Top Most Affectionate Cat Breeds

1. Burmese Cat

The Burmese cat are considered the most affectionate cat breeds. Burmese cats are highly social and playful. Moreover, the Burmese cat learns quickly.

Burmese cats have a strong and loyal bond with their humans. These cats love all people.

These cats follow their owner’s step by step. However, Burmese cats are very highly intelligent. These cats are extremely loyal. They have good attachments with other cats as well as with dogs also.

The best quality of these cats is that they perform many tricks and steps. They are the best cats for indoors. These cats spend a lot of time playing.

The Burmese Cat has a wedge-shaped head, it has pointed ears and it has almond-shaped eyes.

Do Burmese cats shed?

Yes, Burmese cats shed, they shed seasonally.

In which color the Burmese cat comes?

A Burmese cat comes in the following different colors:

Blue, Lilac, Brown Chocolate, Cream, and Red.

In which patterns did the Burmese cat come?

The Burmese Cat comes in a solid pattern.

Other Information:-

HEIGHT:- 9-13 inches WEIGHT:- 8-15 pounds LIFE SPAN:- 10-17 years

2. Sphynx Cat

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Sphynx cats are loving, affectionate, and playful. You need to pay attention to this cat. They feel bad when they are alone. They always need the company to stay and play with them. Moreover, these cats also have good relationships with dogs.

Therefore, sphynx cat is a naturally occurring cat. Sphynx cats are sensitive to both the sun and cold climate, they find. They find a normal warm place to stay. If you live in a cold climate, then keep the Sphynx in a warm place.

Additionally, sphynx cats are medium-sized cats. They have lemon-shaped eyes and large and bat-esque ears. It has a rounded and big belly. But these cats are active because they have muscular bodies.

Sphynx cats have hair?

No, Sphynx cats are hairless cats. They’re famous in the world because of their NO HAIR.

Do Sphynx cats shed?

No, Sphynx cats don’t shed.

In which color the Burmese cat comes?

Sphynx cats come in the following different colors:

Chocolate, Brown, Silver, Fawn, Blue, Tan, Lilac White, Orange, Cinnamon, and Lavender.

In which pattern Sphynx cat comes?

Answer:- Sphynx cat comes in the following patterns:

  1. Bi-color, solid Tabby.
  2. Tri-color, color point.


HEIGHT:- 8-10 inches

WEIGHT:- 6-14 pounds

LIFE SPAN:- 9-15 years

3. Devon Rex Cat

Devon Rex are playful and cute cat breeds, and lighthearted cats. All the time, these cats are happy. They have tall ears and short hair. It’s a medium-sized cat. These cats learn very easily because they have learning skills.

Do Devon Rex cats shed?

Yes, Devon Rex Cat Sheds.

In which color does Devon Rex cat come?

Devon Rex Cat comes in the following different colors:

White, black, Chocolate, Blue Cinnamon, and Lilac.

In which pattern does the Devon Rex cat come?

Answer:- Devon Rex cat comes in the following different patterns,

  1. Shaded patterns
  2. Calico
  3. Pointed pattern
  4. Tabby
  5. Tortoiseshell


HEIGHT:- 10 – 12 inches

WEIGHT:- 6 – 9 pounds

LIFE SPAN:- 9 – 15 years

4. Kurilian bobtail Cat

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Kurilian bobtail cat is a breed of Kuril island.

It’s a natural breed. Moreover, the Kurilian bobtail cat is also an affectionate and friendly cat breed. These cats love to stay with humans.

Kurilian bobtail cats are amazing cats because of their adaptable nature.

It has a fluffy tail. These cats also like to play with dogs. It’s a perfect cat to play with your kids.

Do Kurilian bobtail cats shed?

Yes, Kurilian Bobtail cat Sheds.

In which colors Kurilian bobtail cat comes?

Answer:- Kurilian Bobtail Cat comes in the following different colors:

Red, gorgeous grey, chocolate, brown, etc.

In which pattern Kurilian bobtail cat come?

Kurilian Bobtail Cat comes in the following patterns:

  1. 1:- Tortoiseshell
  2. 2:- Tabby
  3. 3:- Tri-color Pattern


HEIGHT:- 9 – 12 inches

WEIGHT:- 21 – 15 lb

LIFE SPAN:- 15 – 20 years

5. Chartreux Cat

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Chartreux cats are quiet and extremely most affectionate cat breeds and decent and they are not common like persian cats.

However, it’s a breed from France. These cats are sweet and gentle. They love to play but quietly. It has a powerful/healthy body shape. They have a quiet nature. They are quiet but they also like to play.

What is the eye color of a Chartreux cat?

Chartreux cat has Bright and Orange-Gold color eyes.

Question:- Do Chartreux cats shed?

Yes, Chartreux Cats sheds, however it is season-wise.

In which color Chartreux cat comes?

Chartreux Cat comes in the following colors:

Blue, Silver, and Grey.

In which Coat Chartreux cat comes?

Chartreux Cat comes in a Thick Blue-Grey Coat, Thick Blue-Grey Coat and Bright Ornge-Gold Eyes.


HEIGHT:- 9 – 11 inches

WEIGHT:- 6 – 12 pounds

LIFE SPAN:- 12 – 15 years

6. Exotic Shorthair Cat

What is the most common cat breed

Exotic Shorthair Cats have short coats and they are small in size. They are sweet and affectionate.

However, they have the same characteristics as Persian cats. They are friendly nature cats. They enjoy having people around and kids.

Moreover, it has a thick body, thick legs, and a short neck.

The exotic shorthair cat’s tail is short, It has a flat nose, and it has short ears.

Do Exotic Shorthair cats shed?

Yes, The Exotic shorthair cat sheds a lot, It sheds more than other cats because of its thick coat.

In which color Exotic Shorthair cat comes?

Exotic Shorthair Cat comes in the following different colors.

Brown, Sable, Cinnamon, Lavender, Silver, Fawn, Blue, Grey, Black, Ebony, and Cream.

In which pattern Exotic Shorthair cat comes?

An Exotic Shorthair comes in the following patterns,

1:- Bi-color, Solid, Tabby, and Calico

2:- Tri-Color, color point


HEIGHT:- 10 – 12 inches

WEIGHT:- 10 – 12 pounds

LIFE SPAN:- 08 – 15 years