Why Do Cats Walk With Their Tails Up?

Having an interest in knowing about the habits of your cat, knowing about love, likes and fears of your cat will improve your relationship with your pet cat. This will also provide her with a better quality of life.Today we are discussing why do cats walk with their tails up? When you spend your time learning about your cat’s habits and language, this will make her stress free and happy.

Owner misunderstood cats because When you don’t know about your cat’s habits, you cannot provide her with a comfortable life.

So, for this purpose of making a relationship with your pet cat, you should know at least the basic habits of your cat.

Why do cats walk with their tails up?

Why Do Cats Walk With Their Tails Up?

Your cats give you different signals and express their emotions by positioning their bodies in different ways. When your cat walks with her tail straight up in the air, it’s generally a signal of happiness , confidence, friendliness and having no fear.

Tails up has a crook at end

When your cat’s tail is straight up, having a crook at the end of it, then it means she doesn’t know or she can’t decide about her feelings.

Maybe it’s an expression which means she wants to play and spend time with you.

Cat’s language for humans

Some people say that cats can’t express their feelings or it doesn’t make sense to understand a cat’s language.

But on the other hand, it’s not true. You just need to concentrate on the cat’s eyes, body posture, and its tail, which express the cat’s feelings.

You can’t understand one hundred percent of your cat’s body language, but you can understand her almost seventy percent.

” Something is better then nothing “

As human beings and cats are totally different, even the main thing is our language and communicating with cats isn’t natural for humans.

When cats feel Frightened

Whenever cats are frightened, they tuck their tails under their bodies and they start crouching their heads. They can even do the same thing when they are in pain. So just check what the reason is.

Your Response to Cat’s tail Language

When the tail is up right or up high

When the tail is up high, it means your cat is happy and confident.

Your Reaction:

At this time, give her some treats or play with them, which will often make them more happy.

When the tail is straight down

When her tail is straight down, it means she is not in a good mood or feeling aggressive.

Your Reaction:

Be careful and try to find and resolve the reason for his aggressive behavior.

When her tail is curled at the top same as the question mark

She feels friendly towards you.

Your Reaction:

Just give her your hand for a high five and give some love to her.

When the tail is beneath her body in a curved position

It means she is feeling nervous or confused.

Your Reaction:

At this time, watch her but wait for her to come towards you.

When the tail is in a puffed position

when cat tail is puffed in

She is feeling angry or scarry wher her tail is in puffed in position.

Your Reaction:

Just leave her alone at this time, because at this time you can’t help her directly, but leaving her alone will make her comfortable.

My cat tail is alright?

If you think your cat tail is broken, or your cat is in pain or her tail looking floopy. If you find any of them, then her tail is broken. You cannot be very sure about this because only vet cat tell what’s the problem is.

What to do if my cat’s tail is broken?

If you realize that your cat’s tail is broken, or your cat has an accident, or your cat hurt its tail while playing or doing any activity, then the immediate step you have to take is to not waste time on guessing the problem or getting treatment on your own.

No, that’s not the right way. Just call your vet immediately so he will diagnose the problem.

Question:- Who is your cat’s favorite person?

Answer:- In a multi-person house it’s seen that cats choose their favourite person. The person who spends most time with them, gives full attention to them and takes care of them is the cats’ favourite person. Cats notice each and everything, so the person who is good at heart to his cat will love him the most.

Cat’s Emotion Expressions

When a cat is happy she will purr. She is also happy even while eating food. But she will not always purr to express happiness because sometimes cats are sick or anxious and they purr at that time.

So, you have to guess on your own by seeing her body language if her ears are at a normal position and eyes are open at a regular size. It means she is normal and happy, but if you notice changes in ear position, size or eye change in eye position, then it means there is a problem with her.

When a cat is growling it means she is not feeling good or happy at that time because she is aggressive, angry or may frightened by anything around her.

Cat feeling jealousy

It’s very common if you have more than one cat, they can get jealous of each other, because for cats, their owners are everything and they don’t want to share you with anybody else, even if your cat is too attached to you, then if you start spending your time with anybody else, then there’s a great chance that your cat is getting jealous.

Some cats become insecure and they will show jealousy of other cats, so you have to observe them and find a solution.

The easy solution is to give proper time to the cat who is feeling jealous.

After reading the article now i am sure you understood Why Do Cats Walk With Their Tails Up? and if you have any querry you can comment below.