Best Mouser Cats

Many of us have mice in our houses and we want to finish all mice from our houses for that purpose people need the best mouser cats.

What makes a cat a good mouser?

A cat that is good at hunting and has a playful nature. These cats are good mousers.

For whom are mouser cats best?

If a person has a mise in their house and they don’t want any mice in their house, then a mouser cat is the perfect solution for them to finish all the mise in their house.

So, if you are thinking about buying a mouser cat, then you are on the right platform. There are many mouser cats in the world, but the best and the most popular mouser cats are as follows:


5 most common cat breeds and best mouser cats

The Maine coon cat, best known for its size, it’s the largest domestic cat. They have a bushy tails, silky fur, and big ears.

Main Coon likes to play, they are social and they are affectionate.

However, their weights also become very high, like 25 pounds. Its normal weight is 18-20 pounds.

Moreover, this cat will follow you around like a shadow,

If you think the main coon has a high weight, so it’s not a mouser cat, then, you are wrong because they are the best hunting breed ever.

Moreover, when a mouse sees a main coon cat of 20-pound size most of the mise will run away from your house and never come back to your house.

Question:- Are Maine Coon cats good mousers or hunters?

Answer:- Yes, the Maine Coon cat is the best mouser. In short, the Maine coon cat is an excellent mouser.

The Maine Coon is an expert-rated mouser cat. This is one of the best cats that is considered exactly for this purpose.

Question:- Does the Maine Coon  cat remove mice from houses?

Answer:- Yes, if you have a Maine Coon cat in your house, it will definitely remove all mise from your house.

Question:- In which color does the Maine Coon cat come?

Answer:- Main Coon cat comes in the following different colors:

black, white, cream, ebony, red, blue, orange, sable, brown, chocolate, and tan.

Question:- In which pattern Main Coon cat comes?

Answer:- Maine Coon Cat comes in a solid pattern, bi-color pattern, tri-color pattern, tabby pattern, and colorpoint pattern.

Other Information:

Weight:- 8 to 25 pounds

Length:- up to 40 inches

Life:- 10 to 13 years

Price:- 1500$ to 4000$

2. Siberian Cat

black and white cat

The Siberian cats have long hair that is built to survive in the cold climate of Siberia.

They are best for cold weather.

Siberian cats are best known for catching mice.

Moreover, the Siberian cat is famous in the world for its hunting skills.

Question:- Are Siberian cats good mousers?

Answer:- Yes, Siberian cats are good mousers because Siberian cats are very agile and swift hunters which makes them best for catching mice.

Although this breed enjoys playing and doing activities. This cat comes in a lot of colors.

Siberian cats are referred to as forest cats. However they come from the forest, so they are wild, and they are the best hunters or mousers.

These cats are good at jumping. These cats like to stay near their owners. However, Siberian cats enjoy playing with kids. Siberian cats are fearless.

Question:- Do Siberian cats shed?

Answer:- Yes, Siberian cats shed, but they shed less than many other cats.

Question:- In which color the Siberian cat comes?

Answer:- The Siberian cat comes in a lot of colors or it’s not wrong to say that Siberian cats come in all colors.

Question:- In which patterns do the Siberian cat come?

Answer:- Siberian cats have long fluffy hair and it comes in the following patterns:

1:- Solid pattern

2:- Spotted pattern

 3:- Ticked

4:- Mackerel

5:- Classical patterns

Other Information:

Weight: 15 to 20 pounds

Height: 10 to 12 inches

Life: 08 to 10 years

Price: $1200 to $4000

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3. Burmese Cat

affectionate cate breed and best mouser cats

The Burmese Cat is considered the most affectionate cat. However, these cats are mouser cats. Burmese cats are highly social and playful, which is good for a mouser cat.

Moreover, they are intelligent, very agile, and athletic, and these qualities make a cat an excellent mouser.

Moreover, the Burmese cat learns quickly. Burmese cats always find food, which includes mice also. They have a great ability at hunting.

Burmese cats have a strong and loyal bond with their humans. They will be involved in all the activities that you perform.

These cats love all people. These cats follow their owners step by step. However, Burmese cats are very highly intelligent.

These cats are extremely loyal. They have good attachments with other cats as well as with dogs also.

Question:- is a Burmese cat suitable for us?

Answer:- Burmese cats are suitable for that person who wants a good-natured and mouser cat for his house.

The best quality of these cats is that they perform many tricks and steps. They are the best cats indoors and outdoors. These cats spend a lot of time playing.

The Burmese Cat has a wedge-shaped head, it has pointed ears and it has almond-shaped eyes.

Question:- Do Burmese cats shed?

Answer:- YES, Burmese cats shed, they shed seasonally.

Question:- In which color the Burmese cat comes?

Answer:- The Burmese cat is a rare cat breed that comes in the following different colors:

Blue, Lilac, Brown, Chocolate, Cream, and Red.

Question:- In which pattern Burmese cat comes?

Answer:- The Burmese Cat comes in a SOLID pattern.

Other Information:

HEIGHT:- 9-13 inches

WEIGHT:- 8-15 pounds

LIFE SPAN:- 10-17 years.