Does My Cat Only Want Me for Food?

Are tou feeling that your cat is not good with your or sven sometimes cat owners think that does my cat only want me for food? Is it true? These type of thoughts came in cat owners mostly even ther was a time when i was also thinking the same but after reading this article all your doubts will be cleared.

Does My Cat Only Want Me for Food?

Does My Cat Only Want Me for Food?

No, cats want their owner not only for food. Mostly, cats love their owners. There are few cats who want their owner only for food, but mostly cats love their owner.

Moreover, if you think that your cat only wants you for food or you are just a food source for cat, then you are wrong, because cats have attachments with their owners, they love their owner, feel comfortable and secure with their owner, cats need their owner every time, and cats love to spend time with their owners.

However, there are some cats who don’t have any attachment to their owners or those cats that hate their owner. These types of cats only want their owner for food, but other cats love and care thier owner, just like dogs.


Does My Cat Only Want Me for Food?

Cats are well known for living alone. Those cats who are independent come to their owner for food because they don’t have any attachment to their owner.

It also doesn’t mean that your cat has no love feeling for you.

Actually, if there is attachment between you and your cat, your cat will not live alone, she always wants you and she will stay around you everytime.


No, its false that cats only live with humans for food. There are a few cats who only love their owner for food, but mostly cats love their owner due to spending time and taking care of them.

Not only food, humans provide houses, toys, protection, respect and, especially, humans take care of their cats. So there are a lot of things that cats love in their owner.


Cats always prefer the company of their owners. They give more importance to their owner on the food.

A Cat prefer to live with their owner and to spend time, play, eat, and sleep with his owner.

So, it’s not true that cats prefer food to humans.

Do Cats Love Their Owners Because We Feed Them?

No, it’s not true that cats only love their owner because their owner feeds them. There are a lot of factors and reasons why cats love their owner. Some of them are as follows,

Cats Feel Secure With Their Owner:

Does My Cat Only Want Me for Food?

No matter domestic, wild, outdoor, or indoor cats, all cats first think about their safety($@why do cats eat food with their paws@$) and cat owners provides their cat protection from all things. So, it’s also a reason that cats love their owner.

Cats trust their owners

Cats know when they are with their owner, they are safe and secure. They knows very well that owners provide protection to their cat.

However, an outdoor cat’s life is hard and insecure, while indoors cat life is easy and secure and cats know this very well. Indoor cat’s life is easy and secure because of its owner. Cats always know very well that their owner will keep them safe from predators.

Cats love their owner because their owner provides them a safe and secure environment.

Bonding Between Cats And Humans:

Cats show their love and attachments towards the humans they know, means cat owner, or other humans in the house.

Cats have strong bonds with their owners, cats want to be around them.

When cat owners live with cats and take care of them, there’s a good bond created between humans and cats.

When humans are absent or when humans leave cats alone in the house, at this time a cat miss his owner a lot even if you will leave her for long time regularly then absolutely she will be depressed.

Do Cats Only Bond With The Person In The House Who Feeds Them?

No, actually, the fact is that, bonding between humans and their pets or cats occurs naturally.

A person who treats a cat well and gives time to the cat is bonded with that person, whether that person feeds the cat or not.

Moreover, if there is a good relationship and bonding between you and your cat, if you are taking care of her, keeping her safe and secure, and spending time with her this wil create a super bond of love in you and your cat.


why does my cat jump on my back?

Who is a cat’s favorite person?

In a multi-person house, it is seen that cats choose their favourite person. A person who spends most time with his cat, gives full attention to her, sleeps with her, feeds her properly, plays with her, and takes a lot of care. Then he is the cats’ favourite person.

A cat likes to talk, sit, play, sleep, and eat with its favourite person. If your cat is doing these activities with you, it means you are the cat’s favourite person.

My Cat Only Purrs for Food

Most common sound that cats produce are meowing and purring. Cats purr normally when they need food.There is a great difference in purr sound for food and in other sound because this cats produce purr sound perfectly for the meal. When you will spend time with your cats you will definitely understand his/ her all vocals meaning.

However, purring has many different meanings. You may think your cat’s only purring for food, but she could be trying to tell you something else.
Actually not all the time cats purr for food sometimes they purr for attention also so you have to concentrate to thier sounds and also facial and body expressions.

You have to check :

  • Is she scared?
  • Does she feel happy and relaxed?
  • Is your cat in pain or distress?


What Are The Signs That Cat Trust You, And Love You?

The following are some signs that your cat trusts you and loves you.

  1. Your cat will spend time with you and she will love to be with you.
  2. She will rub heads with you.
  3. Your cat will talk to you.
  4. She will sleep with you
  5. She will sit on your lap.
  6. Your cat will bring its toy to you to play with.


How Do I Know That My Cat Is Hungry?

cat finding food
a cat in jungle hunting for food

There are some signs if your cat is hungry. You need to understand these signs.

The following are some signs that your cat is hungry.

  1. The Cat will meow around you, especially your cat will meow when you are eating or when you are in the kitchen. (when cats are hungry, they meow in a needy way )
  2. She will move around its food bowl, where you feed her, or where the food is stored.
  3. When cats are hungry, cats eat fast.
  4. Steal the food from the kitchen, or from where you store it.


When you are feeding your cat, she will behave crazy and do crazy things. After a lot of years, there could be a medical reason behind this crazy behavior of the cat. If your cat behaves crazy when you feed it, take your cat to your vet. The vet will do a proper check-up of your cat and your vet will start the treatment. However, your vet will tell you the reason why your cat behaves crazy while you feed your cat.

Do Cats Know That, Who Feeds them, or Who Takes Care Of Them?

Yes, cats know very well and cats care about that person who takes care of them. Cats know whether who is playing with her, talking with her, sleeping with her, who is spending time with her, and who is feeding her.

Cats love the person who takes care of them.

Cats like being pets while they are sleeping?

When cats are busy, doing something, especially when eating, drinking, sleeping or playing etc. They hate being touched while they are busy.


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There are several reasons that your cat hates you.

Mostly, cats hate their owner because they are afraid or feel uncomfortable with their owner. Or you have done something which your cat hates. Like, giving a bath to your cat. Or do you even shout or hit your cat? If yes, then your cat will hate you and be afraid of you.


Generally, when cats want to interact with humans, they vical aroumd humams.

When cats want to interact with humans, the cat starts meowing in front of humans, or the cat may rub its head towards humans,