What Are the Basic Needs Of A Cat

Mostly, people love cats and they take care of the basic needs of cat.

The basic needs of cats are love, comfort, and security, but there are some other needs as well.


cat water needs

Provide fresh water for your cat and, they should always have access to fresh water. Can easily drink water when she is thirsty.

The water should be replaced 2 times or 3 times a day.

It’s your choice if you provide filtered water or purified water it’s just optimal, but providing fresh tap water is also OK.

Moreover, make sure that the bowl of water is large enough for the cat to easily drink from it because some cats hate to extra bend for food and water.

What if my cat is not drinking water from its water bowl?

Mostly, if your cat is not drinking from its water bowl, maybe your cat’s water bowl is not clean orr bad smell is rising from the water bowl and cats are very sensitive to smell.

So, wash and rinse the bowl, and then again put water on her. You can also try filtered, purified, or bottled water.

Can I give cold water to my cat?

Yes, you can give cold or ice water to your cat, because cats can drink cold water, and cats like to drink cold water because if their water is cold they think it’s freshwater. However, sometimes if you give them cold water, maybe they will drink more water.


As you know, all cats love to eat meat and cats are true carnivores.

Cats need protein in there so High-quality wet food is the perfect choice for them which keeps them healthy.

Make a wet food routine and feed them wet food two times a day.

However, avoid foods that include grains and too many carbohydrates in them. While buying cat food, read the ingredients and check the serving size. Don’t go for very cheap and low-quality cat food, buy high-quality cat food.

You can provide your cat with dry food. Also, it’s also good for cats before buying food for your cat. First, check your cat’s dry or wet food and you can also consult with your cat’s vet about this.

If you don’t feed your cat enough? What will happen?

If you don’t feed your cat enough, maybe it will lose weight and maybe it will become ill. Moreover, it’s necessary for adult cats to maintain a bodyweight that is not too thin and not too fat.

You can take advice from your cat’s vet about your cat’s weight.


Generally, a cat needs 16 hours of sleep. 16 hours’ sleep is enough for them. provide her a few places in your house to sleep.

What places do cats like to sleep?

Cats like to sleep in high places. Sleeping in places, they feel secure and can see everything from height to what is happening below or around them.

However, cats also like to sleep on beds, baskets, pillows, and house corners.

Moreover, cats like to sleep at their owner’s feet.


If you provide your cat with a good enriched indoor environment. She will live happily indoors.

The outdoor environment is dangerous for cats, so provide a good indoor environment for your cats.

As you know, the average lifespan of outdoor cats is 2-3 years and the average lifespan of indoor cats is 13-16 years and some indoor cats extend more.

A good and enriched indoor environment includes high-quality food, freshwater, toys, places for sleeping, and a person who can play with them, groom them and talk with the Play for at least 20 minutes with your cat.


The basic grooming of your cats includes hair brushing, nail trimming, and dental care.

It’s your choice whether you do these by yourself or do this grooming by a professional.


Cat grooming includes the following work:

Eyecare, nail cutting, Healthy Paws, dental care, ear care, shedding, skin problems, brushing (hair), and bathing.



Avoid plastic containers because there are Toxins in the plastic material which help to build up bacteria and it may cause an infection in your cat’s skin or can cause acne in cats. So use stainless steel or glass food and water bowls.

Litter Boxes:

Cats prefer litter boxes that are clean, large, and uncovered.

Question:- Which is the best place to put a litter box for cats?

Answer:- Your bathroom, your bathroom is the perfect place to put out a cat’s litter box. Some people put litter boxes under a sink or between the tub and toilet.

I prefer plastic litter boxes because it prevents urine from sticking out to the bottom. The most important thing is a litter box should always be clean.

Cat Carrier:

The cat carrier is a small and portable box in which you can carry her anywhere, so you can easily travel with your cat and you can take her anywhere you want.

Scratching Posts:

Hung the scratching posts 30-40 inches up from the ground. Because this can allow your cat to fully stretch his legs.

Question:- Why do cats need to scratch?

Do cats need their nails trimmed?

Answer:- Cats need to scratch to keep their nails sharp, for exercise, or to stretch their muscles.

Moreover, provide your cat with an acceptable area to scratch

Moreover, if you fail to provide your cat with an area to scratch, then she will damage your house carpets, furniture, wallpaper, etc by scratching. It may get damaged. And once she finds an attractive area to scratch, it will always return to it and will scratch it again.

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It’s necessary to provide toys for cats. Toys are also good for cats’ mental health and with toys, you can play different games with them and a strong bond between you and your cat will be created.