Why does my cat destroy everything?

Sometimes our cats suddenly start destroying everything and we think, why does my cat destroy everything?

In this article I will tell you “why does cat destroy everything?”

The main reason that cats destroy everything is their destructive behavior.

What is destructive behavior?

why does cat destroy everything?

It’s important to spend time with your cat, provide your cat with play time and a variety of toys to play with, because when your cat feels bored, her behavior becomes destructive, and in destructive behavior cat started destroying everything.

Why does my cat destroy everything?

If you are not giving time to your cat and providing your cat with a supportive environment, then your cat may adopt destructive behaviour and your cat will start destroying everything.

In Easy Words

In easy words, if a cat doesn’t have enough activities to do and to stay busy, then she will start destroying everything.

Moreover, if you don’t want your cat to adopt destructive behavior and start destroying everything, then you should spend time with your cat and make your cat busy with different activities.

What cats do when they adopt destructive behavior?

When cats adopt destructive behaviour, the cat will become aggressive and it will like scratching, chewing, and marking everything.

Moreover, take your cat to a vet for proper check-up and treatment.

Why do cats adopt destructive behavior? Or why are some cats destructive?

why does my cat destroy everything

Just like humans, cats also have their own needs, and just like humans, cats can become aggressive or destructive. If you didn’t take care of your cat’s basic needs, physical needs, psychological needs, and emotional needs, then your cat may adopt destructive behavior.

Why do cats destroy cardboard boxes?

Cats do different types of things for relaxation and satisfaction. While, for many cats, the destruction of cardboard boxes is just a way of satisfaction and playing.

But this behavior can be a sign of a bigger problem. Maybe it’s a sign that your cat is not comfortable so, you should take your cat to the vet.

Moreover, when your she starts destroying cardboard with its nails or teeth, it means it helps your cat to relax and it’s also a form of game or form of play when your cat has a lot of energy.

What cats do in destructive behavior?

When cats adopt destructive behaviour, the first thing they start destroying everything, they may start digging in potted plants, eating plants, become extra aggressive, become more demanding, start overgrooming, and scratching furniture and other items.

How can we know if cats adopt destructive behavior?

If your cat adopts destructive behavior, her behavior will totally become changed. If you notice that she started scratching or biting everything in the house, over grooming, aggressive behaviour, makes loud meows and started destroying everything, it means your cat adopt destructive behaviour.

Morrever, if she adopts destructive behaviour then its best to schedule a vet visit for your cat.

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Separation Anxiety in cats?

how long do cats sleep at night?

When cats have separation anxiety, it shows destructive behavior.

The following are the signs and symptoms of separation anxiety:

  1. The cat may have started scratching everything. Such as: scratching doors, cardboard boxes, window frames, or furniture etc.
  2. Cats may start chewing items that are left around the house.
  3. She may not use the litter box properly.
  4. The cat may start vomiting.
  5. The cats may refuse food when you are not there.
  6. Produces loud meows.
  7. Overgrooming and licking
  8. Started hiding.
  9. She may start destroying everything.
  10. Becomes over aggressive.

Reduce destructive behavior and separation anxiety in cats:

When a cat feels bored and doesn’t have enough activities to do, then she will become anxious.

To reduce the cat’s separation anxiety and destructive behavior, you should provide your cat a fun and enriching environment. And you should make your cat busy.

Moreover, get a scratching post for your cat and give her a scratching post. A scratching post will save your house furniture from cat scratching. Cats will scratch on scratching posts.

Place a scratching post where your cat enjoys spending a lot of time. Set up multiple scratching posts in different parts of your house.

why does my cat adopt destructive behavior

Get cat trees for your cat to climb on. Cats feel safe and secure when they are in high places. It’s better to setup a cat tree near the window, so your cat can see the outside view, or what is happening outside, from the cat tree.

Provide Toys and Time:

Provide a variety of toys and puzzle feeders for your cat.

Get new toys for your cat so your cat doesn’t become bored with the same ones.

When you leave your cat alone, try to leave the TV or the radio on for your cat.

Spend more time with your cat, groom your cat, perform different types of activities with your cat, give different tasks to your cat to perform and, when the cat finishes the task, give her reward. Do those things by which a cat becomes happy.

Moreover, your cat needs more attention, your cat wants to play with you, try to spend a lot of time with your cat. And try to keep your cat busy.

Whenever you notice your cat feeling bored, just start playing with your cat.

Note: if you ever see that your cat started destroying everything, or you see your cat adopt destructive behaviour, immediately take your cat to your vet, tell your vet about your cat condition and your vet will do proper check up of your cat and vet will start treatment for this.

So after readjg the article i am sure now you know about why does my cat destroy everything?. After that if you have any querry you can comment below.