Do Cats Needs To Go Outside To Be Happy

Some cats may enjoy outside and some cat not enjoy outside, some cats scared from going outside because of traffic and other street animals. The confusion or question is Do Cats Needs To Go Outside To Be Happy so, take your cat outisde if it enjoys it means its happy outisde but if it become scared it means your cat hate outside.


Do Cats Needs To Go Outside To Be Happy

To kept cat inside is safer for cats because outside there are alot of dangers for cats. Such as raod accident, street dogs, street cats, or mose etc. Its dangers to kept your cat outside in public.

Moreover, people don’t realize the outside potential dangers for their cat until it’s too late.

Sometimes we see tour cat playing outside in the sunshine, even your cat is Enjoying, or happy, but it can be stressful or life-threatening for your cat.


Do Cats Needs To Go Outside To Be Happy in this querry you have to put these number of hazards in your mind like Cars, toxic plants, poisons, feral cats, dogs, and wild animals etc.


There are some cats, whose aren’t fully satisfied to live inside and they want to go outside and explore the outdoors. But it can be stressful for you and stressful and dangerous for your cat ecause outside there are alot of life-threatening hazards for your cat.


Average lifespan of INDOOR Cats, live on average 11-18 years but A OUTDOOR cats lives on average 2-5 years.

Morover Average lifespan of a cat is 11 to 18 years. However, Cats lifespan varies such as a well cared cat may live commonly to 15 or more, Some cats make it to 18 or 20 and a very few extraordinary cats even pass 25 or 30 years of age but very few.

Question:- how can I increase my cats life efficiency ?

Answer:- Here are some tips by following them you can increase cats life efficiency:

  1. Give you cat WET food,

2 KEEP YOUR CAT INDOORS because indoor cats have long lifespan than outdoor cats.

  1. Give Lots of LOVE to your cat.
  2. Give them proper Body and Mind Exercise



Indoor cats have more lifespan because they have less life-threatening hazards but an outdoor cat have alot of life-threatening hazards like, Road accident, toxic food or grass, danger from street dogs, cats, and other street animals.

Don’t Allow Your Cat To Go Outside

cat on road

Cats who stay outside but you keep them inside or most cats who are kept indoors wish to go outside, which is dangerous for them. If you want to stop your cat from keeping them inside, follow the following tips.

  1. Always feed your cat indoors.
  2. Give them a good indoor environment.
  3. Play with your cat.
  4. Spend more time with your cat.
  5. If it’s winter, give your cat a blanket and a warm place to sleep.
  6. Give your cat a lot of toys to play with.
  7. Get a cat tree.



If your cat wants to go outside, it means your cat wants to explore and seek out the best view of the territory,

However, your house window is not enough for your cat because maybe your cat wants to see a live outside view.

Just imagine if someone locks you in a house and does not allow you to go outside, you also wish to explore outside. This same feeling cats have.

Is it cruel to keep a cat always indoors?

It depends on your cat. Just like humans / us, we all have different choices. Some cats like to live indoors and some cats like to live outdoors.

A cat who always lives outdoors, but if you suddenly keep it indoors, the cat will be stressed. And its cruel to keep this type of cat always inside. With safety precautions, you should take your cat with you for a walk outside or to explore the outside view. But leaving your cat always outdoors can be life-threatening for your cat.

Can we take an indoor cat outside for a walk?

Yes, its good for indoor cats to take them for a walk outside. It also has some benefits, as it helps cats to use their brains differently and it’s also exercise for cats and its good for your cat’s health and fitness.

Moreover, don’t send your cat outside for a walk alone, because it’s dangerous for your cat to stay outside alone or without you.


Keep an eye on your cat when the cat goes outside. The following are the problems cats can face when going outside:

  1. Street Animals
street animal and cat

Maybe your cat is a food hunter, but it can’t compete with dogs. Dogs and other street animals are a life-threatening risk for your cat.

Street animals include dogs, feral cats, coyotes, or foxes etc.

And your cat can get different types of diseases from street animals.

  1. Vehicles

Cats can easily be hit by cars and other vehicles on busy streets.

Moreover, mostly cats take a nap or sleep under car tyres or under the car hood, and can get injured or even killed when the car starts.

  1. Toxics Outside

There are a lot of common substances and products in your yard and garage which can be toxic or poisonous for cats,

such as compost bins, certain insecticides or fertilizers etc.

Moreover, MOSE is also dangerous for your cat.

After reasing this article i am sure now you know about Do Cats Needs To Go Outside To Be Happy if you have anything in your mind you can comment below.