety. Like a person who is spending a lot of time with a cat and suddenly that person leaves the cat or when the cat owner gives their cat to another person, it means adopted cats also have separation anxiety because cats miss their previous owner. But in the case of adopting a new cat, the good thing is that if you give her proper time and attention. They don’t miss their last owner and she will adjust with you.

  1. Cat Was Abused:
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When a cat is abused by anybody, then the cat becomes scared.

Maybe your cat is abused by someone or if you get a cat from anyone, it’s possible she has been abused by its old owner. Maybe her old owner shouted at him, kicked or beat her.

Some cat owners have abusive behavior with their cats. when their cats didn’t follow their instructions, they become angry and kick their cat, its not good, don’t do this with your cat.

Cats also have feelings and by rude behavior you are broking their feelings. And abusing is also a reason that cats become scared of everything easily.

  1. New Cat In House:

If you get a new cat and your old cat becomes suddenly agitated and fearful, then your new cat is the reason that your old car is scared.

Mostly, cats don’t like that anyone enters their own space or they don’t like anyone if any one uses their things.

Maybe your new cat’s behavior is not towards your old cat, or maybe she is rude to her.

It’s common when you have a new cat in the family the old cat becomes nervous, depressed, scared and has stress, but this behavior is temporary. After the passage of time, she will adjust and become normal.

Moreover, you should try to make both cats friends and, if they fight, stop them.

If this scary behavior is for long time, it’s better to take your cat to your vet.

  1. New Environment
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Changing your house means changing the full environment of your cat, and changing the environment is the biggest change in a cat’s life.

Everything in a new environment is terrifying for cats. It’s so stressful for them. In new environments, they start extra vocalizations and become scared easily.

The new house smells and layout is totally different for cats.

It is very normal for cats to be scared of everything and the changing of the environment is a big change for a cat, so she can easily get scared of this.

But after a time, she will adjust to the new environment and new things, and then she will not be scared of this.


If your cat is suddenly so scared of everything but nothing changes in its life or environment, then maybe she has a medical issue. Maybe she is having pain, any injury or she is sick and she is feeling uncomfortable.

My suggestion is to take your cat to the vet for proper check up and treatment.


why my cat get scared so easily?

What to do or how can i help my cat when she is scared?

It’s common that cats get scared. There are many things of which they get scared. When she is scared, you can help her by following these tips.

  1. Make sure they have their own personal space, and don’t enter into a cat’s personal space.
  2. Try to avoid all those things of which she gets scared.
  3. Give her some space to sit, sleep, and play.
  4. Give her a calm environment.
  5. Don’t be strict with her.
  6. Never shout on a cat, be polite with her.
  7. If you want to introduce a new person, new pet, or new cat, try to introduce her slowly, it takes time to adjust. Don’t force her to adjust.
  8. Keep her litter trays in hidden places like in washroom.
  9. If you buy a new cat, give her some time to adjust.
  10. Never kick, or never slap her.
  11. Give your cat proper attention on a regular basis.
  12. Make her feel secure.
  13. Don’t disturb her.
  14. Never ignore her when she comes to you.
  15. Never harass or tease her.
  16. Don’t suddenly come in front of them.
  17. Don’t leave your cat alone in the house for a long time. Give prior attention to her.
  18. If they are injured, ill, or having any medical issue, take them to your vet.