How To Play With A Cat Without Toys

Mostly, people just get some toys for their cat and they think their cat will play with toys, and they don’t play with their cat. It’s not good. Therefore it’s necessary to give time to your cat, and play with your cat. It’s good to give toys to your cat, but you should also play with your cat.

If you think, or you want to know about “How To Play With A Cat Without Toys”, then read the article to find out this.

How To Play With A Cat Without Toys?

how to play with a cat without toys

There are a lot of ways to improvise Cat Toys and play with your cat without toys by using empty plastic bottles, paper balls, fetching games, and hiding in cardboard boxes etc. This will provide her with a real environment.

Cats Need Toys?

Yes, cats need toys to play with. You can play with your cat without toys, but when your cat is alone and you are not available to play with your cat, then your cat must need a toy to play with.

Moreover, if your cat gets bored, maybe it can adopt destructive behaviour. So play with your cat and provide toys also, so your cat can’t get bored.


A cat enjoys playing with toys or with its owner?

Cats enjoy playing with toys, but however, cats enjoy it MORE while playing with their owner.

If you want to know some fun ways to play with your cat without toys, read the article.

You can play with your cat without toys. The following are some fun ways to play with your cat without toys.

Play hide-and-seek with your cat:

Hide anything of your cat under a blanket, and watch your cat while your cat try to uncover the thing.

Hide in front of your cat, so your cat knows where to found it.

Make Meows Sound:


Make a meowing sound in front of your cat. After your meows sound, as a reply, your cat will make meows,

Try to make meows sound like your cat makes.

It’s also a fun way to play with your cat without toys.

Teach Your Cat A Command:

Cats like to learn new things, and they can learn the command. You teach them. For example:

Teaching cats to stand:

First, in front of your cat, tell your cat to “stand”

It’s difficult for your cat to stand for the first time when you say stand.

But, if your cat looks at you and he/she stands, say YES in a happy way and quickly give your cat a bit of food. As a reward, don’t be slow in giving food, just quickly give it.

Then repeat these steps,

cat listening commands

Do these steps for 2/3 weeks and your cat will learn this.

But if your cat didn’t stand when you say them to stand, then try to stand your cat, or do anything that your cat response you, and your cat stand. (don’t force your cat to stand)

If your cat gives a response and he/ she stands up, give them quickly a little bit of food.

Playing With an Empty Plastic Bottle:

Cats enjoy playing with Emply Plastic Bottles. Through an empty plastic bottle, and ask your cat to bring the bottle. It’s a fun way of playing with your cat without toys.

Moreover, cats like the sound of plastic bottles when we go through them.

Playing With A Cat:

What If I Dont Play With My Cat?

It’s important to spend time with your cat. Providing your cat with play time, because if you don’t play with your cat and if your cat feels bored, her behavior becomes destructive and. Because of destructive behavior, the cat started destroying everything.

Why Does My Cat Destroy Everything?

If you are not playing with your cat, or not giving time to your cat and not providing your cat with a supportive environment, then your cat may adopt destructive behaviour and your cat will start destroying everything.

In Easy Words

In easy words, if a cat doesn’t have enough activities to do and to stay busy, then she will start destroying everything.

You should give time to your cat and play with your cat.

why does my cat jump on my back?

Moreover, if you don’t want your cat to adopt destructive behavior and start destroying everything, then you should spend time with your cat and make your cat busy with different activities and playing with the cat.

Can We Take An Indoor Cat Outside For a Walk?

Yes, its good for indoor cats to take them for a walk outside. It also has some benefits, as it helps cats to use their brains differently and it’s also exercise for cats and its good for your cat’s health and fitness.

Moreover, don’t send your cat outside for a walk alone, because it’s dangerous for your cat to stay outside alone or without you.

How Much Play Time Do Cats Really Need?

It’s your choice how much playtime you give to your cat, but you should give at least 20 minutes of playtime to your cat in a day, but it’s necessary for your cat’s health.

Cats need 20 to 60 minutes of playtime in a day.

Moreover, Keep Indoor Cats Entertained By playing with them. There are many games, things, or works with which you can entertain your cat.

Such as:

Talk with your cat.

Play catch games with your cat.

Teach different tricks to your cat.

Play light games with your cat.

Give places in your house for your cat to hide.

Provide a scratching area for your cat.

Play hiding games.

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Play With Your Cat In The House Without Toys:

which cat loves water

There are some tips to play with your cat without toys at your house. Such as:

Make a routine or different short play session in a day to play with your cat.

Play catch and grab a game with your cat..

If your cat is not playing with you, never force your cat to play.

Play for fun.

Give your cat different tasks in games to perform.

After playing, give a reward to your cat.

If I Dont play With My Cat, Are Indoor Cats Getting Bored?

Answer:- Yes, if your cat is indoors all the time, if you don’t play with your cat, or do not give time to your cat, it will become boring. As you know, cats are cute and active, but it’s also a challenge to take care of them.

Moreover, cats are natural hunters. When they are indoors all the time, they will become bored easily, so not, get them bored. Give time to your cat and do different sessions in a day and play with your cat for 20 to 60 minutes a day.

Do cats like it if you play with them?

how do cats climb down tree

Most cats enjoy being with their owner and playing with your cat is a great way to develop a good bond between you and your cat. Playing with a kitten or with any other young animal will give you a good feeling.

Question:- What if you don’t play with my cat?

Answer:- If you don’t play with your cat, your cats’ exercise will not be done and they can feel lonely or may become unfit, overweight or even depressed.

Do all cats like to play?

Almost every cat likes to play. Because all cats are born natural hunters that love to play.

Playing is an exercise and mental relaxation for your cat.

Question:- Do cats know that we’re playing with them?

how ro play with a cat without toys

Answer:- You have noticed that sometimes your Cat will bring toys, or different things to you as a request to play with them.

Cats are quite capable of understanding the concept of playing.

However, like kids, when we play with them, cats also get over excited. Cats enjoy it when their owner is play with them.

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