Top 6 Adorable long Hair Cat Breeds

Longer hair cat breeds look cooler, however, it’s a cat or a person. If you love the long-haired cat breed, then you should know that it will be quite tough while groom them. But after all, long hair has different swag.

So, The Top 6 Long Hair Cat Breeds are as under.

1. Balinese cats

However, Balinese cats are known for their blue eyes and silky everlasting long hair.

Moreover, they have long tails and can be available in white and different pointed colors like cream, red, torties, etc.

Balinese cats consist of these colors:

Chocolate, Blue, Lilac, and Seal.

They are very active and intelligent cats. Their weight is about 6 to 11 pounds, and in length, they are normally about 18 inches.

Their lifespan is  8 to 12 years. You can buy them between 800$ to 1500$ as different breeders have different prices.

2. Persian Cats

long hair cat breeds

Persian cats are world-famous for their long hair. However, they have vivid eyes.

Persian cats are famous for their looks, they are so pretty and they are gorgeous long hair cat breeds.

They are the most loving cats. These cats have charming personalities, they are generally inactive.

They have a lot of different types they are available in 60 different colors and have seven different divisions.

There is a great variety of colors in Persian cats such as grey, blue, white, black, red, silver, brown, cream cameo, cameo, blue silver, etc.

 They are famous for their low-maintenance lifestyle. But if you don’t brush their hair properly, it will become matted and tangled.

First of all, in weight, they are about 7 to 12 pounds. Secondly, they are 14 to 18 inches in length. Thirdly, their lifespan is about 12 to 17 years.

However, it will cost you from 500$ to 5000$ varies on bloodline, coats, colors, hair length, and many different factors. Their eye color is always copper, except very few cats have green or hazel eye colors.

3. Norwegian forest cat

 Norwegian cats also have beautiful silky long hair.

They love outgoing and climbing. but they are not intelligent. However, they come in a great variety of  60 different shades and are available in different colors, like white, black, red, cream, cinnamon, and tabby. They have long bushy tails.

Norwegian cats are rare in the USA.

Norwegian cats are capable of beer at very cold temperatures. They are large in size,  have a semi-long coat, their fur grows about 2 to 6 inches, and they are natural hunters.

Moreover, their weight is about 13 to 20 pounds, their length is about 12 to 18 inches.

They live a long life, about 12 to 20 years. You can have them between 800$ to 1500$.

4. Himalayan cats

grumpy face cat

Himalayan cats are sweet and playful.

However, they have long-lasting hair which looks gorgeous with their appearance. Moreover, they look a little bit like Persian cats.

They come in different color variants, like cream, grey, blue, and also with chocolate pointed markings on them.

Actually, every long-haired cat needs good maintenance to be saved from mats and tangles, etc. So, their long hair also requires maintenance and grooming after every second day.

Their weight is between 7 to 12 pounds. In length they are about 28 inches, so that means they have a good body size.

Their price range is from 400$ to 2000$, So they can be cheap to very expensive ones so be careful while having them.

Their lifespan is 9 to 15 years.

5. Turkish Angora

Turkish Angora cats come with a gorgeous long hair coat. Moreover, they are active, very playful, intelligent, cuddly, and social.

However they love jumping high on cupboards, shelves, racks, etc. they don’t like to be left alone, they want people’s attention towards them. As well as they are good cats for lap sitting.

This cat has a surprising history. In the past, this breed came in only white color, but now it comes in different colors. Now this breed has a variety of colors, like red, tabby, blue, black, lavender, tabby, white, cinnamon, etc.

They weigh from 5 to 9 pounds.

However, their length is about 12 to 18 inches. So, they are very long in length.

Moreover, its price is about 650$ to 2500$ and their lifespan is 12 to 17 years.

6. Birman Cat

long hair cat breeds

Birman Cat has gorgeous long silky hair. However, they are gentle, social, cute, have very soft voices, friendly with children, easy outgoing, familiar with pet cats, and good as outgoing cats.

The interesting and special thing about Birman cats is their white paws they look like white shoes and they are so much beautiful.

As they are social and friendly cats which means they want attention So, it will be good to keep another pet cat with Birman cat so both of them will have fun snd they will not get bored.

However, they are good outgoings cats and they are peace lovers.

They need the owner’s love and attention, they want to be in everything happening at home.

Moreover, they have different color variations, like chocolate, blue, cream, lilac, red, etc.

As a result of a long hair coat, they need maintenance after approximately two days. You have to take care of their health because sometimes Birman have kidney diseases.

They weigh between 10 and 12 pounds.

In length, they are about 15 to 18 inches, which means Birman’s are long in length. Their lifespan is about 15 years. Their price is from 800 to 2000$.