Top 7 Adorable Black and White Cat breeds

Black and white cat breeds are adorable, it’s a great combination of black and white, because black is dark and white, is a light color so, it makes a fantastic combination here are the Top 7 Adorable Black and white Cat Breeds.

1. Cornish Rex Cat

Cornish Rex cats have long and slender bodies, egg-shaped heads, large and round eyes, and long noses and they have huge and giant ears.
However, they are black and white cat breed. Moreover, the Cornish rex cat is a low-maintenance cat, and they are easy to groom.

Question: Cornish Rex Cats are friendly?

Yes, Cornish rex cats are loyal and friendly. Although, these cats are friendly towards humans, they are friendly towards other pets and
Moreover, they are friendly towards strangers also.
So cornish rex cats are friendly cats.

Moreover, these cats enjoy playing and they are active also. Moreover, it comes in other colors also but the cornish rex cat comes in black and white also.

Do Cornish rex cats shed?

Yes, they shed but they shed less than some other breeds.

Cornish Rex Cats are good pets?

Yes, because of his playful, and friendly nature, It’s a good choice for those families who have kids and other pets in their house.

Does Cornish rex Cat come in white and black color only

No, Cornish rex comes in different colors.

Colors: White, Black, Tan, chocolate, Ebony, red, Blue, Orange, Cream, Gray, Brown, and sable.

What are the patterns of the cornish rex cat?

Following are the patterns of cornish rex cats,
Color pint, Tabby, and Bi-color.

Other Information:

Weight: 6 to 10 pounds
Height: 8 to 12 inches
Life: 10 to 15 years
Price : $800 to $2000

2. Manx Cat

Black and White Cat breeds

Manx cats are trainable and smart cats.
They also come in black and white colors. They are as common as other breeds are. Moreover, Manx cats are very social.
However, Manx cats enjoy playing in the water. Normally Manx cats are silent they play all the time. Normally these cats have no tails. And these cats have low prices.

Manx cats require a lot of grooming. They are friendly towards humans.
Manx cat hates to Live alone.

Question: Do Manx Cat Shed?
Answer: Yes, Manx cats shed.

Question: Are Manx cats intelligent?
Answer: Yes, Manx cats are extremely intelligent.

Question: Is Manx cat playful?
Yes, they are extremely playful.

The behavior of Manx Cats

Manx Cats’ behavior is similar and often confused with the dog because they like to bring different things from Outside and they follow your whole house.

Does the Manx cat come in black and white color only?

No, Manx cat comes in different colors like,
Black, white,
Red, Orange Blue, Grey Cream, Brown, Sable, and Chocolate Tan.

In which patterns Manx cat comes?

Manx cat comes in following patterns.
1:- Bi-color solid calico
2:- tri-color pint tabby

Other Information:

Weight: 8 to 15 pounds
Height: 7 to 11 inches
Life: 08 to 13 years
Price : $400 to $700

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3. Munchkin Cat

Do cats need their nails trimmed?

Munchkin cats are popular because of their short legs and in 7 black and white cat breeds munchkins are the cutest smallest cat breed. However, have very short legs. Moreover, these cats are new. They have genetic mutations. These cats are very cute and adorable.
Munchkin cats are good with your family, and children and also good with dogs.
Munchkin cats are affectionate, playful, active, sociable, and highly intelligent.
Moreover, Munchkin cats come in different color combinations and they come in short coats, long coats, and hairless also.
Munchkin cats love attention from their favorite person and Munchkin cats enjoy sitting on laps.

Question:- What does Munchkin love to do?

Answer:- As Munchkin cats have short legs but Munchkin cats love to run and jump.

Question:- Do Munchkin cats have short legs?

Answer:- Yes, Munchkin cats have short legs and they are low to the ground.

Do Munchkin cats shed?

Yes, Munchkin cats shed. Moreover, it’s necessary to comb her twice a week to remove all fallen hairs from her and to Prevent her hairs from tangles and matting.

In which Colors do Munchkin cats come?

Munchkin cats come in the following colors,
White, Black, Gray, lavender, Cream, Silver, Red, Ebony, Chocolate, Tan, Brown, Sable, and Fawn.

In which patterns Munchkin cat comes?

Munchkin cats come in the following patterns,
1:- bi-color, solid, and calico.
2:- tri-color, tabby, and color point.

Other Information

Weight: 6 to 9 pounds
Length: 5 to 7 inches
Life: 12 to 15 years
Price : $1000 to $3600

4. Oriental Shorthair Cat

Oriental shorthair is a breed of domestic cat. This cat comes in many colors but it also comes in black and white.
Moreover, this cat has the body type of a siamese cat.
This cat has large and head-shaped eyes.
However, it has large and pointed ears.
These cats are caring and intelligent.
The Oriental shorthair cat is a friendly, loyal and lovable cat.

Do oriental cats shed?

Answer:- Yes it sheds but it sheds very little.

Question:- In which colors Oriental cat comes?

Answer:- Oriental cat comes in the following colors,
Chocolate, Brown, Orange, Tan lilac red, Sable cinnamon, Lavender, Silver Fawn Blue, Gray Black, and Ebony Cream. Orange White

In which patterns Oriental cat comes?

Oriental cats come in the following patterns,
1:- bi-color solid calico pattern
2:- tri-color tabby marbled pattern

Other Information:

Weight: 8 to 12 pounds
Height: 9 to 11 inches
Life: 12 to 15 years
Price: $800 to $3000

5. Persian Cat

cute cat breeds

Persian cats are world-famous. However, these cats are cute and they have long hair.
Moreover, Persian cats come in black and white colors also.
It has vivid eyes. They are famous for their look they are soo pretty and cute. However, they are the most loved cats. They have charming personalities. Normally they are inactive. They are also famous for low-maintenance lifestyles. They need to comb them on daily basis.
For people who want a cat cleanest cat then Persian cats are best for them
Persian Cats are typically very clean.
Persian cats love to groom themselves.

In which Patterns do Persian cats come?

Persian cats come in the following patterns,
1:- Classic
2:- Mackerel
3:- patched tabby

In which Colors do Persian cats come?

Persian cats come in the following colors,
Black, White, Cream, Cameo, Cream Cameo, Brown, Blue, Silver, and Red.

Other Information:

Weight: 7 to 12 pounds
Length: 14 to 18 inches
Life: 12 to 17 years
Price : $400 to $500

6. Scottish fold cat

Scottish fold cats love to stay with humans.
Moreover, the Scottish fold is a friendly cat and this cat has the strongest bond with its owner.
All the time this cat stays with its owner.
They have folded ears and their front head is like an owl.
Are sweet and loyal.
These cats demand attention from their owner and generally, these cats are quiet.
These cats have a soft voice.

Do Scottish fold cats shed?

Yes, Scottish fold cat shed. It sheds the same as other cats.

In which colors Scottish fold cat comes

Answer:- Scottish fold cat comes in the following colors,

White, Black, Red, Blue, and Cream.

Other Information:

Weight: 6 to 13 pounds
Height 8 to 10 inches
Life: 10 to 14 years
Price: $250 to $2000

7. Siberian Cat

7 gorgeous cute cat breeds

Siberian cats have long hairs that are built to survive in the cold climate of Siberia.
They are best for cold weather. In black and white cat breeds Siberian cats have separate spaces because of their long hairs.
Although this breed enjoys playing and doing activities
It also enjoys laying on your lap. They are very cute cats. This cat comes in a lot of colors.
Siberian cats are referred to as forest cats.
Siberian cats are good at jumping.
These cats like to stay near their owners.
However Siberian cats enjoy playing with kids.
Siberian cats are fearless, gentle, and lovable.

Do Siberian cats shed?

Yes, Siberian cats shed but it sheds less than many other cats.

In which colors Siberian cat comes?

Actually Siberian cats in a lot of colors or it’s not wrong to say that Siberian cats come in all colors.

In which patterns Siberian cat comes?

Siberian cats come in the following patterns,
1:- Solid pattern
2:- Spotted pattern 3:- Ticked
4:- Mackerel
5:- classic patterns

Other Information:

Weight: 15 to 20 pounds
Height: 10 to 12inches
Life: 8 to 10 years
Price : $1200 to $4000