Why Do Cats Make A Chirping Sound When They See Birds?

Why Do Cats Make A Chirping Sound When They See Birds?

Why Do Cats Make A Chirping Sound When They See Birds?

Sometimes cats start making chirping sounds when they see birds because when they see birds they are happy, excited, or maybe they want to copy the bird’s sound. Also, cats make a similar sound, which is called chattering. As you know, cats are natural hunters,

Cats make these types of sounds when watching prey, because the thought of hunting excites them.


Cats are natural hunters. All cats have hunting instincts. Even most domestic cats will still have hunting instincts, and have behaviors which are related to those hunting instincts. Chattering is also one of these hunting instincts.

And it normally happens, when a cat sees a bird, the bird is outside and the cat sees the bird from inside the window. Normally, cat chattering begins when a bird loudly chirps near a cat.

Cat Chirping Sound:

Actually, chirping isn’t a sound that we normally associate with cats.

If you pay close attention to your cat, when your cat is watching birds, you may hear a chirping or chattering sound and that sound isn’t coming from the birds. And your cat seems to be the one who is making these bird sounds.

Cat Chattering Sound:

Why Do Cats Make A Chirping Sound When They See Birds?

The cat’s chattering sound means that the cat is excited. The cat makes this chattering sound when they are excited.

Mostly, cats make a chattering sound when they are watching their prey(bird) from inside the window or cats make this sound when they are excited for their meal.

Difference Between Chirping And Chatter Sound:

There’s a difference between chirping and chattering sounds. These both sounds may sound the same, but they convey different emotions.

Chirping sound: Chirping is a sound that is produced by the cat’s throat muscles, just similar to when cats purr.

When cats see birds they show their excitement by making a chirping sound. Chattering Sound: Chattering sound is a vibration of the cat’s jaws which causes its teeth to clash.

Chattering is always made by cats when cats see birds from the window, and the cat feels excited and somehow frustrated.


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At the time of hunting, cats are silent. They don’t want to alert their prey, so at that time, cats want to be as silent as possible. Making any sound can alert the prey.

So, that means when cats go to hunt birds, cats are silent and cats don’t make a chattering or chirping sound. If they make those sounds, their prey will be alert.


As we all know, cats are natural hunters. A lot of years ago, but even domestic cats have hunting instincts and cats are always ready and searching for hunting.

It’s a natural behavior which cats can’t leave. Whenever cats get a chance to hunt, cats will hunt. Even if you give your cat all the cat food in the world,

When the cat sees a bird, its natural hunting instincts will tell it that it’s hunting time for it.

So, we can’t take out our natural hunting instincts from the cat. That’s why, even if the cat is a domestic cat, it may make a Chirping Sound when they see birds. They became excited and they thought about hunting the bird.


Almost every cat owner has noticed that cats don’t just make a chirping sound while they are watching birds, cats also make a chirping sound when they are excited or happy.

We all think that cats, or domestic cats just make meowing sounds, but cats can produce a variety of vocalizations. This might sound strange, since the only sounds we associate with domestic cats are purrs and meows. Cats make different sounds in different situations.

Do Cats Like To Watch Birds from the Window?

cat seing birds

Yes, cats love to watch birds from the window. Cats love to watch birds because birds are cats’ prey. And cats love the movement of birds. They enjoy seeing birds from windows.

However, some cats can spend hours watching birds from the window.


We have seen that cat teeth chatter when they see birds, especially seeing birds from windows. This behavior is because cats feel frustrated that they cannot go outside to hunt birds.

Moreover, they are also excited when they see their prey.


Why do cats chatter to humans?

As we know, cats do chatter when they see their prey, but sometimes cats chatter on humans. You have noticed that cats chatter at humans while we are playing with cats, or doing any activity with them.

Cats become excited and that’s why cats chatter to humans. It’s a way for a cat to show her excitement to us or to communicate with us.


Cats Can Be Friends Of Birds:

Why Do Cats Make A Chirping Sound When They See Birds?

NO, cats and birds can’t be friends. It’s impossible that a cat and a bird can be friends.

Even if it’s a wild or domestic cat, bird and cat can’t be friends. Birds are the prey of cats. Cats are supposed to eat birds. When cats see the bird, she thinks and tries to hunt the bird.

However, when birds see cats, birds run or fly to save their lives.

When cats see birds, what types of sounds do cats make?

When cats see birds, cats make chattering, twittering, or chiroing sounds. That’s all the sounds which many cat owners observe. That their cats make these sounds when they see birds.

In particular, the chattering sound is most common in cats. It’s popular that cats make chattering sounds when they see birds from windows.


Do Cats Make A Chirping Sound When They See Birds?

Cats enjoy excitement and cats enjoy it when they see birds from the window. Cats are natural hunters, and when cats see birds from inside the window, cats wish to go outside from window and hunt the birds.

All cat owners and cat lovers know that cats love to watch outside from window, so many cat owner’s provides window to their cat, to see outside.

When a cat see birds from windows, she thinks like a predator. Cats just really want to catch birds.


Why Do Cats Make A Chirping Sound When They See Birds?

Yes, cats feel frustrated and excited when they see birds from windows. Cats feel frustrated because when cats watch a bird or other prey which is outside, the cat is inside the window, and cats can’t go outside, catch, and hunt the bird. That’s the reason cats feel frustrated while watching birds from the window.

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“Why Do Cats Make A Chirping Sound When They See Birds?” And I am sure all the questions related to cats and birds will be solved now.

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