Why Do Cats Eat Food With Their Paws?

We all have noticed that while eating sometimes, instead of putting its face in its food bowl and eating directly from the food bowl, our cat eat its food with her paws.

Cats lifts thier paw to its mouth and eat the food. It looks like it’s copying humans. This behavior of cats has been seen many times, and then we all have a question in our minds that,

“Why Do Cats Eat Food With Their Paws?”

There are a lot of reasons that cats eat food with their paws. In this article we will discuss some reasons for this behavior of cat.

Why Do Cats Eat Food With Their Paws?

Why Do Cats Eat Food With Their Paws?

Cats feel more unsafe while they are eating food and that’s because, while eating food, cats have to focus on their food instead of their surroundings. If a cat doesn’t feel comfortable while eating normally, cats use its paw to eat. Eating with their paws allows them to eat while keeping an upright posture. And in this way, the cat can keep its head high and look around while eating.

Moreover, cats think about their safety first. All cats in the world are always checking for threats and dangers. And cats always try to keep themselves secure and safe.


Following are some reasons that cats eat their food with their paws.

Hunting Instincts:

If your cat eats with its paws once, then don’t be worried, but if she is repeating this habit frequently, then it’s because of her hunting, killing its prey nature.

Why do cats eat with their paws every time?

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As hunting is in a cat’s nature, so, when a cat catches her target prey she dig his claws into the prey and then starts biting the prey.

A cat also feels unsecured and eats with her paws, because when a cat catches prey she holds it with her paws so the prey can’t run away. So, when a cat eats using its paws, she is doing the same that she did with her prey while eating him.

Some people share their reviews and say that this habit is common in domestic cats. So, eating with her paws is instinctual in cats and there is not any specific reason to stop this habit.


While eating, cats feel more vulnerable. Especially while eating, cats are always checking for threats and dangers. Cats feel more unsafe while eating because they have to focus on their food while eating, except focusing on surroundings.

When cats aren’t comfortable while eating normally, cats use it’s paw to eat the meal. If your cat doesn’t feel comfortable eating normally, it’ll use its paw to eat the meal. And this, while eating with paws, allows cats to eat food as well as keep an eye on their surroundings. Eating with paws is also a trick for self defense for cats.

Is It Normal That A Cat Eats Food With Its Paw?

When we see a cat eating food with its paws, it looks strange, but its perfectly normal behavior and eating food with its paws is common among cats.


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How To Help A Cat Feel Comfortable While Eating The Meal? 

You can help your cat feel comfortable while eating, by changing the cat food bowl’s position.

Place your cat food bowl in a spot where your cat feels safer while eating.

Why did my cat suddenly start eating food from its paws?

If your cat suddenly starts eating food from its paws, even if you don’t change anything, maybe your cat is scared or maybe the quality of food is changed.

After eating food, why does the cat start grooming and licking paws and itself?

Cats needed to protect themselves from predators. While, if the food scent remains on the cat after eating, from that scent predator could attract.

That’s why cats lick paws and itself after eating.

Moreover, cats naturally know and understand the importance of grooming after eating food.


After eating the food, the cat starts grooming and licking its paws and itself, because maybe to remove food from-itself, calts do self grooming after eating to remove tiny foods from itself.


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Why Do Some Cats Eat Food With Closed Eyes?

Big cat or small cat no matter, mostly cats close its eyes while eating because, they feels safe, they’re relaxed, they’re feeling happy and they’re enjoying the food And the food is tasty.

Do cats like it if anyone sees them while eating?

Yes, most cats like and want their owner around to watch them while eating. However, cats trust their owner. When you’re with them while they are eating, they feel comfortable and secure. Moreover, very few but there are some cats who hate it if someone watches them while they are eating. These cats need privacy while they are eating.

Why do some cats pick up their food and they eat somewhere else?

Cats pick up food and eat somewhere else, because cats know that food is not only a resource for them. It’s also a danger for them. Because cat food attracts predators. Or cats have a natural instinct for protecting their food.

Cats think that anyone can take food from them, to make their food safe. That’s the reason that some cats pick up their food and they eat somewhere else?


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This happens if the cat is not comfortable eating from the bowl. In simple words, cats dislike the food bowl. Maybe the cat’s food bowl is too deep and narrow. In a deep and narrow food bowl, cats make more effort to eat the food by pulling the kibble out of the bowl to eat. So, if your cat also does this, change your cat food bowl. It’s better to give your cat a shallow, wide bowl.


When you are feeding your cat and they behave crazyly like you are feeding them after after alot of years, there could be any medical reason behind this crazy behavior of the cat. If your cat behaves crazy when you feed them, take your cat to your vet. The vet will do a proper check-up of your cat and your vet will start the treatment. However, your vet will tell you the reason why your cat behaves crazy while you feed your cat. 


If your cat is always begging for food, maybe your cat has some health issues. It could indicate a health issue.

Moreover, hyperthyroidism is a common health condition. It makes cats always feel hungry.

Eating food with its paws is normal in cats. It’s not a disease or health issue, its a way for cats to feel secure while eating and to feel comfortable while eating the meal. So, don’t be worried that eating food with its paws is common in cats. 

Take care of your cat and try your best to make the cat feel comfortable while they are eating the meal.

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Note: If you ever see that your cat has started feeling hungry again and again, changing its eating habit, or having any health issue, immediately take your cat to your vet, tell your vet about your cat’s condition and your vet will do a proper check-up of your cat and the vet will start treatment for this.

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